Deadly 60

Category: CBBC
Working with a team from the world-famous BBC Natural History Unit, British naturalist and wildlife presenter Steve Backshall is back on another exciting Deadly 60 mission, and he’s taking CBBC viewers with him.

In series three of Deadly 60 (26x30 minute episodes), Steve's back tracking down another 60 downright deadly animals, including some of the planet’s deadliest record breaking critters – amongst them are the fastest, most venomous and biggest predators ever seen on the show.

Steve’s adrenaline-filled adventure takes him across the globe, from New Zealand to Ethiopia where he encounters Sperm Whales, Box Jellyfish, Komodo Dragons, Great White Sharks, football playing Cheetah, Grizzly Bears, the rarest Wolf on earth, snake-killing and monkey-eating birds, bat snatching snakes, and the world’s only deadly Parrot.  Where else would you find all of that awesome animal action?

Deadly 60 is produced for CBBC by the BBC’s Natural History Unit and is series produced by Scott Alexander. The executive producer is Wendy Darke.