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24 September 2014

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Wednesday 6 November 2002
'Sound' Mancunian words wanted
Ave it
"Ave it!": what a jolly good idea
Ever wanted to get a really 'sound' Manc word or phrase in the dictionary? Well, don't get your 'trolleys' in a twist - here's your chance.

Send in your Manc words now
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Manc words


Dictionary of Slang
Harper Collins

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The Collins English Dictionary is looking for dialect words from Manchester to include in its latest edition as part of a regional campaign to keep local language alive.

What a bazzin' book!
Andrew Holmes, a lexicographer from Harper Collins, says: "Obviously we do have lots of dialect words but they tend to be from the past, like keks, nowt, and owt".

"So what we're looking for are ones that have been coined more recently or ones that are more obscure."

We've had already loads of sound suggestions. So, if you want to know what bingowings or cludgy mean.. then see more Manc words >>>

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From The Big Manc in Salford
Ragged - as in 'it is ragged', being of not good order. Wing-Nut - a person of dubious intent/inteligence.
Angin - as in 'she/he is angin', being of not sound looks, should be hanged (Hanging).
Buzzin - Being in a state of high spirits.
Aye - Excuse me sir!
Chip - to leave your current location, 'gotta chip, its my bath time...'

From L in Prestwich, Manchester
Down my/our end-The area in which you live.
Raz!!!-somethings good/great
Buzzin-something good is gonna happen eg. it'll be a buzz, or someone who is excited eg. he woz buzzin over it. In A Bit-Bye Bad-Good looking, usually describing a girl go on a mooch-go on a really long walk around the streets for no particular reason.
go on a trek/mission-go on a really long walk for a reason eg. 'lets go to the park'...'Nah,it's a trek from ere!'

From Dave in Manchester
yoghurt(s): - someone with a rather confused outlook on life; someone who's view is opposed to your own; a group of people with whom you have nothing in common and who's actions you find mildly amusing.

From craig in england
aright our kid are you sorted?

From tim in didsbury
bob on- meaning that's correct
bob off - to depart

From Jez in Sydney, Australia
A few more of the many great words and sayings to come out of Manchester:
"Fir coat n' no knickers" - ie not got much but think they have.
"Blinder" - as in to do very well. "Get yer mad up" - become angry.
"Dead" or "Well" - prefix of good, hard, soft, drunk etc. M
anchester = "Town" as goin' to Town.
"Skennin lika a whelk" - not seeing all that well. "Tutty" - lipstick/make-up in general.

From Milla Urbana in Bury, Manchester
'ere are yo - hello

From John Baxendale in Manchester
pure: lots of 'eads: people, from Heads (usually; "pure 'eads") cabbaged: as in; "me heads cabbaged", I'm confused/strung out etc Chip Muffin: A chip "Barm" as the rest of the planet seems to call it!

From Rob in Salford
do one-go away turn it in-stop it caned or done in or hammered or of the dials=had enough drugs moochin-getting about keeping dog-lookout treating-sortin someone for a favour given nailed,drilled,tatters deep all mean sexual intercourse. chucking a sausage up market street=sex with lady who has plenty of experience

From Sumaira in Rusholme
half dese words i aint herd ov! well 1 u defo 4got 2 mention was SAFE- meaning ok EZZE- hi how r ya CHILLIN?-r u ok? BUM TINGZ- sexy guy/gyal FIRIN- sexy guy/gyal MINT- gorjus and u can not 4get INNIT! -is it not i use it alot! YARD- house! BOXED OFF- got a gyal or guys digits DIGITS- number SPARZ- mates IN A BIT- bye

This message board is now closed.

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