Zai Bennett announces new BBC Three programmes

It’s no accident that we’re currently digital channel of the year and won two Baftas this year and these engaging new shows will build on this success."Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three
Date: 06.08.2012     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.12
Category: BBC Three
Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three, today announced a raft of new factual, current affairs, comedy and entertainment commissions on the channel for the autumn season and beyond.

Zai said: “We’re experiencing an historic moment on BBC Three right now - transmitting all hours to co-host the biggest sporting event on earth. With this raft of new commissions, alongside all the fantastic new shows which are launching straight off the back of the Olympics, viewers will see what a rich, diverse, surprising and engaging channel BBC Three is. It’s no accident that we’re currently digital channel of the year and won two Baftas this year and these engaging new shows will build on this success.”

The new commissions are:

A season of programmes on body image called The Body Beautiful (w/t) takes an in-depth look at the relationship Britain’s young adults have with their bodies; the science of the human body and what lengths some young people will go to in order to change their bodies.

The Batman Shootings (w/t)

This quick turn-around current affairs film hosted by Amal Fashanu includes in-depth interviews with some of those involved in the shocking shootings in Aurora, Colorado, at a screening of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. 1x60-minute from Mentorn, commissioned by Fiona Campbell.

Stacey Dooley In The USA (w/t)

Stacey Dooley reveals the shocking new youth trends from across the Atlantic. Over three episodes, the fearless presenter immerses herself in some of the most unusual American communities and explores what it really means to be a young American.

Stacey meets young women behind bars in the only prison boot camp for girls in the States – six months hard time here means a shorter sentence. But can a military style regime, where the girls have their heads shaved and they have orders barked at them (here smokers must wait for permission to exhale!) really turn these girls away from a life of crime?

She meets young gay American men who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. Diagnosed by therapists as having SSA (Same Sex Attraction) issues she follows as the young gay men attend a controversial gay conversion camp in the hope of changing their sexual orientation.

Finally, she meets the young people desperate to be Americans. Stacey travels to Mexico to meet some of the thousands of people who attempt the dangerous five day trek across the border to work as illegal immigrants in the US every week. Facing terrible hardship and with the odds stacked against them, Stacey meets the young people who are still prepared to risk everything to get to America.

The 3x60-minute series will be executive produced by Clare Sillery for BBC Productions.

Unsafe Sex In The City

Unsafe Sex In The City follows the sex lives of the residents of one of Britain’s party cities and tells the story of the people on the frontline desperately trying to stem an STI epidemic.

The series explores one of the biggest problems facing Britain’s youth as it highlights the outcomes of unsafe sex. Over four episodes we meet the patients whose nights of unprotected passion have sometimes led to physical and emotional anguish. The series follows them both in and out of the clinic to understand how the fallout from unprotected sex affects their lives and their relationships.

The emotion and drama of the patients’ stories will be peppered with the funny anecdotes that often go hand in hand with working in sexual health. The clinic staff know more than most that you need to have a wicked sense of humour: their stories of genitalia and embarrassing situations read like a comedy of sexual manners!

Funny, revealing, touching and shocking - with exclusive access – Unsafe Sex In The City reveals what a party lifestyle can do to your health… and how nasty the results can be.

The 4x60-minute series is executive produced by Jes Wilkins and Tom Barry for Firecracker Films and series produced by Jon Connerty. Sam Bickley is Commissioning Executive for BBC Three.


Unzipped (previously Britain Unzipped) returns for a brand new series to unearth more of what us Brits really think and get up to.

Radio 1 DJ Greg James and comedian Russell Kane will once again host proceedings for the 8x45-minute show in which they delve into the world of showbiz, chatting to their weekly guests to try and uncover who the weirdest celebrity in Britain really is – a title won by Holly Willoughby in series one.

A Talkback production, Unzipped is executive produced by Leon Wilson and Dan Baldwin and for the BBC, Ruby Kuraishe. Series producer is Jamie Rea.

Impractical Jokers

Impractical jokers, one of BBC Three’s seven online, comedy web pilots has been commissioned as a series. Impractical Jokers is a comedy/entertainment show in which four comedian friends compete in excruciatingly awkward real life scenarios that they set for each other – all recorded by hidden cameras. 6x30-minute produced by Yalli Productions, part of Shed Media. Karl Warner is BBC executive producer.

Comedy Marathon

In a Fringe first, BBC Three is getting into the spirit of the Edinburgh Fringe with a live overnight Comedy Marathon on the BBC’s Red button service, running from 9pm on Friday 17th August until 5am the following morning.

Hosted by Chris Ramsey, Andrew Maxwell, Susan Calman and Radio 1’s Jameela Jamil, the marathon will feature over 40 different acts from this year’s Festival. It's going to be the Edinburgh Fringe raw, late night and live. A BBC in-house comedy production. 1x8-hours, BBC executive producer is Will Saunders.