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BBC Three has announced that Zai Bennett, Controller BBC Three and Sean Hancock, Executive Producer, Entertainment Commissioning, have commissioned The Year Of Making Love from Fever Media.

In the first experiment of its kind, The Year Of Making Love will put the science behind finding love under the microscope. Three experts will use compatibility tests (regarded as scientifically robust) employed by online dating agencies and other match-making services to create hundreds of brand new couples on day one of the experiment.

Once the singletons have met their 'perfect' match, the experts - and cameras - will follow the ups and downs of the relationships as they develop over the course of the year. Their first date; meeting each others’ friends and families for the first time; and the inevitable break-ups. Will enough couples survive the year to prove the science or will the experience of falling in love remain a mystery?

Zai Bennett said: "New relationships are always fascinating, so BBC Three is going to put the science of matchmaking to the test in a major new documentary experiment. The Year Of Making Love will match hundreds of new couples and follow them for an entire year to see who hits it off with whom, how relationships really develop and to find out once and for all if match making really works."

Sean Hancock said: “Finding 'the one' is a universal goal in life and using science to unpick the mystery of that on such a large scale feels exciting. Unless everyone breaks up in the first three months that is...!”

David Tibballs, Executive Producer, Fever Media, said: “This is an exciting show and an ambitious way to put matchmaking to the test. The scale of the project is unique and means we’ll be with our couples from the moment they first set eyes on each other and throughout the tentative early stages of their new relationship. It’ll be fascinating to see how many are still going strong at the end of the year.”

The Year of Making Love will comprise 6x60-minute episodes and will be executive produced for the BBC by Sean Hancock. The executive producer for Fever Media is David Tibballs, and the series producer is Nic Patten.


New relationships are always fascinating, so BBC Three is going to put the science of matchmaking to the test in a major new documentary experiment."

Zai Bennett, Controller BBC Three

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