Maggie Philbin and Dr Chris Smith present Science Night on Radio 5 live

From a personal point of view it was very exciting to see whether we could bring an updated version of Tomorrow's World to the radio." Maggie Philbin
Date: 21.12.2011     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.07
Category: Radio 5 Live
On Thursday 29 December, BBC Radio 5 live presents its inaugural Science Night, featuring a stellar line-up of leading scientists and hosted by former Tomorrow’s World presenter, Maggie Philbin, and Cambridge University’s Dr Chris Smith.

From 7.00pm, Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists from Cambridge University take listeners on an entertaining and informative journey covering botany to biotech, chemistry to chaos theory and physics to psychology to strip science down to the bare essentials.

Dr Chris will welcome some of the biggest brains in the country to the Science Night Cocktail party, including Dr Hugh Hunt from the University of Cambridge, who was behind the Channel 4 programme, Dam Busters: Building the Bouncing Bomb. John Zarnecki, a professor at the Open University and Principle Investigator on the Huygens mission to Titan, and Darcy O’Neil, a cocktail chemist from the University of Western Ontario, will also join the party.

Plus the team will find out live on-air if a chocolate teapot really is useless and whether bread does always land butter-side down, along with examining the chemistry of cooking and answering 5 live listener’s science questions.

Then from 9.30pm, Maggie Philbin takes over the reins with The World Tomorrow. Maggie will be joined in the studio by a panel of four young scientists to examine some new developments that have the potential to change lives in the near future.

Leo Garcia looks at an amazing innovation in the use of 4D ultrasound to aid neurosurgery; Peter Zeidman investigates how scientists in Cambridge are helping patients with locked-in syndrome to communicate, Caroline Williams discovers how objects can be 'printed' and Jonathan Webb talks wireless electricity.

Commenting on the programme, Maggie Philbin said: “From a personal point of view it was very exciting to see whether we could bring an updated version of Tomorrow's World to the radio.

“Sitting in a studio surrounded by bright young scientists who brought the right mix of intelligence and fun to an eclectic series of topics was a great experience.

“We hear a lot about technology when it hits the marketplace but this was a chance to find out more about emerging trends across a much broader area of Science which might have a deep impact on the way we live our lives in the future. The only problem was we really didn't want to stop."

You can hear Science Night on BBC Radio 5 live from 7.00pm on Thursday 29 December.

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