Anneka Rice to host Radio 2 Saturday Breakfast Show

I’m taking over the Radio 2 breakfast show on a Saturday which I’m over the moon about actually… more excited about than anything in the world."Anneka Rice
Date: 10.02.2012     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.15
Category: Radio 2
Anneka Rice is to join BBC Radio 2 to host the Saturday morning Breakfast Show. Anneka’s first show will be on Saturday 25 February 2012 and she’ll be broadcasting to the nation between 6am and 8am every Saturday.

Anneka will be re-living her helicopter and lycra-clad days with regular new feature ‘Anneka Challenges’. This time the challenge is for the audience, with Anneka as the arbitrator judging if the challenge has been successfully completed. The listeners set the challenge on air for someone near and dear who has failed to finish or even worse - start a task - and so needs a big prod. Anneka will do then prodding as well as judging how well the task has been completed.

Other regular features are 'Changing Tracks' where listeners share memories of their first grown-up music track and 'Family Fixtures' with shout outs to families pounding the motorways to deliver their sporty offspring to whatever the fixture of the day is.

Anneka is taking over the Saturday Breakfast Show from Zoe Ball, who recently announced her departure. Lately Anneka has also been featured on Radio 2 on Saturday evenings, hosting Going Out with Patrick and Anneka with Patrick Kielty, while Alan Carr and Mel Sykes have been away.