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28 October 2014

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Last updated Monday 07 April 2003
Myra Hindley - should life mean life?
Myra Hindley
The face of evil? Myra Hindley
When Moors murderer Myra Hindley died on 15 November, she was Britain's longest serving woman prisoner - spending 36 years in jail.
But is it right to lock someone up until they die?
Have Your Say
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Hindley was jailed for life in 1966 for murdering two children with her lover Ian Brady. Their bodies were buried on Saddleworth Moor where she later confessed to killing two more.

Latest news: Police are investigating claims that there could have been a third person operating with Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. It is understood that a woman, now 51, claims the unnamed man, accompanied by the notorious killers, tried to drag her into a car in the Denton area of the city in 1964.
BBC News: 'Moors killers tried to grab me' >>>

In Hattersley and across Greater Manchester there is little or no sympathy for Hindley who has been branded the 'personification of evil.'

Some say her crimes were so heinous, that a whole life sentence was the only suitable punishment. Others say Hindley had repented of her crimes and, as a reformed character should have been released.

Myra Hindley have been freed? Or was it right that she spent her whole life in prison? Have Your Say >>>

From Becky in Torquay
The people she killed suffered far more than what she has done and they were children so there Yes i do think she deserved to die in a prison cell. what she did you can never take back, not in this life time.

From addy, london

i feel mya hinndley got everything she deserved and if she had been freed then that would of defintly been the wrong decision........she was a very evil woman..............

From jozee gooseman in oldham
for the barbaric crimes against children,the elderly and police persons lif should most definatly mean life.

From Coutts in Canada
Myra Hindlay was a cold blooded killer. ..She deserved to die in jail, she did not deserve to be treated as well as she was whilst serving her LIFE sentence.Most senior citizens who have served Britain well all their lives are treated far worse that these two killers have been treated for most of their miserable lives. Glad she's gone, lets hope Brady follows soon!

From steve in hyde
you might not belive me on this .but my mam & dad was very happy on hearing the news over her death ,as hindley regulary babysat my mam as a toddler. I think hindley was about 16-17,she lived in hattersley near my nanna, sometimes i think my mam could of been another of there discusting crimes ,i hope she never rests in peace .1 down 1 to go.

From Ann Smith in Saddleworth
I don't think Hindley is dead. I think she has been released and given a new identity. She is so evil that no one would let her live in peace outside prison if her whereabouts were known.

From David, Salford
Without doubt, what she did was horrendous, but people have to accept that if life means life for murderers (and it is very difficult to draw a distinction between different types of murder, be it against a child or an adult), then all convicted murderers should be imprisoned until they die. That is where the logic of many posters here leads, so I confidendtly expect that all those calling for this are actively petitioning their MPs accordingly. Please remember that she wasn't actually given a life sentence. As for those who say she should have been executed, should rot in hell, be tortured, chopped up, buried alive, etc. What is wrong with you? Can't you grasp the basic concept of a judicial system in a civilised nation? Justice has to be dispensed dispassionately, not by a lynch mob mentality, which is exactly what you are displaying. I am really quite disturbed by your sentiments on here. A less emotional knee-jerk response would be more constructive, and less tabloid-style ranting. And as for 'Wodjah in Old Trafford', well, if you really want a 'bit of Saddam's Law' in the UK, then don't expect me to mourn you when you 'disappear' and are executed for merely disagreeing with the state, let alone comitting a crime. Please think of the implications of such a statement before posting such ill-informed nonsense.

From P in salford
Hindley and Brady rot in HELL. The person i feel for most is Keiths mum Winnie. I have worked with Winnie for some time now and she deserves a proper service for keith. Thoughts with u Winnie x

From Becca,
I believe that when Hindley and Brady were sentenced to life inprisonment, life should definitely mean life. As I don't believe in capital punishment, incarceration should protect such evil creatures from society. Capital punishment is like seeing eye for an eye.

From Nicole Paterson, Manchester
To Elaine Hines in Kansas, Ariennya Romani in Roseville and Devi Deveraus in Carmichael - would you still feel the same if your child was tape recorded being tortured and sexually abused before being murdered? What would your comments be? Would you not feel that people like Brady and Hindley should "rot in hell"? Yes they were jailed for life but they have enjoyed the comforts and special treatment of H.M. prison. If I were you I would be more worried about the lunatic who is running your country and who looks like the one to being the end of us all.

From shazia, Birmingham, England
I think it was the right thing to do to keep hindley in until death. well at least we know she has also suffered too , maybe not as much as the innocent children but she did deserve pain . she deserves hell. only god can decide on that.

From Martha Weaver, Davis, CA USA
I don't believe in Capital Punishment. I am from California where Charles Manson and the Manson murder people got their capital punishment revoked.

From Stephen Horrocks, Prestwich
It is absolutely right that Myra Hindley should have died in prison. The horrific crimes that she and Brady perpetrated meant life imprisonment was the only option. There is too much sympathy wasted on the criminals rather than their victims!

From Eric in Germany
I see no reason why a cold blooded killer should be released.In a case like hindley and brady life must mean life

From Humma
I personally feel that any crimes involving children, should be punished with an heavy hand. Life should mean life, reforming the individuals and making excuses for them lets them of 'scott free'. Our justice system needs to be more assertive and to increase sentences which are of strict liability, discression of mittigating circumstances should not be used as a plausable answer in using a lighter sentence threshold. If more sentences for such as Myra hinleys are adopted i do feel thata drop in our crime rates will reflect this. She deserved what she got, her suffering does not end, she awaites for jugement day!

From Lovey in Birmingham

From Jeff, Windsor Ont Canada.
Of course people sentenced to life should die in prison or what is point of a life sentence.Hindley and Bradey should have been sentenced to death in the first place. Damn them both! I lived in the Manchester area at the time of their crimes.I was 15 years old at the time and remember it as if it were yesterday.What a shame they missed the death penalty by sutch a short time.The world could have been rid of two wastes of space.(Being polite)

From Julie in Rome/Italy
I think that crimes involving children should be handled severely. Hindley and Brady got exactly what they deserved. I just wish that similar crimes these days were treated the way the Hindley Brady case was all those years ago.

From TamvdK in Melbourne, Australia
Good god people... could you poison your lives any more with hate?!! For the people tooo lazy to research, Myra actually drew maps to where Keiths body was, but because of the shifting grounds in moor stability he was never found. She withdrew contact from Brady, sought to better her life and deal with her past ALL the time being heckled by rabid media ****wits. I find it quite bewildering that the british public actually BELIEVE all the tripe written about a woman imprisoned by namby pamby politicians. You should all be ashamed of your vilification and get on with your bloody lives.

From Ariennya Romani in Roseville, USA
I don't know what percentage of prisoners in the UK truly rehabilitate but in the US the estimated number is sadly a mere 15 percent. I've read a lot of news lately about the Moors Murderers but most of it is based on the old outdated Beyond Belief book and whatever the media chooses to print. The British media have certainly dragged this story on for far too long and are biased in their reporting. I can find the original gruesome story retold a million times but almost nothing from the time Hindley actually spent in prison- 36 years. There are those that assert that she never repented, had a lesbian lover in prison, and was just trying desperately to return to the outside world. Yet I find it hard to accept this as 100 percent truth when various police officials, the church, and even a few govt. officials all seem to state that Hindley DID reform and had served her time beyond what "life" meant in 1966. Back then "life" meant 25-30 years. Hindley served! 36. I think they should have released her but were just too scared of the public reaction that would have followed. Anyway, a fair account of Myra Hindley is presented in the book Women Who Kill (2001) by Carol Anne Davis. Anyone wanting an unbiased account should read it.

From Devi Deveraux in Carmichael, Ca. USA Although most people in the UK and abroad find contentment in the almost universal condemnation of Myra Hindley, I think the facts need to be reviewed more carefully. The repeated British media account of the '60s trial along with that single photo of Myra Hindley staring coldly into the camera have been manipulated for decades, solidifying public opinion and turning Hindley into a political prisoner as no Home Secretary could ever dare risk setting her free for fear of political suicide.
Myth: Myra had not rehabilitated in prison and would been a threat to society if released Fact: Once Ian's hold on Myra was destroyed by year 6 in prison Myra improved herself in every way, turned back to her Catholic faith, supported charities for children through an outside source, and at age 60 couldn't/wouldn't harm anyone. I realize that people may lash-out against any defense of Myra Hindley... but c'mon people these crimes were committed in the '60s and the year she died was 2002. If she had truly repented before her death who are we to say that she should rot in hell? And if she didnt, then God is a much better judge than we are and His justice will prevail. I'd also like to point out the inequality in condemning Myra because she was a female serial killer while just accepting Ian as an unrepentant male serial killer. Ian was the Master of the team and Myra the servant. If Myra never met Brady she wouldn't have killed anyone. In fact, her pre-Brady life was filled with caring for children.

From Jo in London
i do feel that myra and brady should both die in prison, as for me life means life, i do on the other hand feel that both brady and hindley were equally responsible and that due to myra being a women who can only be passive and pure, she recieved more media attention that they both deserved. this does not mean however that i condon any of there actions i simply feel that the media particularly the press can not handle a female criminal unless they can turn her into an innnocent victim, and in hindleys case this is impossible, therefore she recieved more press coverage enforcing the personification of evil that she quite rightly recieved, unfortunately just to sensationalised.

From ayesha, birmingham
yes i think she should of been tortured the same way as she treated the children they killed.

From Vicky in Stockport
Scott in Manchester - I agree wholeheartedly - life should mean life without the luxuries. Prisoners a living better then many people who go out to work - 3 square meals a day, education, activities, sports etc, etc. Sounds more like a holiday camp. These poor excuses for human beings whould be made to do hard labour for as long as they are able because the way that prisons are now is no deterrent for anyone.

From Rob Arndt, Sacramento, ca, usa
I completely disagree with the remarks made by Elaine Hines. I too live in the US and support the death penalty enthusiastically. A human being that commits premeditated murder(s) should forfeit their basic rights in society and be put to death immediately. The fact must have escaped Elaine that both Brady and Hindley "enjoyed" seeking out and torturing to death innocent children. Furthermore, they emotionally tortured the families of those children for decades. Both deserved to hang and it is too bad that they missed the death penalty in Britain by mere weeks. Elaine seems to feel that Hindley's sad and wasted life is equal to the deaths of the children. That is a grotesque comparison. Hindley had a life to live and choices to make. The children had their lives cut tragically short which robbed their families of life as well. And this doesn't even compare to the horror of the torture they endured after being lured by Hindley. Hindley certainly didnt like! being incarerated for life, but that isn't the same as being tortured to death. I suggest Elaine buy the book "Beyond Belief" and read every damn page. Lesley Ann Downey begged for mercy. Hindley showed her none. Justice demands no mercy for Hindley. I could care less about the media "stirring things up"; some crimes are so horrific that the public must be reminded of them constantly- lest we forget and pretend evil doesn't exist around us.

From Samantha, Australia
These were not spur of the moment crimes. These were premeditated, cold, torturous murders. Brady and Hindley lost there rights to be free when they carried them out. At least Brady has accepted his fate but Hindley never did. She always said that it was Brady's influence.. NONSENSE!! She died where she should have died and now she is dealing with what all of us have to deal with at the end of our lives...KARMA!

From Norman, West kirby
If we release some people for Murder then we should release them all, regardless of the circumstances. The family of the murdered person feels as much pain as those of the families of the victims of Hindley and Brady. So I say don't release them at all but if we release one then release them all.

From SAV in Middleton
Hindley and brady were evil but we cannot bring these poor children back what ever we do to them. life was what they deserved and life is what they should serve. but if people talk of torture and wanting to do awful things to them they have won because evil begets evil and it just makes us as bad as them.So please less talk of torture and less evil thoughs they are off the streets and cannot hurt any more innocent children. there is a far higher authority than us that they will have to answer too and he will give them a far more terrible punishment they we poor mortals ever could

From sheila in blackpool
more than two children suffered and a nation suffered with them , people had breakdowns after hearing the small girls death tape. rot in hell life should mean life! why does she deserve a proper funeral and scattering when two kids haven't even been granted the privalige because she was sick in the head.

From Elaine Hines in Kansas, U.S.A.
The bloodthirsty "rot in hell" comments here make me very, very sad. I am a citizen of the United States, one of the few remaining nations in the which imposes a death penalty, and I am sincerely opposed to it. I do not believe that the media frenzy whipped up around the issue of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley has helped the families of the deceased children in the least bit. I also do not believe for a minute that every family has maintained the kind of rabid hatred toward Brady & Hindley that the media is the mouthpiece for. Their children, their precious children, are gone forever. No amount of hate can erase that, and would only poison the lives of those bearing the hate. That said, I do not believe Brady & Hindley should ever have been released, no matter how contrite. The Manson Family killers here in the U.S. will never be released, either, and that is as it should be. There are some crimes which are so horrendous and heinous that the person committing them should never draw a free breath again, and society should be protected for the rest of that person's life. However, that is not the same thing as saying such a person should rot in hell, rot in prison, die in pain and agony, etc. A person such as Myra Hindley has lived a sad and wasted life. That is an equal tragedy to the deaths of the children. Think of the potential she could have realized, and contrast that with the way she spent her life. Prison is punishment enough.

From Janet in Hyde
I agree very much with the comments of Iestyn Fleece of London. I have to say I find it hard to "feel hatred" toward Hindley & Brady, but then they did nothing to harm me or mine, and of course that is not to say the victims families whose lives were destroyed will not always have my sincere sympathy. But like others who've written in I also believe in karmic retribution and I think that a "higher divinity" will deal with the perpetrators of such crimes and ensure they receive exactly what they ought to. What is ironic is in Hindley & Brady's day no-one squealed "dimished responsibility" or "history of mental problems" as their defence like they tend to now, so it will be interesting to observe the similarity (or indeed difference) in the sentences handed down should a conviction be obtained in this particular case. Lastly, old cynic that I am - I too am not 100% convinced that Hindley really has died and been cremated. Whilst I'm not suggesting the "body" should have been publicly disposed of, I think some kind of proof should be made available to the families of the victims if they so require it at some future juncture.

From ryan, england
i have been studying myra hindly for a project and i have come to the conclusion that she isnt dead, they faked her death because they know that if she did get out she would be killed like a fox by a flock of hounds, i think she is living in a foran country paid by us the tax payer is this right? does she deserve freedom? if she is still roming this world how long will it be before she is found and slaughted like the bore she is?

From Jimmy in Rochdale
Is she dead, did anybody see her body, why was there a news blackout on the night she was cremated, why was an independant wittness for the families not aloud at the cremation??? I'm of to the bookies to get odds on her reappearing.

From Samantha in Australia
The person that I feel for in all of this is Keith Bennetts mother. I am sorry that Hindley didn't live long enough to put this poor woman out of her misery. I do not believe in the d/p and if she and Brady were hanged years ago, they would never have found Pauline Read. I do not believe that she should have ever been released. Nor do I believe that she ever repented either, as she still totally blamed Brady's influence. I can't understand all the 'rot in hell' statements from children. That makes us no better than people who do these appalling acts. I do however believe in Karma and I wouldn't want to be Myra Hindley now!!!!

From Scott in Manchester
Life should always mean life but not in the lap of luxury that many of Britains prisoners live. Life should mean life in a 4ft x 4ft cell with bread and water and no luxuries ever!! Hindley didn't serve a sentence she lived a life as she would have anyway albeit in the confines of a prison. The parents and families of her victims deserve so much more than that. They do not deserve to be paying to keep her every day!! I have to agree with Karena Dashfield above, Keiths body needs to be found if that is what Winnie wants and I for one would be glad to give up my time. Please feel free to pass on my email address to Karena.

From dave brown in hamilton, ontario
its a shame she died she only served half a life sentance,she sould have still been in there until she was 90.

From kelly bradshaw in oldham
in a way im glad shes dead all she ever wanted was to die out side and she didddnt but she should have been let out because it wouldnt be a secret for long where she was and we could all go around and torture her for a few years

From Becky
we think she deserved everything she got to suffer in prison all that time and now no chance of a life

From J Martin, Manchester
although what myra hindley did was horrendous, i think if life means life then it should apply to everyone who is given life sentences, and not just the likes of myra and ian, many murderers are given life sentences only to be freed some 15-20 yrs later surely this is not a fair system, or is it becuase myra & ians case was well publishied that they were never able to be released.

From Peter Woodier, Manchester
To Janet Mahoney in Australia. Janet, take comfort as Hindley is doing that right now - facing most of the parents and victims. As for the people who have defended her in this forum, it's up to the parents and victims and God to forgive her, not us. Their crimes were done for kicks, and it takes some sort of person to do that kind of thing. What do the supporters say about her leaving some parents in mental agony, not knowing for nearly 25 years?

From Steph.webb, telford
dirty little cow and she should get what she did to them.

From Lou jones, warrington, cheshire
yes she did decide to die in jail.

From Anon, Warrington, Cheshire
yes she should of died in prison with no body else with her, in agony with no pain relief at all.

From Sarah, Manchester
Myra Hindley was a murderer.....fact. She not only deserved to spent the rest of her life in prison, but she also deserved to suffer. I hope the last few breaths she took were painful. Of course life should mean life, especially in cases like this where innocent children have had their chance of life snatched away from them, is there a more deserving punishment?

From Sheila, Stockport
Life should mean and in solitary confinement,and NO favours of any sort. Myra Hindley was rotten to the core. Many people have suffered for all yhe years since she committed those awful atrocities on those poor young children. She was a monster. Life should for life. If that is the sentence that is what it should be.

From Rob Arndt in Sacramento, California, USA
Myra Hindley got off lightly in this world. Just listening to the audio tape of Lesley Ann Downing screaming and crying for God to help her as Hindley participated in her death is enough to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that evil is real in this world. Myra Hindley deserved to be tortured to death. And as for her phony claims of remorse and redemption, I don't believe a word of it. She never disclosed the whereabouts of the missing bodies of the other children, therefore torturing their parents mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for decades. She died scared and alone. Good riddence. I too hope she rots in hell. The only comfort there is in all this tragedy is that all the children are with God and that justice will ultimately prevail against both Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.

From janet mahony in australia
Myra should have been made to face all the families that suffered due to her crimes. The ones that suffered never got to appeal.....

From Nigel in Aylesbury
I firmily believe that life should mean life. After all, what she did was utterly unforgvable.

From Karena Dashfield in Bo'ness, Scotland
I agree life should mean life but we also have to take into account that Myra Hindley was not given a life sentence at her original trial and it's the media that has kept her in prison so long. I'm not so sure that this is a healthy situation. I entered into similar discussions via a message board on AOL, the mood there was much as you would expect....however I made a suggestion that maybe some of us could volunteer to meet next summer on Saddleworth moors and make an attempt to find Keith. Hopefully it would drum up enough media coverage and persude the police to aid us in finding his remains. I've had quite a lot of interest in the project but without Winnie Johnson permission this will not go ahead.......does anyone know her whereabouts or how to contact her? Maybe, just maybe...this might be the time to find him before it's too late for Winnie to get peace of mind!
Ed: If you want to contact Karena, we will pass on your details. E-mail now

From Sasha, Scotland
myra is dead, life did mean life in her case and that's no bad thing. How anyone can say she felt any remorse is beyond me.. if she had then there would not still be a family unable to hold a proper funeral for their child, she would have revealed the final body's whereabouts. The media did not lead to myra being locked up for over 30 years, she did that herself by joining brady in committing those terrible crimes. The human right's brigade and the christian's in our society need to open their eyes, murder is unforgivable and life should always mean life.

From Megan in Northern Ireland

From Ian S in Blackburn
I agree with DCDIbb. Whilst there is no forgiveness for what she did, Myra Hindley was kep in prison because the media decided that it was a juicy story, and they could whip up the mass hysteria seen in many of the comments below. I dont care, if she had to spend her life in Jail, but I do mind that our legal system is quite clearly controlled by the media, rather than fair moral values applied to all equally. There are plenty of cases of mass murder which do not get the same degree of publicity and therefore the same level of public vilification. It is not a question of whether it was right to lock someone up until they die ... the question is ..... is it right that through public hysteria, only some people are ?

From Peta Lee in South Africa
Living in a country where baby rapists and child killers are seldom apprehended let alone tried and incarcerated, I'm more inclined than ever to believe that execution or real life sentences should be levied on such monsters. Hindley should never have been allowed to be released, and let's hope she died painfully - although, sadly, she wouldn't have suffered half as much as her victims . . .

From AMRIT in hayes
i think she deservd it SERVES HER RIGHT!!!!!

From Joey
YES!!!!!!!!! it is right to lock her up that long for what she did she didnt deseave to die she should should have suffered in jail longer. parents of those children will never see their children again 1 child was never found. i think it was right to keep her jail if they cant see the light of day again and live their life then neither should she!!!

From Samantha in Manchester
i'm glad she is dead i hope brady dies verys soon too!!!!!!

From Trueman Myaka in South Africa

From DCDibb in USA
As a citizen of one of the few countries in the world still barbarous enough to employ the death penalty, I was a little disturbed by the quantity of rabid "rot in hell" vituperation you Brits revealed. I side with James Sherriffs above -- curtain drawn. I half suspect that people are upset in part because Myra Hindley is dead, and she has left them nothing which with to pump the ol' adrenaline aside from force-feeding Ian Brady. They were both pathetic aberrations from a long time ago. Brady is clearly sane, and wants to die. Why can't the British just let them both die?

From Maryon Jeane in Minster Lovell, Witney, Oxon
Myra Hindley should not have been imprisoned for life. This has led to the obscene situation where the relatives of the children she abused and killed have paid for her to live - and to live better than many other people. Her degree was funded by her victims (for the killing of someone makes not only that person a victim, but also all those who loved and cared for that person), her forty-a-day cigarette habit, her lesbian affairs - everything has been funded by her victims - and by people such as myself who believe she forfeited her right to live by her killing spree. Is it right that, in a so-called democracy where the majority of people believe that capital punishment should be part of the judicial system, capital punishment is not an option and this majority of people, together with victims' relatives, should support people so evil that they are completely aberrant and can never be worthwhile members of our human society?

From diane omahony in worcester, worcs
my first thoughts when i heard she had died was "fantastic" she is in hell were she belongs! i feel that anyone who takes the life of a child should rot in jail till they die. there is no excuse to take the life of an innocent!! and life should definitely mean life where the murder of children are concerned. my thoughts go out to the parents of all murdered children. especially where their final resting place has never been found as in the case of keith bennet. his poor mother should be told.

From Wodjah in Old Trafford
A great number of us have to pay through the nose to get through our lives,why should we have to continue paying for nasties to have a free ride,they get free protection whilst they're banged up;free medical care,heating,and shelter - they don't have to suffer the indignities of living at the whims of a squandering local authority.A bit of Saddam's Law might go down well over here.

From Shez, Kent
I think Myra Hindley deserved to die, she took five lives away, it is only fair that hers gets taken away to. She deserves to rot in hell.

From Sam, Portsmouth
Life means life in my book why should she be let go once a killer always a killer I cant believe people were even thinking of letting her free that kind of rubbish is what we need of the streets.

From Dave Grant, M28
She is dead.

From dfyfe, Scotland
Myra Hindley was sorry for her horrible crimes and sought forgiveness from God. If she was sincere, Hindlay will not 'rot in Hell' - according to Christian teachings. Christians are taught to forgive and there's no room for hatred in Christianity. Anyone claiming to be Christian cannot therefore argue that Hindley should have been killed. Anyone with a notion for fairness in the justice system cannot argue that keeping her in prison for so long was fair, not unless ALL child killers are NEVER freed.

From Ernest in UAE
Is Hindley really dead? Check out the facts. Only 4 pall bearers. They easily lifted the coffin. With the new bill due in 2003 from europe, concerning life imprisonment, her release would have caused major embarassment, and ensuing public outcry. Pneumonia is easily and quickly diagnosed and treatable with antibiotics. for a 60 year old, it would be quite unusual for death to result. Pneumonia is however written on a death certificate to cover a multitude of sins. Conspiracy theory or not? Educate me to the contrary, please. Watch this space, since the life sentence laws will change as of new european law which will come into play early 2003. An avoidance of embarassment? Her funeral arrangements were hidden, no public attendance, apparently for fear of reporisals - or was there another reason? If she is still out there, the public would have no way of knowing. Scarey?

From Mrs S Hands, warwickshire
I believe that for the sake of the victims families, life should mean exactly that.

From John Bowles, New Rochelle, New York, USA
I believe that there should be several "life" tariffs depending upon the nature of the homicide committed, ie, as is applied here in the US. Certain degrees of homicide will bring a " Life without parole" sentence, and others will bring a lesser sentence ie, "Fifteen years to life" etc. The first number of years must be served before the inmate is considered for parole. As to Hindley and Brady, but for a few short months, both of these monsters would have had an appointment with H M Chief Executioner Mr Albert Pierpoint at Manchesters HMP Strangeways.

From claire howard, newcastle,tyne & wear
I think life should mean life, as long as it is uniform in all courts and for all people regardless or background

From christina nuri, Macclesfield, England
In this case it should have meant life... in fact if there had beenany justise she would have executed for this horrendous crime.
From Thomas, Bristol
She should have been hung in the first place. But since she wasn't life should mean life, else why call it that? Call 20 years or 10 years what it is, don't pretend to be giving someone a harsh sentence and then let them out the next day. Why do you think noone is afraid of jail anymore? Because they know it's a joke and they'll be out within have their sentence.
From Alex Young, Riddlesden, Keighley, England
I think that myra Hindley should have been tortured, hanged and left to rot in hell. for a woman of her wickidness and sickness, even hell would be a pleasure.

From Mr T Mather, Burnley
The victims should decide if and when the likes of Hindley and Brady should be released.

From acc

From bandicoot, coconada
I dont think so, its a good question; They can be let out and instead they can do social service or some kind of work which can keep there mental health fine.

From Robert Luka, Des Moines, USA
Life should mean life. Whoever came up with the idea that live actually means 5 or 10 years in prison - that's "5 to 10 years"... quite different from what I expect when I hear someone has been given a "life" sentence!

From Viqi in Manchester
she should have been thrown into a grave and left to rot like her victims did!!!!!

From Polly in Birmingham
Now Myra Hindley Has gone, lets try & move on. She was no doubt an evil person. But thank goodness, she died where she should have died. Incarcerated, where she could hurt no-one alse.I remember The trial so well. But she must be a part of history.Lets remember her victims,may they rest in peace. Forget Myra Hindley, she is not important to anyone.

From D Fyfe in Clydebank
Myra Hindley was sorry for her horrible crimes and sought forgiveness from God. If she was sincere, Hindlay will not 'rot in Hell' - according to Christian teachings. Christians are taught to forgive and there's no room for hatred in Christianity. Anyone claiming to be Christian cannot therefore argue that Hindley should have been killed. Anyone with a notion for fairness in the justice system cannot argue that keeping her in prison for so long was fair, not unless ALL child killers are NEVER freed.

From Trev in Birmingham
Everyone is forgetting what the aim of imprisonment is. Prisons are designed for rehabilitation. When a person shows that they have rehabilitated and are genuinely sorry for what they have done they surelly they should released. There is no question that the crime she commited was horrific but there are many other killers that are released who have done the same. Because she has been in the paper and portrayed as "evil" she has not been released. If one rehabilitated person should not be released then the same rules should apply to everyone, so that life is life!

From jess in Terrell, Texas
Whatever is the world coming to? Myra Hindley and Ian Brady set out to torture and kill innocent children. They escaped the death penatly but deserved to spend their natural lives in prison. I do not advocate the death penalty but I do believe that creatures like Brady and Hindley, because of their horrendous crimes, should never be freed to walk the streets of Britain. Think about the anguish of the parents and families of those children that they tortured and killed......they are also serving a life sentence.....think about poor Winnie Johnson who will never be able to have closure because the remains of her son Keith Bennet are forever lost on the moors. Hindley was her only hope of laying her son to rest and she has been deprived of that hope. My thoughts are with Winnie now......Hindley has gone and it will not be long until Brady follows her.....let a Higher Power decide their ulimate fate.

From Iestyn Fleece, London
While Brady's and Hindley's crimes are indescribably gruesome, and nobody can imagine what their victims' families have lived with, the amount of hatred being spewed out in these messages depresses me; as does the tabloid-like nonsense and weak English of some of the contributors, particularly in some so young. A good friend of mine's sister was murdered by Fred and Rosemary West, and she has strived to understand and not to hate. She has been a great role-model to me. What is the point of adding even more hatred to the world by allowing oneself to remain angry and revengeful? In this post-Sept 11th period, why can people not see that they have it within their own power not to spread even more hatred than is already out there?

From Sara in Derby
I am a 15 year old girl, and after hearing so much about Myra Hindley and Ian Brady and the moors murders, i am shocked. I am glad that she is dead because she deserved it and she will rot in hell.

From Heidi Cherrill in Derby
I am 14 years old and was not born when her and Ian Brady killed the 5 children. Myra Hinley should have been killed. she should have been hanged and chopped up when she was alive in public. I want to know why her and Ian Brady killed them children them children will rest in peace but Myra Hinley will rot in Hell.

From Bob Seddon in Herts
When you consider the average time spent in prison for the killer of one person, times that by four, then the time spent by Hindley, behind bars, is relatively low. Exactly how much did it cost to us all to house her over this period of time? She certainly could not have been released; there would have been too many suspects to investigate for her predicted premature death, hence, not worth the effort by police....hang on a minute...

From Mark in Herts
No, it should not. We shoud have faith in the concept, real in many cases, of rehabilitation, and faith n the power and spirit of the individual to change the course of their life for the better. We should also, as a society, not accept the opinion of the tabloid press as readily as we do - we're becoming a nation of non-thinkers, wholly reliant upon publications like the Sun to make our minds up for us. People can change, even people like Myra Hindley. It is a great shame she was never given the opportunity to demonstrate her rehabilitaion as a free person.

From James Sherriffs in London
The moment Myra Hindley died - Jackie the Ripper was born - now a new ghoul can join the slim pantheon of genuinely bankable ghouls - look out for the films, the books, the wigs and the merchandising that prove 'our disgust' at what she did. Should life mean life? In Myra's case, her sad and pathetic life will go on for ever producing millions of pounds for the corporates and their 'murder managers'. lt was they who created her - made her a brand - now, due to the investment they want payback! Annually Jack the Ripper rakes in over £10 million worldwide. Now Jackie the Ripper is poised to do the same - So, let's forget the crime and think of the dime! Great isn't it when the imperfect impacts on the immature to the tune of £millions? In short, big business wishes great monsters upon us, conveniently forgetting that these great monsters aren't monsters at all - they're just inadequate people committing heinious acts of savagery against individuals who deserve more than the compassion of sniggerrati! Myra Hindley died agonisingly with her crimes on her conscience - her little victims died in pain. Surely thats's enough - curtain drawn - justice done - move on. No chance!

From Peter Woodier in Manchester
I lived in the same vicinity as Myra Hindley, in Gorton at the time of the earlier killings. I was too young at the time to know what was going on, and I have been all too familiar with the appalling details since. It's impossible to even begin to think how you can get pleasure from torturing and killing. But it is many times worse when innocent children are involved. Remember, Hindley only confessed to the murders of Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett, after subjecting their parents to mental torture for almost 25 years. Joan Reade and Winnie Johnson could only guess what had happened to their children, and both Hindley (and Brady) were content to leave it like that, until it suited to finally admit these crimes. I'm sure Hindley is now face to face with all her victims, and with most of their parents who have sadly passed away after leading their shattered lives. I'm sure not many people in Gorton will ever forgive either of this pair, nor shed tears about their deaths.

From Steve Coleman in Cardiff
She never expressed regret or sorrow for what she did. How much money has been wasted on keeping both her and the evil Ian Brady alive? Life inprisonment shows that the world is better off and safer without an individual therfore when they commited the terrible crimes they forfeit thier human rights and should be removed for the planet in the cheapest and quickest way. People like Brady and Hindley have no right to be alive. It is sickening to think they took the lives of the young and innocent but have been allowed finish thier own lives with relative ease. The only comfort we can draw is that when Brady joins his evil partner, they both will hopefully burn in hell forever.

From jade mitchell in Manchester
what they did was disgusting i am only 14 and was not alive then iam so sorry to the parents of those 5 children thet shall rest in peace but myra will root in hell!

From Alan Gent in Cheadle
I think it should in this case, whether coming from the area, I'm biased, I'm not sure. However, I think her dreams of release and a life outside were just that. Too many people from Hyde and Gorton were too keen to see her dead and unlike killers of today she was too easily recognised.

From Fiona in Scotland
Myra Hindley was an evil woman who, when in prison pretended that she was a reformed character, saw the light as it were. I cannot believe that such a blackened hearted woman could ever change, she was trying to trick people in order to be freed. If she released I think she would have been lynched at the Prison gates. Life should mean life and I strongly beleive that our justice system is very leniant and if it were to be toughened up I very much doubt there would be so many reoffenders!

From Dr. A. J. West in Auckland. N.Z.
I think execution was warranted. Next best; rigorous imprisonment for life in such cases of paedophile murder.

From Sarah Kidd in Sydney, Australia
For her own safety and for the peace of mind of the nation, Myra Hindley had to spend her life in prison. If she had been released, in all likelihood, she would have been killed within hours anyway. The scars still run very deep.

From Anne in Toronto, Canada
I'm not sorry she's gone. Justice was served when she died in prison. I believe that most who commit murder should get life and a life sentence should mean life behind bars. Thank God she never got out.

From Lottie in Manchester
It was right to spend her life in prison but it's awful that she died in peace while her and Brady's victims died in agony

From Steve Edwards in Burntwood
Much credence has been given to Myra for her repentence & remorse, both of these citations (including herself) have been used to press for her release. If, as a noramal human being, one was to confess to the crimes that she has commited (although I am sure that this is a contradiction of terms) or wake from some evil slumber to acknowledege what had transpired, the very last thing one would request of ones own society is forgiveness or absolution. The very fact that she has felt comfortable enough to contemplate release is in my (a normal human being) view evidence of denial & lack of proper understanding of the very evilness of her crimes. Thus further evidnece of her evil is displayed in her quest for freedom which was rightly denied.

From Mr D Johnson in Salford
For the crimes committed by Hindley and Brady, no Idon't think they should be released. I also think a life sentence for really serious crimes should mean life
From Angela Platt in Manchester
I can't believe what some people have written about Myra Hindley - to the person from Melbourne, Australia; maybe should should go out and see if you can buy a life cut price! Myra Hindley deliberately and with malice aforethought trawled the streets to find victims for both herself and her boyfriend of the time, Ian Brady. I worked at Greater Manchester Police and just before I started there Chief Superintendant Peter Topping started his enquiries once more to find the other children buried up on Saddleworth Moor - again Melly if you ain't been up there don't comment on it; it's bleak and heartless - rather like Hindley and Brady. Myra Hindley didn't care whether the bodies were found or not; all she wanted was to be set free - and to all those who keep saying she returned to God, remember only God will ever truly know whether or not that was the case! I hope that there are 20,000 hells and both Hindley and Brady will have to spend an eternity in each of them. Rot in hell.
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