BBC Cymru Wales launches Swansea Season

Swansea is a city with stories to tell. It’s been a fascinating experience to meet the wonderful characters in the market and find out just what makes the place tick.”Christina Macaulay, Executive Producer, BBC Wales
Date: 24.04.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.56
Category: BBC One; Wales
BBC Cymru Wales has announced This Is Swansea - a diverse collection of television programmes from the city. The broadcaster introduced the season at this year’s Celtic Media Festival, hosted in Swansea.

BBC Wales introduces three new programmes airing in May on BBC One Wales, focussing on the heart of the city and the people that make it beat.

Swansea Market uncovers Wales' largest indoor market, with hundreds of people competing against each other for business. In a typical day, £30,000 changes hands, 4000 Welsh cakes are baked, 200 lamb chops are sold and three metres of hair is cut off. A small idea can change into a big seller but the way people are shopping is changing. Everyone tries to turn their product into profit but some are fighting for survival. Yet there’s always a smile and a laugh to be had.

Executive producer with the BBC Wales Commissioning team, Christina Macaulay, said: “Swansea is a city with stories to tell. It’s been a fascinating experience to meet the wonderful characters in the market and find out just what makes the place tick.”

The Fall And Rise Of Swansea City is the story about how the football club was rescued by its fans and how they took it to the top. This year Swansea City FC won their first major silverware in Wembley. It marked a return to the stadium where they won promotion to the Premier League in a game that was worth nearly £90 million to the club. But just 10 years ago, Swansea were on the brink of going out of business and at their lowest ebb were sold for a pound.

Swansea has become a magnet for homeless people and now their numbers are on the increase. Filmmakers Chris Rushton and Tracy Harris, who herself hails from the city, followed the desperate plight of Swansea’s homeless a year ago and now they have returned to find out if things have changed. In the follow-up series of Swansea Back On The Streets, they wanted to discover how the homeless survive and how the recession and cutbacks are hitting those least able to cope.

And in June, BBC Three launches The Call Centre, a new five-part series set inside the self-styled world of Nev Wilshire, the CEO of a Swansea call centre. Nev’s motto is “Happy People Sell”, and Nev stops at nothing to make people happy. Whether he is matchmaking, coming to work on a horse, or helping the tea lady arrange Strictly Come Prancing, Nev wants to motivate and energise his team.

As the call centre employs hundreds of young people with big dreams and crazy schemes, no two days are ever alike in Nev’s world. There are distractions, battles, humiliations, broken hearts, winners and losers, but there is good money for those who can knuckle down and make sales.

The Call Centre is a BBC Cymru Wales production.