Original Drama Shorts

Date: 07.03.2014     Last updated: 25.03.2014 at 13.21
Category: BBC iPlayer; Drama

Why did a strand of three short films by new writers and directors feel like one of the most exciting and challenging new commissions of 2013 for BBC Drama Production? After all, the films would be small with low budgets and would ‘go out’ on BBC iPlayer not on BBC One. Seems a potentially low profile project put like that, but from the beginning that’s the opposite of how we and Victoria Jaye, Head of TV Content for BBC iPlayer, saw the strand.

Original Drama Shorts is a brand-new, two-year commission for Drama Production and is the first time that we have made authored original content for online not connected to an existing brand. Our brief has been to produce three high-quality, audience-facing short films with a BBC Three sensibility by new talent specifically for BBC iPlayer. Excitingly for us, we were asked to approach up-and-coming writers to pitch their best ideas for a short film which might become shareable content for a young audience.

-- Hilary Salmon, Senior Executive Producer, March 2014

Read more from Hilary about how the iPlayer online drama shorts were created on the About the BBC Blog.

The dramas Tag, Flea and My Jihad will be available on BBC iPlayer from 11 March.