Superstars 2012

Sixteen of Britain's London 2012 Olympic heroes compete to be crowned the two best all-round Superstars

Alistair Brownlee and Jonathan Brownlee

What appealed to you about taking part in Superstars 2012?

A: I watched it when I was younger, it was brilliant.

J: Watched it when I was younger, it was legendary

Which event are you most looking forward to?

A; Kayak, it will be something different.

J: The gym tests.

Are there any of the events that you are apprehensive about taking part in?

A: The gym tests!

J: The gym tests!

What training have you undertaken to prepare for it?

A: Nothing specific, I’m still trying to get fit after my month off in South America.

J: Nothing really.

Superstars will be shown over Christmas.  What are your own Christmas TV favourites? And what are your plans for this Christmas?

A: Only Fools and Horses, anything that’s on, really. I’ll spend a bit of time with the family but otherwise training as much as normal.

J: All the Christmas specials - My Family, Mr Bean, Sports Personality of the Year and Dr Who. I’ll be with family, though it will be my first Christmas in my new house which is pretty exciting.