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Across August, BBC Asian Network will present four original dramas on Wednesday mornings.

Ek Awaaz (One Voice), Wednesday 8 August, 11.30am

The first drama in the series is a multi-writer production in response to the UK’s inner city riots of August 2011, with specific focus on the Midlands.

To coincide with the anniversary of last year’s UK riots, this drama follows a selection of fictional voices which travel through the chaos as the riots unfold in the Midlands.

Featured characters include a female police officer with a personal connection to the violence, a shop owner defending his business, a young pizza delivery boy heading out to protect his street and an everyday woman who becomes an unlikely participant in the action; all interwoven with an intrepid local reporter, trying to make his mark.

Cast includes: Ameet Chana as Jaspreet Munsakhani (the reporter)

Written by Alia Bano, Sonia Likhari and Shane Solanki.

Ask Mina, Wednesday 15 August, 11.30am

The ‘Ask Mina!’ cookery and lifestyle show has been airing on Walsall’s very own local satellite TV channel, Sansar TV, for more years than producer Ravi likes to remember. Run by the supermarket chain owner JJ Sunderam, Sansar is all about pushing his food products and celebrating his favourite Bollywood superstar Mina Mistry.

On air, Mina is the gentle, beautifully dressed, culinary master everyone wants for a grandmother – off air she’s a paranoid, egotistical, power-hungry monster!  But JJ won’t look beyond his schoolboy crush and Ravi doesn’t know how to get rid of her.

But when a new young assistant, Neelam, brings her imagination and enthusiasm to Sansar TV, Ravi realises he’s found his new television chef – Neelam is a natural in front of the camera and is actually passionate about food… But what do they do about Mina?!

A comedy about a belligerent TV chef who refuses to let go, a producer who’s desperate to bring his show up to date and a young assistant who simply loves to cook…

Cast includes, Meera Syal as Mina Mistry, Kulvinder Ghir as JJ Sunderam, Manjeet Mann as Neelam and Neil D’Souza as Ravi.

Story: Naylah Ahmed / Script Writer: Tajinder Singh Hayer.

Beena and Dev, Wednesday 22 August, 11.30am

A couple in their 30s have made it through 10 years together, but can they make it through date night?

Meet Beena and Dev, who’ve been in a relationship for ten years. Beena likes to try new things; Dev prefers the comfort of the familiar. Though their differences haven’t seemed to bother them in the past, more recently things haven’t been going too well. So when Dev forgets their all-important monthly date night, Beena decides to take them out on the kind of date she’s always wanted.

But after things don't quite turn out as Beena had planned, she decides she's had enough. Desperate Dev resorts to drastic measures in the hopes of a reconciliation. But has he left it too late?  

Cast includes: Nina Wadia as Beena and Pal Aron as Dev.

Written by Prakash Patel.

The Escape, Wednesday 29 August, 11.30am

Rehana, Neetu and Fozia are three women in prison for different crimes: Rehana for the murder of her husband, Neetu for fraud and Fozia for robbery.

When Rehana, the longest serving of the three, discovers her one and only estranged son is to marry and move to Malaysia, she realises that something needs to be done. Fozia decides it’s time to make use of her connections and get Rehana out to see her boy for what may be the last time…

The Escape is a funny, touching play about three unlikely desi women who escape prison for one day to try and put things right.

Written by Azma Dar