Turn Back Time: The Family

Ep 2/5

Tuesday 3 July



Three families are put through the mill when they experience family life during the interwar years, from the highs of the roaring '20s to the lows of the Great Depression and its catastrophic effect on British economy.

Turn Back Time returns to BBC One with a five-part series charting the evolution of the most important of all British institutions - the family.

Blending living history with genealogy, BBC One’s Turn Back Time: The Family, explores what it means to be a mother, father and child in British society today and historically, throughout 100 years of change.

Returning to the 1920s, the Taylor family lead a life of leisure in an upper-class household, waited on by servants, a chauffeur and a nanny: but the good times are soon over with the Wall Street crash.

Living as a working-class family, the Meadows start on a high, with better pay and working conditions - but are soon forced into desperate measures to survive.

Meanwhile the Golding Family is relieved to be relatively unscathed by the economic downturn and spend the era steadily improving their lot. That is until Ian Golding is presented with some devastating truths about the 1930s' lives his ancestors were forced to lead, as Jews living in London’s East End.