Lip Service - Series 2

Lip Service, BBC Three’s provocative drama, returns for a second series

Lauren played by Neve McIntosh

Category: BBC Three; Drama
The editor of Minus 21, a trendy Scottish arts, culture and fashion magazine, Lauren is austere, wry, authoritative and universally feared by her staff.

Lauren is in a long-term relationship with art dealer Jo (played by Valerie Edmond), although with such a pressured work-load and steady relationship, driven Lauren sometimes misses the excitement of her twenties. And when Sadie comes into her life, temptation comes calling.

Tell us about your character Lauren

Lauren is a very strong woman, to a fault though. She has never been afraid or apologised for who she is - Lauren has always known who she is. This, of course, has rubbed a few people up the wrong way but she’s someone who has refused to be put down or to take no for an answer. So when Sadie turns the tables on her, she’s unsure how to deal with it.

She’s a fighter who cares passionately about many things. So when she meets Sadie, who’s not just a little reminiscent of her younger self, the attraction is instantaneous.

What is her approach to relationships both professionally and personally?

She’s a clever woman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Professionally she expects all her colleagues to work as hard as she does and to get things right first time as she thinks she does!

She’s a very loyal person but only as long as people are loyal to her. If she ever feels betrayed, that person is cut from her life.

Her life with Jo has centred her, and diverted her from a life flitting in and out of relationships where no-one was ever as important as her career.

Sadie, though, is someone that she can’t control and that is electric to her.

How did you find filming in Scotland?

It’s always great to come home to work, it’s the best of both worlds: I get to work and get to see my family and friends. And, of course, my boyfriend lives in Glasgow - cue big cheesy grin!

You have some sexy scenes in the new series – what was it like filming those?

This was my first time filming a sex scene with a girl, I’m so glad Natasha [O’Keeffe who plays Sadie] was so cool. We looked after each other and made sure we were always comfortable so that we could relax and have fun with it - our scenes are very cheeky and flirty so we giggled an awful lot! Sometimes too much and we got into trouble though, especially in fancy dress!

Lauren can come across as quite fearsome – do you think she’s really just a little misunderstood?

Well, yes and no. As with most hard characters there’s a softer inside that is protected by that hard shell. I think her steel has been cultivated to keep her disciplined in life and at work, and so to everyone around her.

She’s always been someone who’s in charge, powerful. At home though, she defers to Jo. And when Sadie comes into her life, a softer girl that she thought was long gone comes out.

Have you ever met anyone like Lauren in your life?

I’ve wracked my brain trying to think of one, I wouldn’t say anyone’s an exact match but there’ve been a few women who have displayed such little patience for anyone else’s failings, or are so quick to judge, and that proved a small inspiration for Lauren. Hopefully they have a soft side like Lauren too!

What things can fans expect to see from newcomer Lauren?

She’s a woman trying to reclaim her youth, so expect passion and lies, fire and fear.

What was it like joining the Lip Service team?

Well, it’s always daunting being the newbie but everyone was great. A good fun time always helps when you’re working hard and up against the clock. And to join Natasha who is wonderful, such a strong, beautiful presence - an honest, generous actress, made it so easy for me. It’s great to work with people you can laugh and play with!

Any memorable moments from filming?

Having to walk in seven inch heels which are now in my wardrobe… hello my pretty things!

And wiping Natasha’s dark plum lipstick off after our snogging! Although I have to say our scene on the barge on the canal at night was a brilliant experience, we sat chatting and drinking while the camera rolled - just absolutely beautiful.

What projects are you working on in the not-too-distant future?

At this very moment I’m in rehearsals for Harold Pinter’s Betrayal at The Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, we open on March 6th! Other than that, I am available Mr Spielberg.