Me And Mrs Jones

A new romantic comedy for BBC One

Interview with Kelle Bryan

Tell us about your character

I play Fran in Me And Mrs Jones and I am Gemma’s best friend. We have an amazing relationship, it’s so lovely. We share the school run, go shopping and have all those fun girly moments. They’re really relatable characters. Fran’s a bit zany, a bit wacky, she’s got loads of energy, she’s always really excited and up for a laugh. She’s got a great relationship with her son. Flynn’s a real energetic lad who gets himself into all kinds of mischief. Fran’s a really diverse character and I get to have lots of fun. She’s really got Gemma’s back which is wonderful. She needs to say what she feels like she needs to say and she also takes a back seat when she feels that that’s appropriate too. It’s a really lovely girly relationship that’s so much fun to play.

Your character’s described as a man-eater and a bit wild. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Fran’s a single mum so she is devoted to her son. She also has a really great job but she’s an absolute man eater. She loves getting out there and having fun and she really does get her teeth into a few good men. She lightens things. If Gemma’s going through a difficult time Fran will rush in and cheer her up and brings energy to every situation.

Does Fran have a view on Gemma’s complicated love life?

Fran definitely has a view. She wants the best for her friend. She’s seen her go through a difficult divorce and come out the other side and really wants her to be settled and happy with a good guy who’s going to look after her and the girls. She sees the juggling that’s going on in Gemma, that indecision, do I go with my heart, do I go with my head. I am championing Tom, he’s the school totty, everybody loves him and every girl would love to bag him.

You don’t know anything about her relationship?

No. Not at the beginning no.

So it’s a new comedy. What made you want to be part of it?

The script is fantastic. Fay and Oriane are amazing writers. Also, I knew that Beryl Vertue was the producer and I’m such a major fan of her work. I’ve watched her work through the years and always been thrilled every time I’ve seen a new show come out so I knew it was going to be great. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity of working with Neil Morrissey before so that was awesome to be able to work with him again. The script and the story are so fresh. It’s so now and current so I was thrilled to be involved.

What was the highlight of the filming?

There was one scene where we were shooting in a girl’s loo and it was the size of a shoebox. The scene itself was really funny. I’m annoyed because someone’s wearing the same dress as me. There was an air freshener on the wall and it kept spurting, we would be in the middle of the scene and would go ‘cshh’ and everyone would jump and we would cut and start again. So moments like that we were in absolute stitches. Also, dressing as Princess Jasmine and when you’re not actually rolling and you’ve got to nip to the loo or pop to the shop and people are like ‘oh hello – what are you doing?’ There have been so many, it’s been fantastic.

What do you think viewers will enjoy most?

I think the lovely thing about Me and Mrs Jones is that it tells real stories about real families. It’s life how we live now. I think there are so many relationships that people will look at and go - I so relate to that. It’s about the relationships, how real they are and how you can relate to them today.