BBC iPlayer Performance Pack - February 2013

Date: 28.03.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.09
The BBC iPlayer performance pack for February 2013 is now available as a PDF to download.

Monthly summary headlines – February 2013

  • BBC iPlayer delivered new record highs for average daily and weekly request numbers in February 2013. Weekly requests averaged 59 million, up from 57 million in January, and across the month there was an average of 8.6 million requests per day.
  • The shorter February month (28 days, compared to January’s 31) resulted in a lower overall monthly total of 262 million requests - however, for a month that was 10% shorter than January, total requests were only down 4% on the previous month’s record breaking 272 million requests.
  • In mid-January, a fix implemented for the measurement of live radio stats has resulted in more accurately reported figures for audio requests (TV was not affected). This resulted in another month-on-month increase for live listening and a record high of 83% of all radio listening, whilst live TV viewing on iPlayer remained stable at 12% of all requests.
  • Building on January’s record figures, mobile and tablet usage remains strong in February, making up 29% of all requests for content, 77 million requests in total.
  • The new series of Top Gear proved popular last month, with five episodes appearing in the top 20. Mrs Brown’s Boys and the film Madagascar also featured with a high number of requests, as did the Children’s series The Dumping Ground. Factual programmes Africa and Penguins – Spy in the Huddle also performed well.
  • Radio 4 delivered the most popular radio titles in February, most notably the returning series of The News Quiz and The Now Show, but with Radio 1 and 2 titles not far behind. Coverage of the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester United also drove live listening.

BBC iPlayer Performance Pack February 2013 (pdf)