Kevin Bridges asks What's The Story? on BBC One

It's great to have a major new show for BBC One starring one of Scotland's brightest new talentsDanny Cohen, Controller, BBC One
Date: 27.08.2011     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.08
Why would any self-respecting party-goer want to take a microwave to the party? Is it possible to buy a Nissan Micra for 40 quid? These are amongst the burning questions which keep Kevin Bridges awake at night, and he's coming to BBC One next year with his own comedy and entertainment series to try and answer them.

In What's The Story? (w/t), (6x30min), the 24-year-old, critically-acclaimed Scottish stand-up sets out to discover the reality behind some of his stellar on-stage material, by looking at his life, his family and friends, his upbringing in the Scottish town of Clydebank, and the world he sees around him.

What's The Story? will not only go behind the gags but also get closer to the man, who, at only 24, is already becoming a household name. We'll see how the minutiae of everyday life to which we hardly give a second thought, has been the ammunition that Kevin has used for his killer routines.

Kevin says: "I'm delighted at the news that someone at the BBC has deemed me worthy enough to be let loose with a camera crew in an attempt to make something funny. I'm excited at being given this opportunity and to be able to produce the show from Scotland is an added bonus. It'll be great to see something on national TV made from Scotland that doesn't have an appeal for witnesses before the closing credits."

Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC One, says: "It's great to have a major new show for BBC One starring one of Scotland's brightest new talents. Kevin is a unique comedian, and he's part of our plan to develop the next generation of talent for BBC One."

Mark Linsey, Controller, Entertainment Commissioning, says: "The BBC is all about giving new, young and talented performers a platform and where better than BBC One for the critically acclaimed comedian Kevin Bridges to ply his trade and entertain viewers with his wit and wisdom – well beyond his 24 years."

What's The Story? is an Open Mike (Scotland) Production for BBC One and will be filmed in Glasgow. It was commissioned by Controller, BBC One, Danny Cohen, Controller, Entertainment Commissioning, Mark Linsey and Out Of London Entertainment Commissioner, Alan Tyler. Andrew Beint and Addison Cresswell are executive producers for Open Mike and Graeme Hart is the series producer. It is due for broadcast in 2012.