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28 October 2014

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Is Manchester Racecourse a non-starter?
updated 14/04/04
Artists' Impression of racecourse Plans are being unveiled to build a £100m racecourse close to the M60 in Salford. The last time plans were put forward by the developers Peel Holdings, they were withdrawn because of objections from people living in Worsley and Boothstown.

Under starters orders? An artist'
impression of the racecourse.

Although the propose racecourse will be in Salford it would be known as Manchester Racecourse and if its gets the go-ahead, it will be built on green belt and woodland used by dog walkers and paint-ballers.

The plans are for a floodlit oval racetrack with a six thousand capacity grandstand, a four-star hotel and an 18-hole golf course. It will create around 500 jobs, will mean flat racing on grass and all-weather tracks and, in addition, there will be an international standard eventing course.

So does Manchester need a racecourse? Would you go? Do you live locally to where the course is planned? Do you remember previous racecourses in and around Manchester?

Now have your say:

Dom, Eccles College
Chris Benson you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about… what is a booming announcer? Maybe you should analyze the facts before you start speaking complete and utter rubbish. Building the race course will create new shops and boost the local economy!

Christopher Benson, Walkden
I think that this is a bad idea. I live quite near the racecourse and it will effect me. Traffic will build up along the boothstown road and that the root I take to college. It would disturb everyone with the booming announcers. We don't need a racecourse so why bother building one.

Phil, Worsley
Build it! Its time the older residents of Worsley who just want to keep things the same stop being so selfish. Its time they realised that this development proposal will benefit the future of Worsley and surrounding areas, not the past.

Roger Frigerd
This is referring to the comment made by Lloyd Walsh from Salford. Lloyd, the airgun club is only used by a few people, and to be honest nobody really cares whether it’s gone, and as for the birds, who cares. This racecourse will benefit more people in Manchester and Worsley than it will disappoint.

Chris (Bury)
Its agreat idea, but 500 Jobs thats being mentioned to ease its impementation, more likely to be about 50 jobs with 200 part time minimum wage. Be honest

Andy, Eccles College
I love animals.... I'm hoping to become a jockey.... so the racecourse will help me in the future.... Please build the course love from Andy

Michael, Winton
It would be great for the city of salford but would it just cause more traffic problems!

Jane Ordsall
I was interested in the ecology village included in the plan for the racecourse.I have just visited the Centre for alternative Technology and it has so many exciting ideas for our future. If Peel Holdings could involve the Salford people in a place like this then we could be among the first people in the country to have the knowledge and ability to build for our future. We surely need something to replace the docks.

Danny, Walkden
i think its a great idea alot of jobs going and i think that this land will be put to good use since its just been sittin there for so long it looks like a dump so lets to something about it

Lloyd Walsh, Salford
I am a member of the airgun club in the area to be worked on, and unfortunately we will be shut down once the plans go ahead. We never harm any wildlife and shoot peacefully, and we have not been offered another location for our cluib as of yet. also, in the area there are some rare birds such as a lesser spotted woodpecker. these will no doubt be scared off by the little kids which will be present if the plans for youth centre go ahead also.

Brownie, Brookhouse
Bad idea :)

james, worsely
this is a terrible idea. there are far too many golf courses round here already who needs another one? Also the bit of land they are talking about is a beautiful stretch of grassland and woods and there isn't much of this left in the manchester area. i would also like to say that my letter from the council telling me the plans were available for viewing arrived AFTER they'd been removed from viewing. cheers salford! i guess you thought you'd be getting a lot of complaints. please don't bend to corporate pressure, we don't need a racecourse, the travel infrastructure is struggling to cope as it is and most importantly of all we need to protect at least some of our English countryside.

Andy, Eccles
Are the supporters of this mad proposal for real?Are these comments supplied primarily by Peel Holding employees and the Member's (NOT employees) of Salford City Council? Not only an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen, but also an infrastructure burden to far. Just Salford Council bowing down to corporate pressure in the continuing desparately sad bid to compete with Manchester. Very sad, I must speed up my emigration...

Phil McDonald -Belfast
I used to live in Salford when Castle Irwell was a recetrack - It was a gem. At that time the Council thought ( if they did much of that) that everyone would be happy living in a massive housing estate.Every big city should have a racecourse a ski slope etc etc the more amenities the better. p.s. Belfast has two racecources nearby

nicola, Leeds
I went to salford uni and have been very interested in this development and it seems that peel have put a lot of effort into making sure the environment will be protected and the roads should be permanently improved not just on race days, this proposal means that land which was previously out of reach to the public will be accessible with a lot of nature trails as well as bringing many benefits to the area, i think that there should be more responsible developments like this.

Ben C, Manchester
Got to say superb addition to area, although I do think there are enough vacant areas that aren't greenbelt in the city. Point: Manchester and Salford are 2 cities within one and always have been ....... be proud of them

Rob, USA
Its a fantastic proposal. Looks amazing, will generate numerous jobs and plus it will give me something to look forwrd to when I make trips back home from the States!!

james , salford
I urge every one to protest (Legally of course) it has already been put on hold by locals protesting , i think that in itself speaks volumes

Ken - London
I think another sports facility is what is required in that part of Manchester. Those 500 people employed will ensure that none of their relatives or friends cause trouble int the area. Sport is a great way of educating people. Such a project will only enhance the area. To those environmentalists I say wildlife should be protected at all costs.

will, manchester
The Manchester Racecourse idea sounds fantastic, i do however have some concerns for the enviromental impact in the greenbelt surrounding Manchester. The good people of Worsley, Boothstown, Walkden, Eccles and Swinton are all mancunians too and most would have nothing to do with the local authority(Salford), these districts have always been Manchester and so the name of the racecourse is appropriate. Salford City Council hates being labeled as Manchester but has no problem with stripping the people of Worsley, Swinton etc of there identity. How strange. I don't have a problem with the real Salford but it is more of a town and is almost totally dependent on Manchester for growth and development. Besides, Salford has no real town centre and it's council is based in Manchester(Swinton)

duncan , worsley
its just another money spinner , and i can see pros and cons for bothe sides , Peel holdings and local residents , bu i have to say that developing this part of salford is not the answer it is not a crime hotspot or particularly poverty stricen , would the development not be of more benifit to the community elsewhere in salford or manchester

Nawaz ,cheetham hill
i agree with james he seem to have his head screwed on i think it is a terrible idea and would not benifit anyone living in the immediate area

Barbara Vaughan Levenshulme
It could be a major asset. Not everyone likes football.

james , boothstown
dont build it , the traffic is silly as it is , why dont they build another trafford centre in say westminister , im sure the powers that be would love that idea

John Senior, Rossendale
Get this built bowt time a great new racecourse was built, bring jobs and wealth to Manchester. again get it sorted!!

Suzanne, Salford
Sorry Mike I meant John from Worsley

Suzanne, Salford
Just a reply to Mike from Worsley - worsley has been part of salford since 1974 despite what you would like to believe. How about being proud of where you come from, you are only fueling the opinions of those like the 'numptie' as you put it, from Windsor. Salford had gone through major regeneration in the past few years, take a look around.

Chris, Boothstown
I think its a fantastic idea. I live in Boothstown and intend to sell hot dogs and pies from my kitchen window on race days. Bring it on!!!!!

Matt, Manchester
What i think they should do is create a loop in the M60, and turn this into the racecourse. Then it would function not only as a racecourse, but will also alleviate the traffic problems associated with the area. Obviously, a separate lane would be required just for the horses, but i think it would be a much more realistic and cost effective plan than the one proposed.

What in god's name are these people thinking about? Don't they understand the needs of the collective wildlife in the Salford area. Not a day goes by when you can sit on a bus travelling round the area watching those beautiful speciman's strutting, fighting, hunting, feeding, and where's it all going to end??? Salford!!!

Mike Watling
Ha ha what a joke. . I mean I'm all for letting the public have fun and creating jobs. . .But I don't want to be walking of my front door to see gangs of men on stag party's and women on Hen partys with there tongues down each other's throat. . You can go to Chester for that. . . . REBEL AGAINST THE COURSE That is my VERY STRONG opinion.

Gareth J Jones Droylesden
I think if it was a jumps track it would fall flat - too close to Aintree and I think Liverpool is fantastic but do we actually need one here ? It is too near too Old Trafford and I for one wouldn't want anything taking any glory away from the Reds.

Joanne and Ally Manchester
We think Salford will benefit from a purpose built course. We like to Ride a lot and are considered very good at Riding within the local area. We think a racecourse will generate more jobs which means more people in the area and possibly an opportunity for people like us to maybe get better rides if we get noticed. Here's hoping.

Mike, Worsley
There are a lot of reasoned views posted along with one numptie post from a guy in Windsor. Have you ever been to Worsley or don´t the home let you out much)). Worsley is one of Manchester's up and coming areas with more and more people wanting to live there. There has been a lot of development in the past ten years with hotels and pubs increasing in numbers. A racecourse would be a good idea for Manchester but I think it could spoil what Worsley is.

Jason, Manchester
I'm definitely not a racing fan and would believe it's a waste of space. To me, that would be another reason to increase taxes...after all, when the traffic increases just to go there, the council will welcome any kind of tax they can generate because of this. Keep horse racing where it currently is and let's try to make what's green, stay green.

andy walsh, eccles, salford
i would be in favour of the racecourse so long as the jobs created go to the local people and that it is called SALFORD RACECOURSE.

John, Worsley
Not everyone wants to be associated with Salford. Worsley, Eccles, Cadishead, Irlam etc have always been Manchester, hence our addresses. they don't say Salford, they say Manchester. If this thing is built then it will be a Manchester Racecourse, not Salford. Its only the people that live in Salford ie Pendleton, Ordsall etc, that get over excited when things like this are mentioned. And as for that guy from Windsor. Why would anyone want to live in Windsor. Dullsville, Illinois, expensive houses, and you don't even have gravy on your chips!!

Steve, Cadishead
Peel Holdings have already have a tacky over the top structure in Manchester,The Trafford Centre, so why build another one?? Traffic will be a nightmare, not to mention the greenbelt land that will be lost. Salford Council should listen to its residents and tell Peel Holdings to do one!! Who wants horse racing anywa. Its cruel and an excuse for the rich to wear a hat!!

Stuart Hall - Salford
I would like to say to Bob Moore, with regard to the traffic worries, I have been to Chester / Liverpool race courses many times. Its take longer to drive out of the course @ Chester than it does to drive back to Salford. I think the idea is a good one, but still needs alot of thinking through.

Dave, Boothstown
I just like to say to Bob Moore from Manchester that yes we have seen this site. This is actually where we live, it is not a run down district, far from it. Boothstown and Worsley are a sought off area that people want to move to. I just wanted to ask are you sure it's the right place you have been to??

Bob Moore, Manchester
This is an excellent plan which will reinforce Manchester's reputation as the country's sporting capital. Remember it's a national centre that's going to provide facilities for all sorts of equestrian sports - not just racing. The traffic worries are overstated. Many racecourses (Liverpool / Chester) are located in urban areas and yet they cope with crowd much larger than expected here. In any case it is usual for the planning authority to require developers to pay for any necessary road improvements - and the developers have indicated they are prepared to do this. As for the 'problem' of developing on a green field site... have you seen this area? It a dreary run down district that can only be improved by the building of a racecourse and all the £££s and jobs that come with it.

Lesley, Boothstown
Graham from Bury, I like your suggestions but the only thing is that they have built a lot of houses in the Boothstown area already. This was, years ago a small village but has been taken over by property development. We don't really need anymore greenbelt being destroyed. Like I said the bit we have left around here we would like to keep hold of. It is so good to read through everybodys thoughts on the subject and people not in the area wanting to stand by us. Say no to the racecourse and give more support to R.A.G.E. (Residents against greenbelt erosion). We need your support

Y, Whitefield
Just a little message for Matt in Windsor.....I am originally from the South East & I certainly do not want to move back there! I love Manchester and wouldn't want to leave for anything. It's people like you that give us southerners a bad name! Grow up! By the way, I don't think the race course is a good idea. This country needs to invest in the woodland/greenbelt areas, not get rid of them!

Norma, Worsley
How many racecourses do we need as like others have said we have Haydock just up the road and carry on a bit further and you get to Aintree. So ask ourselves a question do we really want another racecourse? No I don't think so. This debate is not only about the racecourse I don't think we need another golf course either. Only down the road at the Marriott (again in Boothstown, Worsley) there is a golf course. Drive another 5 minutes down the East Lancs road there is also another golf course at Walkden. And also to mention the golf course at swinton. The way I see it we do not need anymore racecourses or golf courses around the Salford area.

Graham Tattersall, Bury
I think we "need" a racecourse like we need a hole in the head. A far better use of the site would be for the construction of an Olympic standard sports facility (like we had with the Commonwealth Games Stadium, which has now sadly been destroyed) in which PEOPLE can compete, instead of just horses. Alternatively, the region is rather short of affordable housing, so maybe they should build some houses there. In a list of "priority uses" for the site, I would rate a racecourse just above :- Nuclear Waste Storage Facility, Landfill Site for Toxic Waste, Al-Quaeda Training Camp or "Mega" Prison for High Risk, Unreleasable Convicts.

Dave Blackburn. Leigh
Lets face it. This is a good idea dispite its enviromental impact. Iamsure the developers have relaunched this idea with considerations to traffic.I amalso sure that they would listen to the views of people who want to walk there dogs. There are some great walks around golf courses. How many timeshave you said I wish there was something else to do at weekend? In the 60's as a child I was taken to Belle Vue and loved it. This venture could give people a new day out. True Haydock isjust down the road. As a resident of Leigh who passes through Haydock on race days, I must say, have never been too delayed by the traffic around Haydock. I am sure that Peel will factor in road links in their plans. Don't let this chance pass you by. At Leigh the majority of residents have their life style influnced by the few NIMBY's. Remember Xanadu- a snowdome project? Now we holdour breath whilst we await the decision on a much neded sports an leisure complex. Business in Boothstown would benefit from a project such as this Race course but then if you want more takeways then carry on objecting.

paul ;ellenbrook
my last comment will be that it seem's to me that 90 per cent of people who live in the surrounding area near where the race course will be built don't want this race course so why not for a change, salford council listen to the residents and reject these plans.

Bradley, Boothstown
I love it at weekends because my dad takes me and my brother out for a bike ride along the canal. Me and my brother look forward to this as it is like being in the country, especially when it is a sunny day. It is so nice to hear the birds twittering and no other noise apart from my brother moaning that he is tired because of the long ride. I hope that they don't build the racecourse because there are some very nice scenic routes that we take, and I really don't want this to spoil or change anything. Please don't take away our farmland as we love it even if some people just think it's a bit of old baron land. Yes it is an ex-coal mine with a 100 years of history. We love every bit of it and want to keep it that way. I suppose if we wanted more noise and busy roads we would move to the city. Don't take away the place we love and care for. Brad aged 10.

Tony, Irlam nr Warrington
Great idea, should help regenerate the area, if possible congestion prolblems could be accouinted for, im fully behind the venture.

Kimberley Fenney, Boothstown.
Just a note to Ian in Manchester. You don't actually see the traffic that goes through Boothstown, Worsley, Monton and Eccles. It takes me over 3 quaters of an hour to get to work in the morning and I only work in Swinton. From half past 6 in the morning the East Lancs Road is gridlocked until around 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. This is also the case in the evening. You mentioned the Trafford Centre gets plenty of visitors and I agree on this. But have you ever tried to get to the Trafford Centre without being in a Jam, not only in the week it is chaos at the weekends too. But not only do we want more traffic around the once called "villages", we have to have the noise and the lighting from the golf range. Even if they built it on the moon it would not be far enough for me.

Ian Manchester
Of course its a good idea, there will be more jobs and it will bring some dead green belt to life. There will be more do walkers more walks and riding area used when this goes ahead than now. The comments ''have Peel holding thoght about the traffic'' uh no dont be stupid, if the roads were so conjested the punters woont come back. Also the Trafford Centre get more visitors than this.Maybee some would like to move the Trafford Centre and have another scuffy field for green belt and a few to walk on ( oh and put hunreds out of work) This land is next to the one of the largest indusrial estaes in Europe, it will be good to see some goos use out of it for the local economy and get rid of some useless grass.

Kimberley Fenney, Boothstown
For people who want this racecourse to go ahead have any of you ever spent time in Worsley or Boothstown? Out of interest whilst your surfing the internet why not have a look at the Boothstown Website, this will give you some kind of idea what will be detroyed by Peel Houldings. I liked the suggestion from Mike - Manchester. Take it somewhere else, there are plenty of other places it could be instead of taking the bit of country side we have left around Salford.

Ben in Windsor
Great news. I love racing and love Manchester so I can't wait for this to be built.

worsley and the surrounding area's are already getting too built up, the farm land (green belt) has been there for thousands of years why do we have to change it lets have some green land left please,we dont wont to end up like london

Andy, Boothstown
I myself disagree to the Race Course as people have already said we are not so far off Haydock Race Course plus Aintree is not that far away either. Not only is the traffic crazy at peak times has anybody thought about the noise and the lighting? It's o.k for people who live away from this to want it to go ahead but how would they feel if it was on there own doorstep? The people of Boothstown and Worsley have chose to live there because it is quiet and such a beautiful place with nice areas of country. We don't want it here and we will fight against it all the way. More traffic, noise, people....... no way.

Ben, Manchester
This is an absolutely fantastic idea. This will bring much needed investment to a city that desperately needs it. Surely a possible solution to all your moans about traffic conjestion would be to extend the metrolink out there! Matt in Windsor - you can stay down south, we don't want any of your southern pansy nonsense up here - wouldn't want to serve shandy anyway.

Liam, formerly of Ellenbrook
Three residents' associations from Worsley and Boothstown have linked up to fight the proposals, calling themselves the Residents Against Greenbelt Erosion (RAGE).

Mike, Manchester
First of all in reply to Matt in Windsor, you are either at infant school or so many in the glorious south east...ignorant about the rest of the country. Now to the subject, the roads are conjested in that area, but if they found a site closer to the motorway they could build a direct link road into the racecours car park, taking the traffic away from the residents. Or find another site in Manchester, possibly the fields by the ship canal just down the road from the Trafford Centre and next to the motorway which is being widened now.

Dave, Swinton
Matt from Windsor....stay in bed with your stupid southern stereotypes of the North. Please do not come any further than Birmingham...Thanks

Phil, Astley
I am opposed to the development of the Manchester Race Course scheme by Peel Holdings. I live in Astley not far from the EastLancs road where a slip road is to be built for access. Have Peel Holdings / Salford Council considered the true impact of the increased traffic, and not just on 'race days’. Current suggestions are that the traffic will easily flow back on to the M60. It is more likely that is it to go directly west towards the M6 to Haydock as this is its only route for the south and north, giving that the other option is north on the M60 , that is if that slip road there is not just an exit off the M60. And has thought be given to the chaos in Haydock on a race day?.Worsley/Boothstown/Astley/Leight even Eccles, all face being grid locked to the same extent if not more as Haydock and pumped with more pollution that what it already receives. The EastLancs road (A580) was built many years ago and already is over used for its initial carload. Although its plans included widening and leaving land parallel for this purpose, will anything actually be done to ease any more traffic flow? And who will pay for it upgrading it to cope, inc resurfacing and maintenance, Peel holdings/ Wigan/Salford or St Helens council taxpayers? It would also be interesting to see an independent environmental impact assessment of the proposed site, I feel this will reveal how scientifically and biologically the area is significant, and that it would do great harm to develop it in this way. Salford Council seems to be one of the leading councils in actioning sustainable development. I hope Salford Council can remain true to its plan outlined in their Unitary Development Plan by achieving it goals and not go reading between the lines to help prosper Peel Holdings. The Northwest has two racecourses already, is there really need for a third. Surely, the environment the landscape and heritage is enough to save, than to destroy it for what gain. Any committee and the secretary of state must decline the proposals. Wigan Council must also listen to the concerns of its residence close to the boundary of Wigan/Salford, and not let this development go without consultation. I hope that more people and local groups in the community near to the development will also involved in opposing this development.

Phillip, Eccles
It's a sound idea and long overdue. Manchester is the right name for it, too. Most people who live in the towns that were swallowed up in local government reorganisation of the 70's (Swinton, Walkden, Worsley, Eccles) have a greater sense of attachment to Manchester than they do Salford anyway. For years Salford City Council have shown themselves to be utterly clueless when it comes to regeneration for improving both economic prosperity and resident's quality of life: Manchester is frankly light years ahead! It's hardly surprising that residents and companies alike prefer to attach themselves to the Manchester name; it's far more marketable, particularly in a global industry like Horseracing. The only people who think differently are those who live in the traditional Salford borough of Odsal, Weaste, Langworthy and Pendleton and get a smug feeling that they have somehow taken over the identity of the outlying suburbs who previously were independent boroughs of Lancashire. The sooner we have one authority governing the whole lot as the City of Manchester the better we will be.

Jennifer, Worsely
If the goal of Peel Holdings is to toally ruin Worsley then they are going about it the right way. The farmland they are proposing building on is one of the few open spaces left in Worsley. Surely the sight of sheep/cattle grazing is preferable to thousands of people & cars. How many of the people who have written to say what a good idea it is actually bother to drive up to Haydock, which is only 20 minutes away?

Liam, formerly of Ellenbrook
Although it does sound like a wonderful idea, I do concur with similar comments about traffic congestion. OK, I don't live in the area anymore, but the roads, especially at peak times are horrendous around Jn 13 of the M60 at the best of times. I do still travel around the area and I feel sorry for those who will have to suffer the increased problems around Ellenbrook, Boothstown and Worsley village on future 'race days'. And indeed as someone has already said why build a race course so near to Haydock? Not sure also whether it will have any affect on house prices in that area. There is very little land left to build new properties so it'll either become a more desirable area or people will struggle to sell if they live close to the course and the potentially gridlocked area.

Gary Worsley
This will be fantastic, whilst the land is greenbelt, it is hardly spectacular, it is an ex coal mining area that is is need of redevelopment, this racecourse will greatly improve an ugly area of baron land.

Matt in Windsor
WHAT A JOKE..! You can just hear the conversations now.."DOING ANYTHING THIS WEEKEND GUY ?" ..."Yeah, i,m off to Manchester racecourse in , erm, salford ! On second thoughts, i think i'll stay in bed. Get real you lot, Manchester is a slum and Salford is its father. stick to corrie.

Jane, Winton, Eccles
Being only a mile or two from the proposed site I believe it would have a great effect on the local area and economy, but beleve there will be big traffic issues and traffic noise that must be dealt with as it may spoil a good thing.

Dave, Swinton
I think it would be a good idea. And reply to Paul from Walkden, the Haydock racecourse is not all-weather

Ethan Retrick, Sale
Definitely a good move and a good way to revitalise the area. It'll need a massive investment in infrastructure to support it and prevent adverse knock-on effects to the local community.

paul ,ellenbrook
just more money to line the pockets of peel holdings.there is already a race course no more than 12 miles away...?

Ben, Glasgow, UK
Great design and great for Manchester!! I can't wait to go and spend my money there!

Craig Bailey, Salford
Why will it be called Manchester Racecourse? If Salford was a town the name would be understandable but it's not, its a city! once again we are being annexed into Manchester. The only way to help Salford's economy long term is to make sure people know which city they are visiting!!!

Kimberley Fenney, Boothstown.
It sounds good and looks good but like Tony Sloan said, I dont think the roads around Boothstown and Worsley can cope with this. I actually live just around the corner from one of the proposed entrance sites and admit that the roads are bad at the moment without having to add further obstructions. It's not only the traffic that puts me off, it is also the greenbelt which will be destroyed. I am sure there are other places where they can build this without upsetting a lot of people.

Rachel Jones, Boothstown, Manchester
As bad an idea as when the first proposals were put forward 2 years ago. The roads around Worsley, Boothstown, Jn 13 on M60 are gridlocked already without the prospect of 6000 racegoers. Even the racing fraternity have said another racecourse isn't needed, the racing calendar is already overbooked.

Tim, Manchester
Never really considered it before.. but it does sound like a great idea. Something a bit different!

Chris Benson, Astley
I live near the proposed location and think it would be an excellent decision, if it gets the go-ahead. It would create jobs in the area, and re-vitalise the area and surrounding communities.

Tony Sloan, Manxhester
Sounds great but would the roads cope, I dont think they would and I am sure First Bus will lashit up given the chance....

Lee Simpson, Salford
I believe the racecourse would be excellant for salford`s ecconnomy and would highlight the citys potential.

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