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13 November 2014

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You are in: Manchester > Introducing > Bands > Introducing… Everything Everything

Everything Everything

Everything Everything

Introducing… Everything Everything

Hailing from Newcastle and Kent but congregating in Manchester, Everything Everything make "unconventional pop at its bravest and best", inspired by everyone from R Kelly to Ezra Pound.

What we think:

"Everything Everything are not, as you might think, an Underworld tribute act – instead they are a pulsating, genre-defying beauty, filled with inventive, erudite twists and unexpected, thrilling turns. As capable as filling a dancefloor as they are of sparking a thought, they're the sort of band that many an act will forever dream of being. Deeply exciting stuff."

Chris Long

Who’s in the band?

"Everything Everything are Mike on drums, Jonathan on vocals, guitar and laptop, Jeremy on bass and backing vocals, and Alex on guitar and backing vocals."

What type of music do we play?

"Everything Everything produce unconventional pop at its bravest and best. They constantly challenge the formula of the great pop song, with off-kilter time signatures, complex structures and adventurous lyrics.

"The results are neither alienating nor intimidating – their melodic sensibilities override the details and complexities, resulting in rich, intelligent and multi-dimensional pop songs to feed the brain and make your feet move."

What’s the Everything Everything story?

"The band hail largely from Newcastle and the surrounding area, partially from Kent, and congregated in Manchester just over a year ago, having played together in various formations since their schooldays.

"The band grew out of a shared desire to create forward-thinking, diverse music that transforms and reshapes a wide array of disparate influences - Beatles, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Steve Reich, Ezra Pound, The Smiths - turning such reference points upside-down and inside-out rather than merely pastiching them, continually challenging convention and cliché with intelligence, melody and wit."

How are things going?

"The band recently signed for XL Recordings imprint Salvia, after building a name for themselves both in Manchester and beyond.

"The debut single, 'Suffragette Suffragette', is out on Monday 24 November and is a song that will burrow under your skin and into your brain to become a permanent fixture. It is a tightly-wound, bouncing ball of a track – all frenetic energy and dramatic highs and lows.

"Everything Everything will tour the UK this December."

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You are in: Manchester > Introducing > Bands > Introducing… Everything Everything

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