Reggie Yates takes six young people with Tourette Syndrome on an inspiring musical journey for BBC Three

This is a series that I am passionate about. It follows six young people, all with amazing singing talents, and explores what it is like with this difficult condition."Reggie Yates
Date: 12.03.2012     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.55
Category: BBC Three
BBC Three today announced a new three-part series, Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You (w/t), which will see BBC Radio 1 DJ and host of The Voice, Reggie Yates, bring together a group of young people diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome for a one-off live musical performance.

The programme follows the BBC Three documentary I Swear I Can Sing, which followed the moving story of young female Tourette’s sufferer Ruth Ojadi and showed how her singing helped calm her Tourette’s.

The show features six young people brought together by Reggie to embark on remarkable musical journey. They include Ruth, who featured in the original documentary; Steve; Greg; Emilly; Tom and Jake, who all have their own unique story to tell about how they deal with Tourette Syndrome.

The first two programmes in the series follow the group as they meet and train together for the first time, before the nail-biting finale where they put on their first ever performance in front of a live audience.

Reggie Yates says: “This is a documentary series that I am really passionate about that follows six ordinary young people all with amazing singing talents, and explores what it is like with this difficult and often misunderstood condition.”

Produced by Leopard Films, part of the Argonon Group, the series was green lit by Sam Anstiss, Commissioning Executive Producer, Factual, Formats and Documentaries and is executive produced by Leopard Films’ Chief Creative Officer Todd Austin and Charlie Bunce.

Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three says: 'Following Ruth Ojadi's honest and moving documentary, I Swear I Can Sing, Reggie Yates has been working with her to put together this very special performance by her and fellow Tourette's sufferers Steve and Greg. Tourette's: Let Me Entertain You is a moving documentary charting this journey for our viewers, continuing our commitment to high quality, surprising factual programming on BBC Three.”

Todd Austin comments: “This series demonstrates Leopard Films’ ambition to bring inspirational and moving stories to the screen. Ruth, Steve, Emilly, Tom, Jake and Greg are talented musicians who have shown immense courage in facing up to their challenges and BBC Three is the natural home for this thought-provoking series.”