The Revolution Will Be Televised, new for BBC Three

Date: 10.07.2012     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.05
A bold and exciting new 6 x 30 minutes satirical series for BBC Three which screens this summer, the show's bite-sized comedy hits - from fictionalised characters to ballsy stunt-led sketches - have already been grabbing the headlines. George Osborne being handed that GCSE maths book? Cheryl Cole 'storming out' of a BBC TV interview? What the hell has been going on?

Produced by Hat Trick Productions (Have I Got News For You, Facejacker and Outnumbered), this series brings corruption, greed and hypocrisy to the fore and drags it to the court of public opinion, in each unforgettable half hour.

In the great tradition of mischief-makers like Michael Moore, Mark Thomas and Dom Joly, Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein bash a variety of arrogant, puffed-up people over the head with an inflated pig’s bladder, on behalf of anyone who has stared open-mouthed at the arrogance, hypocrisy, corruption and greed of the various politicians, avaricious multinationals and tax-shy billionaires who have been taking the piss out of the British public for years. Now it’s their turn to be outraged, deceived, inconvenienced and humiliated.

Heydon and Jolyon's previous successes include award-winning viral videos for cult site Don't Panic, including such stunts as digging 'that' £ sign into Alan Duncan's garden at the time of the expenses scandal, in light of money the MP spent on landscaping his garden (catapulting Heydon onto Newsnight), and D-locking the doors of Nobu shut. Now they are making the leap from the World Wide Web to our television screens.

Sean Hancock, Executive Editor Entertainment, says: “Heydon and Jolyon are fearless, smart and very funny and we're delighted to be working with them.”

Jimmy Mulville adds: “These two will create some memorable television and upset a lot of people. They certainly upset me.”

Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three, says: “Heydon and Jolyon are completely fearless and slightly insane. We love them.”

Richard Wilson concludes: “Heydon and Jolyon may be two of the most unlikely-sounding revolutionaries in history, but they have real conviction, a sharp sense of humour and an endless appetite for poking a wasps' nest with a stick. If the number of people who have threatened to punch them is translated into viewers, we'll have a hit on our hands.”

The series has been created by Jolyon Rubinstein, Heydon Prowse and Joe Wade and commissioned by Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three and Sean Hancock, Executive Editor Entertainment. The Revolution Will Be Televised is executive produced by Richard Wilson (Have I Got News For You, Room 101, The Bubble) for Hat Trick Productions and Sean Hancock for BBC Three. The Series Producer is Mark Talbot for Hat Trick Productions.