A new comedy for BBC Three

Tyger Drew-Honey plays Dylan

Q: Tell us about your character, Dylan

A: Dylan is a fairly moody teenager and is often quite sharp with his parents. He is quite awkward with girls, and throughout the series, a more sensitive side to him reveals itself.

Q: Are there any similarities between you and Dylan?

A: We are both teenage boys, and therefore both share that adolescent urge to fit in, and ‘be cool’.

Q: How did you get involved with the show? 

A: I was asked to audition so I prepared for the part, auditioned, and got it. Wahoo!

Q: What attracted you to the role?

A: I loved the premise of the show in general, and I think having a chance to play an important role in such a new, original comedy was very enticing.

Q: What do you think Dylan makes of Cuckoo?

A: Initially he thinks he is a right weirdo – all his sentimentalism and hippie stuff. But over the course of the series both characters develop and so does Dylan’s opinion on Cuckoo.

Q: Does he approve of his sister’s choice of husbands?

A: No, but I think this is purely down to the fact he is a spiteful, teenage brother – not because of what she actually brought home.

Q: Does Dylan have any love interests of his own?

A: Yes, he has a couple actually, and he grows in confidence as they progress.

Q: This isn’t the first family orientated sitcom you’ve starred in, how does playing Jake in Outnumbered compare to this role?

A: Well the dynamics of the families are completely different, and that makes playing the parts quite different also. Dylan is slightly less intelligent than Jake, ruder to his parents, and dresses more grungy; whereas Jake has a fashion sense similar to my own.

Q: What’s been your favourite scene to film?

A: My first scene of the shoot, as it was the first bed scene I’ve ever done! Having said that, stumbling around pretending to be drunk on the STAAAG DOOOOO shoots was hilarious!

Q: What was it like working with some of the world’s funniest comedians? Were you laughing on set all day?

A: It was fab, and although I was indeed laughing on set all day, Greg and Andy are like fire meets fire and often cracked up hysterically whilst spurring each other on!