Christmas on the BBC

A bumper selection of festive treats across the BBC this Christmas

Film highlights across the BBC this Christmas


BBC One will premiere: The Princess and the Frog, A Christmas Carol, Shrek Forever After, Lady And The Tramp, Alice In Wonderland, The Socerer’s Apprentice, Prince Of Persia, How To Train Your Dragon, and Up. Plus the following: DreamWorks Holiday Classics: Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Merry Madagascar, Shrek: Donkey's Carolling Christmas-tacular and The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper.


BBC Two will premiere Julie And Julia, Moon, and Secretariat alongside some classic Dad’s Army, Force Ten From Navarone and Jason And The Argonauts. In the daytime there’s also the films of Gene Kelly to celebrate his centenary, plus a season of Hitchcock films to coincide with BBC Two’s drama The Girl starring Sienna Miller and Toby Jones. Late night over Christmas you’ll find a season of films with Charles Laughton, who died 50 years ago this month, and two of Don Siegel’s classic films to mark the centenary of his birth.

BBC Four

BBC Four is celebrating with a Goddess Season which includes the films Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor, The Prince And The Showgirl, starring Marilyn Monroe, and a season of classic war films, The Wooden Horse, Carve Her Name with Pride and Defiance.