Land Girls

Transmission time confirmed as 2.10-3pm

Ep 1/5

Monday 7 November



There’s an explosive start to the new series of the award winning BBC One Daytime drama Land Girls, as the local military hospital is bombed. At Hoxley Manor Lady Ellen organises the Great Hall into a make shift hospital with the help of the land girls and is confronted by a face from the past when Doctor Channing arrives.

At Pasture Farm, Joyce is still waiting for news of husband John who is missing in action and new land girl Iris is befriended by another new arrival at the farm.

After Finch drunkenly drives into Mrs Gulliver’s garden and creates havoc, she threatens to tell the police unless he digs up her whole garden. When Martin discovers a gold coin Finch is overjoyed at the lucrative find.

Finally a telegram arrives for Joyce and its good news; John is alive, but the reunion isn’t as Joyce hoped it would be.

Meanwhile at Connie and Henry’s engagement party, Connie is singing when she spots her ex Danny watching her, before he disappears. When Connie returns from the party he is sat on her bed. Shocked, as her world unravels, she tells him they’ll talk tomorrow.

Lady Ellen is played by Sophie Ward, Doctor Channing by Dominic Mafham, Joyce by Becci Gemmell, John by Nicholas Shaw, Iris by Lou Broadbent. Finch is played by Mark Benton, Mrs Gulliver by Caroline Pickles, Martin by Mykola Allen, Connie by Seline Hizli, Henry by Gwilym Lee and Danny by Joe Armstrong.