Me And Mrs Jones

A new romantic comedy for BBC One

Character profiles

Gemma Jones (played by Sarah Alexander)

Gemma Jones is a divorced mother of three whose life has become a juggling act. She lives with her two daughters, Charlotte (Danni Benattar) and Jess (Sophie Alibert) aged ten from her marriage to ex-husband Jason (Neil Morrissey). She also has an older son, Alfie who has just returned from travelling around the world. After being single for years, Gemma suddenly has the attention of two gorgeous men with a 20 year age difference whom she struggles to choose between

Jason Jones (played by Neil Morrissey)

Although divorced from Gemma, Jason is always in and out of the house they lived in together, and as he has become ‘part of the furniture’, he tends to overstay his welcome slightly. He is a good dad to Charlotte and Jess and has a beautiful Swedish girlfriend, Inca, who he lives with. He boasts about having his own fleet of vans, but as Gemma frequently reminds him ‘well one van actually,’ from where he runs his sandwich business, The Running Bun.

Tom Marshall (played by Nathaniel Parker)

Tom is the much fancied single father at the school gates, though Jason thinks he is ‘a bit of a knob’. Jason is somewhat aggravated that Tom fancies Gemma and has asked her out for a date, so Tom and Jason enjoy insulting each other at every given opportunity.

Tom has a young daughter, Poppy (Madeleine Harris) with his ex-wife, Selina (Doon Mackichan), who left him for the Asda Night Supervisor.

Billy (played by Robert Sheehan)

Alfie comes home from a gap year abroad, bringing with him his new friend Billy. There is an immediate attraction between Billy and Gemma, somewhat to her consternation. Billy has a maturity that is unusual for a young man in his twenties, which is why Gemma’s attraction to him doesn’t feel too wrong for her.

Alfie (played by Jonathan Bailey)

Alfie is Gemma’s older son, who she had ‘waaay time ago.’ He has just returned from a round-the-world trip where he met and befriended Billy. His hobby is chasing the ladies and he is oblivious to the relationship that is unravelling before him between his mum and his best friend.

Inca (played by Vera Filatova)

Inca is Jason’s rather beautiful, young, Swedish girlfriend who is studying to be a beautician – a job which she takes very seriously. She and Jason live together and she has a good relationship with his daughters.

Fran (played by Kelle Bryan)

Fran is Gemma’s best friend. She is warm and funny, a bit wild, and a bit of a man eater.