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13 November 2014

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Congestion Charge

You are in: Manchester > Travel > Congestion Charge > The Congestion Question

The Congestion Question

It’s been the most hotly debated issue in years. But if a congestion charge is introduced across Greater Manchester, alongside significant investment in the region's public transport network, how would it affect your travel plans?

congestion question map for Greater Manchester

Map: how it's taking shape

After months of public consultation, the principles of a proposed congestion charge for Greater Manchester are now well understood: £2.8 billion to improve public transport on condition that motorists pay to drive in and out of the city at peak times.

The whole issue will be decided by public referendum to be held in early December 2008. With strong views on both sides, opinions vary on whether it’s a good thing for the region or not.

Interactive map

Now, experts from National Centre for e-Social Science at the University of Manchester have created an interactive map, which will colour a map of the region and the wider North West according to how you respond.

Congestion Charge (weekdays only)

7 – 9.30am, Morning peak inbound:
£2 to cross Outer Ring, £1 to cross Inner Ring

4 – 6.30pm, Evening peak outbound:
£1 to cross Inner Ring, £1 to cross Outer Ring

By selecting one of five options, you will be able to say how you believe a congestion charge would affect your future travel plans.

Ultimately, we hope to build a congestion charge ‘mood map’ of the region which will reveal the range of opinions in different parts of Greater Manchester and beyond.

Only people in Greater Manchester will get a vote in the official referendum. However,  this map also gives commuters from Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire the chance to say how the charge might affect them.

How to take part

Just follow the 'The congestion question’ link above to the MapTube website and fill in your details.

You can choose from five options and will be asked for your postcode - that's it. It should take less than a minute to complete and the map is updated every 24 hours.

You WILL NOT be asked for any other personal information and what you do submit will NOT be used for any other purpose.

NB. This is NOT a scientific survey or poll and is not connected in any way to the official referendum process

last updated: 11/12/2008 at 11:16
created: 13/10/2008

You are in: Manchester > Travel > Congestion Charge > The Congestion Question

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