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Horrible Histories


Multi-award-winning comedy sketch show Horrible Histories is back for a one-off World War One special, stuffed with the usual mix of fascinating facts, popular pastiches and gruesome gags.

This special 40-minute episode – featuring Mat Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas, Simon Farnaby, Larry Rickard, Jim Howick and Ben Willbond – reveals how Girl Guides were used to pass on secret war-time information; tells of the terrors of trench life – all fleas, bangs and number twos in a bucket; and hears a frustrated captain try to explain the not-so-simple reasons for Britain joining the war.

Horrible Histories also divulges more about the extraordinary football match that took place during the Christmas Day Truce, and discovers what happened to turn a German Shepherd dog into an Alsatian.

There’s also a song from the Suffragettes all about how women’s roles were changed by the war.

A Lion Television in association with Citrus

Television production - 1x40 minutes.


Hattie's Army


Hattie's Army is a gripping new three-part CBBC drama series, set during World War One and following a group of children in a small English town as they hold the Home Front and discover the true enemy within.

Fourteen-year-old Hattie is a girl who doesn’t fit in, and when she’s kicked out of the Girl Guides for getting involved in a fight, her father doesn’t know what to do with her. As war breaks out and the efforts of the Scouts and Guides are volunteered in support of the war, Harriet feels sidelined and forms her own ‘army’ of misfits, mounting their own patrols and searching for German spies.

Hattie's Army highlights the astonishing and genuinely important role played by the children and young people who were left behind when their fathers and brothers went to fight in the trenches.

CBBC Productions - 3x30 minutes.


My Story


My Story World War One Centenary special takes a mother and her daughter on a fascinating journey into the past. Together they discover what it was like to be a child 100 years ago, between 1914-1918, as they find out what school was like, what games they played and what food they ate. They also find out how much life changed for the women and children left at home while the men went to war. Narrated by broadcaster Nicky Campbell, My Story brings history to life for pre-schoolers.

BBC Productions, Scotland - 1x15 minutes.


Operation Ouch! Goes Back In Time


CBBC’s Operation Ouch! is packed with incredible facts about the human body and fronted by identical twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken, who experiment and explore their way through the fascinating world of medicine and biology.

In this special episode, the doctors turn back the clock to find out more about what medicine was like in World War One. They look at the little critters that infested the trenches, and set up a massive experiment to show viewers how soldiers’ bodies had to cope with the pressures exerted from huge explosions.

A Maverick Television production - 1x30 minutes.


BBC Learning

BBC Learning will help children and their teachers explore the topic of World War One through a variety of resources for schools.

Children will be encouraged to think about what life was like during wartime and how daily life has changed over the past century. Online interactive resources aimed at primary pupils will cover a number of curriculum areas, including History, Geography, English, Art and Design Technology.

Using School Radio, teachers can help seven- to 11-year-olds explore the subject through music, drama and dance.

Drawing on the theme of commemoration, downloadable audio broadcasts for primary and secondary assemblies will include ideas for students to participate in poetry, music and prose performances.

BBC Learning will be providing curriculum-linked, classroom-friendly clips and specially edited versions of the BBC’s World War One programming, links to relevant interactive content from BBC History for secondary school pupils, and BBC Bitesize content. BBC Learning Zone will also broadcast specially commissioned programmes for use in primary and secondary schools.

BBC Productions.


BBC News School Report

BBC News School Report will engage young audiences too – working closely with the English Schools Battlefield Tour.

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