New six-part series created and written by Lucy Gannon for BBC One

Dean Lennox Kelly plays PC Ian Hargrave

Category: BBC One; Drama

What drew you to the project?

It was a different role for me in a different kind of show. Ian is a professional with a career; he has a job of significant responsibility and a partner with as much, if not more responsibility. He’s firmly fixed in the real world, on the front line, trying to also incorporate and maintain a relationship. That's what drew me to the role.

What is the premise of this drama?

It's about the private and professional life of a district nurse who is passionate about her work and her patients. It’s about how she and her team interact in the patients’ homes and lives. It's about relationships, modern life and dealing with work and home and the many up's and downs.

You play PC Ian Hargrave - what sort of man is he?

Ian is a bit of a big kid emotionally. He has a tough exterior for his job, but struggles to match and be able to deal with such a strong woman. But he’s also likeable and hopefully slightly forgivable - maybe for his lack of emotion maturity.

You’ve played a range of characters over the years, but is this your first time playing a policeman? Did you spend any time on the beat for your research?

Third time copper... first time I've looked right in the uniform. No walking the beat... it's about Frankie and Ian’s relationship, not about Ian’s work. Not sure I'd be let on anyone's beat.

Being in a relationship with Frankie can’t be easy. Is her emotional involvement and personal commitment to her patients something that Ian manages with?

He very much struggles with Frankie’s commitment to her job, because it means less time for him and not often being the priority.

One mistake followed by another lands Ian in big trouble with Frankie, is the bond between them strong enough to survive this set back?

I’m not sure if their bond is strong enough, you have to be able to understand your partner’s work and Ian knew she was a nurse... so I don't know… as her work won't change.

Frankie accuses Ian of being weak – is this a fair criticism of his character?

He is weak. Amongst other things. But aren't we all at some point in our life?