Incredible Edibles

Category: CBBC
This 10x30 minute series, presented by fearless foodie Stefan Gates, aims to encourage children to open their minds to a whole new world of culinary creativity by introducing new methods of cooking, offering them new ingredients and asking them to question more closely what they eat and where it comes from.

From balancing a one tonne car on eggs and sampling creepy crawly insect burgers, to engineering a rocket powered with everyday ingredients, Incredible Edibles is a food show like no other.

The show goes on the road to see Stefan and his team tour the UK experimenting with food in front of a live audience – uncovering some of the hidden truths about how some of the nation’s favourite foods are actually made, and cooking some long forgotten delicacies.

Incredible Edibles is made by Objective Productions, part of the All 3 Media group. Executive producer for Objective is Paul Gilheany and executive producer for CBBC is Bridget Banton.