Charlotte Moore announces three new series across drama, factual and comedy for BBC One in 2014

All three of these new series take on timely and meaningful subjects that really speak to our audience, and offer an entertaining invitation into completely different worlds."Charlotte Moore, Controller, BBC One
Date: 02.12.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.13
Controller of BBC One, Charlotte Moore, today announces Our Girl, Grey Mates and Inside KFC - three new series across drama, factual and comedy that reflect the vital role BBC One plays in both shaping and sparking the national conversation.

Charlotte Moore says: “All three of these new series take on timely and meaningful subjects that really speak to our audience, and offer an entertaining invitation into completely different worlds. Our Girl is a rite-of-passage story about a young soldier beautifully captured by Lacey Turner. In the same year when our British troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the series will follow the extreme life-changing experiences she is forced to face both on tour and when she returns back home. Comedy has a unique ability to make the ordinary extraordinary and Grey Mates delivers that with a big hit of character. The series follows three newly retired couples who re-discover what it means to have time on their hands, hilariously brought to life by a stellar cast whose relationships are tested in a multitude of ways. And, in documentaries, Inside KFC will go behind the scenes of one of the world’s biggest fast food chains. At a time when our entire nation seems to be obsessed by food, the series will gain unprecedented and surprising access to a global super brand that, despite being on almost every high street up and down the country, we seemingly know very little about.”

Our Girl, 5x60-minute drama series, written by Tony Grounds, made by BBC Drama Production

Our Girl, starring Lacey Turner in the title role, will return for a five-part series next year. Written by Tony Grounds and made by BBC Drama Production, the single drama made a big impact with audiences earlier this year with a successful debut on BBC One (consolidated audience of 6.3 million). The story is of the unstoppable Molly Dawes (Turner), born and raised in East London with few prospects, who went from nobody to a soldier in the Royal Army Medical Corps. The series follows Molly on her first deployment as a serving army medic against the backdrop of the British Army's withdrawal from Afghanistan. Molly will be forced to grow up very quickly by the unforgettable experiences she faces and crucially, she will make friends among her platoon, who will become almost as important to her as family, as they face extraordinary challenges in a foreign land far away from home. Afghanistan will change Molly's view of life in ways she could never have foreseen - and shape the character of our girl forever.

Commissioned with Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC Drama Commissioning. The executive producer is Caroline Skinner.

Grey Mates, 6x30-minute comedy series, written by Richard Pinto, made by Hat Trick Productions

Grey Mates is a new six-part comedy series that follows the ups and downs of three recently retired couples. An all-star cast of much-loved British actors including Russ Abbot, Stephanie Beacham, Philip Jackson, James Smith, Alison Steadman, June Whitfield and Paula Wilcox make up the trio who are all coming at retirement from very different directions. Their children have flown the nest and so their own lives and friendships take centre-stage once more. Written by Richard Pinto and made by Hat Trick Productions, this funny exploration of 60-something relationships will strike a chord with people of all generations.

Producer is Paul Schlesinger and executive producer is Jimmy Mulville for Hat Trick Productions. Commissioned with Shane Allen,  Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning.

Inside KFC, 3x60-minute documentary series, made by Wild Pictures for BBC One

Food has become a national obsession and visits to fast food restaurants make up more than half of all meals eaten outside of the home.

Valued at over £4.5billion, the fast-food industry has continued to grow year-on-year despite the recession, and fried chicken is the fastest growing of all.

This three-part observational documentary series made by Wild Pictures will get to the heart of KFC UK, one of the most globally recognisable food brands in the world.  Offering a unique, top-to-bottom look inside KFC, it will paint a multi-layered portrait of the fried chicken empire, meeting the many colourful characters working there - from the boardroom to the restaurant chef.

How does KFC ensure there is enough chicken to meet the demands of its many thousands of daily customers? Where does the chicken come from and what journey does it take before reaching the bucket? We’ll meet the people responsible for the minutiae of daily operations at KFC, as well as those charged with the bigger tasks of growing the business, expanding the menu and addressing growing concerns about nutrition.

Paul Hamann is Executive Producer for Wild Pictures and Maxine Watson at the BBC.

Commissioned with Emma Willis, Head of BBC Documentary Commissioning.