Category: CBeebies
Numtums is a multi-platform 25x5 minute series that gives young children a foundation in basic numeracy all wrapped in a fun, energetic and irreverent format.

Combining a troop of animated Numtums, children, sing-along songs and a distinctive, mixed-media style, Numtums introduces the basics of number recognition and then gently moves on to counting objects and identifying amounts in a variety of fun scenarios.

Working with children and an educational expert, the series reflects concepts used in early years teaching, presenting them in a brand new way to engage and entertain the audience. To accompany the series there are a series of interactive games available on the CBeebies website which parents/carers can play with their children.

The Numtums themselves are cuddly Numbats (rare marsupial, native to Western Australia) each with a number on their tummy.

Numtums is a CBeebies In-House Production, produced by Lotte Elwell and executive produced by Tony Reed.