Tilly And Friends

Category: CBeebies
Step through the front door of Tilly’s little yellow house and join her and her five animal best friends as they discover the world around them.

Tilly is a very happy, lively little girl who lives in a little yellow house. Living with her are her best friends: the vain Pru, who likes to make an entrance; Hector the sensitive pink pig who is prone to fits of giggles; mischievous crocodile Doodle who likes to chew the furniture; cheeky Tiptoe the rabbit who likes to surprise people; and Tumpty the innocent elephant, the youngest of the friends.

Tilly’s world is one which children will be able to relate to and where friendship is at the heart of everything. Tilly loves having her friends around her and always makes time for them with all sorts of imaginative play, discovering the joys and challenges of friendship.

The 52 x 11 minute series encourages creativity in a world of everyday adventures. Made by JAM Media and Walker Books Productions and based on the books by Polly Dunbar, the series examines the true values of friends and the essence of real love and friendships. Produced by Mark Cumberton, the Executive Producers are John Rice (for JAM), Helen McAleer (for Walker Books Productions) and Jackie Edwards (for CBeebies).