BBC journalists to bring news analysis to viewers of 1+1 TV channel in Ukraine

It’s great that, through collaboration with a TV channel such as 1+1, our journalists will be engaging with new audiences across UkraineArtyom Liss, BBC World Service Europe Hub Editor
Date: 12.05.2014     Last updated: 13.05.2014 at 08.29
Category: World Service
The BBC’s independent commentary and analysis of current affairs is now available directly to viewers in Ukraine thanks to a partnership between BBC World Service and Ukraine’s most popular TV channel, 1+1.

From the heart of the BBC’s news operation at New Broadcasting House in London, BBC Ukrainian (BBC Україна) journalists will appear live on the channel’s prime-time evening news programme, TSN, at 19.30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, providing 1+1 viewers with international perspective of current regional events as well as analysis of UK and global developments.

BBC Ukrainian has a number of partnerships with major news websites in Ukraine. This is the first collaboration with a TV channel. BBC World Service Europe Hub Editor, Artyom Liss, comments: “The popularity of BBC Ukrainian had been growing steadily, with audiences coming to the website for unbiased, balanced and reliable news, interviews and analysis. It’s great that, through collaboration with a TV channel such as 1+1, our journalists will be engaging with new audiences across Ukraine.”

Frederick Durman, Head of Business Development for Europe, BBC World Service, adds: “We are really excited that our partnership with 1+1 will bring BBC Ukrainian to a wide audience at this critical time in Ukraine’s history.”

“TSN is the leading news programme in Ukraine, our anchors and journalists receive the most prestigious professional awards every year. Still, such collaboration for us is a great honor as BBC is the trendsetter in international news world and a golden standard for journalists. We aim to amaze our viewers, and I’m sure that the BBC input will add to our programme’s attractiveness,” adds Sergiy Popov, Head of the Information Department of 1+1 Media.

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