Lucy Hollingworth

Dr Lucy Hollingworth

Date: 03.01.2012Last updated: 06.01.2012 at 09.35

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F1 Doctor, 24, Manchester, Rheumaotology and General Medicine

Self confessed perfectionist, Lucy, has a place for everything and everything is in its place. The daughter of a teacher and a pilot, Lucy’s route into medicine was slightly unconventional. Having studied art subjects for A-level, she needed to convince the university that she wanted to study medicine and subsequently completed a science foundation year to prove it.

Seven years at Manchester University followed, which included a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics. Whilst at university, Lucy also cofounded ‘Fastbleep’, an educational organisation that Lucy continues to be involved in, which aims to encourage students to discover medicine.

Lucy is enthusiastic about a career in hospital medicine as she starts her F1 in Rheumatology and General Medicine. Lucy believes a patient-centred approach to care is an essential part of a patient’s treatment.

A bit of a northern softy, Lucy considers her communication skills to be one of her strengths. Outside of work she finds time for photography, acting, keeping fit and more importantly, loves spending time with her friends, especially if there is opportunity for a dance. Lucy is happy when everything is under control and going to plan: there is a steep learning curve ahead for her as she moves to London and hits the wards of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

What’s the worst thing so far about being a Junior Doctor?

Feeling responsible for things that can really matter. When people call me doctor, it feels a little bit big for me. As a doctor, people have high expectations of you, which I would expect, but the transition from medical student to doctor is difficult as I feel no different, but patients view you very differently. I’d like to say I’m ready to become a doctor, but I don’t feel it.

Are you squeamish?

No, not at all, but I can take or leave people’s bottoms!

Which on-screen doctor do you most identify with?

Carol Hathaway, from the TV series ER. I aspire to be like her because she took her job seriously and wore her heart on her sleeve, and I like that.

Tell us something that we wouldn’t ordinarily know about you that is completely unrelated to your profession.

I wear perfume to bed! You know when you’ve had a really rubbish day, I like to get home, have a shower, and put nice body moisturiser and perfume on. It’s a luxury, so makes me feel better.

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