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27 November 2014

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Man United fans at Old Trafford [Getty Images]

Fans can't wait for the homecoming

United parade on hold

United are the 2008 Champions of Europe and now the red half of Manchester is desperate to welcome them home. But if you were hoping to party like it was 1999, then you're going to have wait until later this summer. What do you say?

Some say it was fate. Fifty years since Munich and the Reds picked up their third European Cup in Moscow after a dramatic penalty shoot-out with Chelsea.

1999: Manchester United in open top bus

1999: United's treble-winning parade

Back in 1999, tens of thousands of fans lined the streets of Manchester to cheer United's treble-winning team home after their heart-stopping win in Barcelona.

But now United fans, desperate to see their conquering heroes with the 2008 Champions League and Premier League trophies, have been told they will have to wait.

Violent scenes involving Rangers fans in Mancheste for the UEFA Cup Final have forced a re-think of United’s homecoming parade plans.

Club officials and representatives from Manchester and Trafford councils have met police and taken the decision to postpone any event until later in the summer.

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When is the right time for Manchester paint the town red? Is it right to let the dust settle after the Rangers invasion? Or are United fans being punished unfairly in their home city?

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created: 22/05/2008

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Miles, Chorlton
I thought that the whole point of a victory parade was that anyone can stand by the side of the road and cheer/wave/sing or shout as thei conquering heroes go by. Why do officials want everything to be done in an enclosed, ticket-only, select few environment? They do that every weekend and make a killing.....Give the fans a parade

Shirley Brown
If the polica and LA are worried about safety why not just parade the cup without ending up at Albert Square? From experience (1999), most fans will go home once the bus has passed. I think it's shameful not to honour the team's achievement in the immediate aftermath of the match - what message does this send out - success doesn't count! GMP and the LA should hang their heads in shame for their lack of faith and planning skills!

john salford
life long united fan was at the last parade when we won the treble no problems at all so y not have the parade now and let the fans show the team how much we are gratefull for them winning the european and premiership trophys aving it in the summer is to late and if they have it at old trafford only 75.000 can see it wonder if man city had won this there woulkd be a parade not likely to happen to city though the police are out of order just because few rangers fans spoiled a good day for most part

Rich Gilbert
What next ? Re-arrange christmas to the summer when it's a bit warmer. United should just get on a bus anyway down the A56 and if the police want to turn up they can. Failing that why not hold it in Glasgow ?

Why can't a parade take place over the Bank Hol weekend? The champions of both Europe and England deserve a parade as do the fans of the club. Portsmouth managed to police a quarter of a million people ok and all was going well with the Rangers fans until the screen went down. As public servants the police are here to serve the community not to rule them

I'm actually an Evertonian, but think it's digusting that there will be no parade. The people of Manchester have the right to applaud Utd's fantastic achievement. There are many differences between this and the Rangers situation.. a) United won b) It will happen during the day so won't be fuelled by drink c) people generally don't mess in their own back yard.Come on City Council, get your act together - and quickly.

Ian Nixon
This is a disgrace. The team have put Manchester, once again, on the world map and the city council and police wont allow a parade on safety grounds. Would London, Liverpool, or Madrid take such a stance. The rest of the country is laughing at us. Shame on the council and police. Give us a parade this weekend.

This is a disgrace, why should we, the people of Manchester be punished for Rangers behaviour. It is a bank holiday weekend and the perfect opportunity for a parade. The parade in 1999 was an amazing event and Manchester deserve to do it again. Im disgusted and dissapointed, how can this be taken away from us? Surely the city council can't just ignore the fact that everyone else knows they're making the wrong decision! August is too late most of the players will be away and the magic buzz will be lost!

Al Green
are we also going to cancel eid celebrations which is trouble every year??? NO are we going to cancel the Gay Parade which many people do not approve of?? NO both are against Health and Safety yet you will discriminate against MUFC fans who in the past have never caused any problems during the trophy celebrations!!!! Shame on you MCC and GMP for being postively discrimate!!!!

The City Council have got it wrong here, definitely!The general public of Manchester will not wreck their own city like Rangers fans did a week ago!A bit of common sense,a quickly planned route, paramedics and police on standby and that should be sufficient for any problems to be eradicated.A parade SHOULD have been planned in advance.Yet again the indoctrination of local government prevails.A chance for a celebration befitting for such an occasion goes begging...STUPID STUPID STUPID

The Police statement that the MU parade will not take place in the aftermath of the Rangers debacle is an admission that Manchester City Council could not organise the proverbial party in a brewery. The whole episode last Wednesday was fueled by the City Council's niaivity and failure to lay on satisfactory back-up plans in the event of a failure of any of the screens. Presumably, GMP will also cancel the upcoming Pride parade for the same reason?!

Cath Smith
The parade should be this w/end, Monday would be a good day. To compare this with last weeks debacle is ridiculous. There is only going to be one set of fans, no rival factions causing trouble. The match has already been won, so it's just celebrating that. There was no trouble when we won the Treble and why should Manchester Utd fans be punished for something that was nothing to do with them!!!

Andrew Moore
Police say that the parade must be safe for everyone - and they quote the dangers of crowd crushes in the 1999 celebrations. Hello? 1999? If they haven't sorted out these safety issues some time in the last 9 years, what makes them think they can do it in the next few months? No, they're ego is bruised after a pathetic attempt at crowd/yob control last week.

As i understand it, each party is hiding behind the other. United and GMP say it was a mutual decision but no-one wants to accept responsibility and the council say they are happy for a parade to go ahead. If I was more of a synic I'd say this was a money making scheme by United to charge for seeing the cups in the stadium alone. The whole thing stinks, when my son and I went to the stadium last night it was a true party atmosphere and there was no fear of violence or a crush yet thousands of people turned up, most 'fuelled' with drink and boisterous yet there was absolutely no problems. If the club really wanted a parade for the fans that made them what they are, they would make sure we were rewarded with a parade.

Robert Poole
An absolute disgrace. If the police and council had not allowed the rangers fans to drink allday and to drink on the streets most of the problems would not have occured. As usual the people are made to suffer by the stupidity of those people we employ to look after are interest.

Sandra Smith
Obviously "Manchester"Council can't make any money out of a victory parade that's the only reason there isn't one. Safety? Was walking over thousands of glass bottles that could be used as weapons safe last week when Rangers visited?

I am extremely disappointed that we, Man U fans, are being penalised for the drunken behaviour of Scottish football "fans".There has not been trouble before (I was there in 1999 amongst other occasions) and we are hardly going to wreck our home city and let our team down. We have 2 season tickets in the family and couldn't afford to go to Moscow so it's unfair we can't welcome our heroes home.

John, Swinton
Why can the authorities (police & council)not use common-sense and discretion and allow a victory parade for our magnificent football team and the people of the Manchester to celebrate.Whilst I am sure everybody was horrified and disgusted at the events surrounding the visit of Rangers and their so-called supporters and would not want a repetition of those scenes, it is highly unlikely that there would be the same for a victory parade in our home town. We and evry other town/team in the country have always had them with little or no problem for decades. Why should one incident by drunken, yobs and hooligans spoil it for us.We're supposed to be an international, vibrant metropolis that works hard and knows how to celebrate. Let us show the world how to party.And we don't even need large TV screens, that probably break down anyway.By the way, did the council get a TV licence for all those big screens?

tony morris
what a sad council,i work with scousers.liverpool love their team,and pride oozes from everone of them.from ashamed manc

paul newton heath
total disgrace not letting manchester united have victory parade, tipical m/cr council moved mountains last week for russian and scotish visitors then dump on your own the week after . remember its us manchester people who have a vote .

In 1999 we traveled to Manchester on the train from Warrington with our two lads age 5 and 9 it was a fantastic day, no trouble whats so ever I cannot beleive that the council can even concider not holding an event ASAP! The citizens of manchester and MUFC fans are being denied a chance to celebrate manchesters biggest acheivement. Come on Manchester sort it out!

It is absolutelt ridiculous!! The euphoria and atmosphere will not be the same in the summer it should be this weekend when the fans and players are still in the element of the win. Just because of the problems with the fans of last week all the united fans have to suffer! Its unfair on the players and unfair on the fans. This summer see's the Olympics and European Championships the United Parade will not be the same!!! It's outrageous.

steve acreman
It is a total disgrace that our police and councillors are not sorting this out. We pay their wages, they would do well to remember that. What does it say about Manchester as a 21st century city. Do we live in a city where big brother bans any public events on 'safety grounds'. Would Liverpool do the same thing? We are a laughing stock.

Peter (Liverpool)
Liverpool have won the cup 5 times and had 5 parades to celebrate, all without trouble! I think Manchester should try and keep up :-)Its wrong for Manchester fans to be punished because of the actions of others in their City.Come on Manchester!

Why is it up to GMP? They are public SERVANTS and should do what we pay them to do - police events. Holding an event in the summer is a complete waste of time.

Please do it this weekend, before it's too late! We're so high now.

last week a lot of local people who visit city centre manchester were inconvenience by the rangers fans, particularly when it turned violent, why encourage them to manchester, but when the local team does well, and want a parade through the city, they are told it can't be done, due to some mindless yobs that live in glasgow.

Tony 'it's an outrage' Harrison
Manchester City Council and Richard Leese have scored another own goal. The draft version of the Manchester City Centre Strategic Plan talks about promoting civic pride and social cohesion. All talk and no action as usual from an inept Council. A FREE city centre parade for United (or indeed City if they ever win anything) should be made a civic right. It's ridiculous that humble supporters and Mancuniancs have to petition the Council. What a load of spineless people we have in charge. They welcome drunken 'visitors' to urinate in our wonderful city centre but refuse to allow law-abiding Mancunians to celebrate a European Cup. Is the council run by Scousers or what? Congratulations Mr Leese on socially excluding the citizens you represent and spending our money on hosting clubs from other countires. Nice one Dick, I hope you're full of civic pride.

based on the conduct of fans from scotland, you expect Man Utd fans to behave in the same way.shame on the police are claiming more money.It will not happen.

R Gyle
Ah well it will give all the "loyal" Manchester United supporters who have never so much been within a mile of Old Trafford a chance to make travel arrangements and book time off work!

Caren Brown
I think it is very unfair to postpone the victory parade. The team and their supporters deserve the parade and just because of last week's madness us Mancunian's have to suffer.

Paul, Salford
Typical of any UK authority closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. I don't seem to recall any trouble in 1999.

Daz from Manchester
Rangers and Zenit come to Manchester get a big screen get everything... Manchester United are from Manchester why are we Gonna destroy are own town! We should be able to celebrate our success in out own town!

Brian Gray
Although not particularly football mad (I prefer rugby!), I and many of my fellow Scots were ashamed at the actions of a minority of so called 'fans' who caused so much trouble and upset days ago. It really has, pardon the pun 'rained on the parade' when if ever there WAS a reason for a welcoming parade this is it. I feel sorry for the fans and people of the city who should be allowed to celebrate. And I'm sure the team feel the same way - in short the people can;t be blamed for feeling aggrieved. Hopefully some solution can be arrived at which pleases everyone concerned.

It is absolutely outrageous. Worse - I have never heard anything so PATHETIC in my life. It is simply NOT acceptable to punish Manchester (and the players) because of another city's so-called fans

Mark Mellor
We can't allow a bunch of yobs from Glasgow to spoil the celebrations of Man Utd's amazing achievements this season.

Of course a ManU parade should happen, and as soon as possible - dont let a bunch of visiting egits take it away from the true supporters.... leaving it till summer will only attract more prawn sandwiches.

joy hardman
Of course Manchester should celebrate now ! people are crying out to celebrate end be proud of what a Manchester team has achieved.Why dumb it down by delaying ! Let the city show their pride now not later.

mr steven godfrey
so the city of manchester cant welcome home there hero's. how sad that our boys in red played so hard to win the double for there fans, and what do manchester counsel do ? yep turn there backs on the best team in europe. but oh yes, we can have a home coming in summer when all the excitment of them winning the cups have die down, hmmm ..... come on manchester counsel!! let us welcome the boys home NOW !!!!

MCC / GMP are making fools of themselves. The team are back tonight: the whole city is on a high right now, and by the end of summer this acheivement will be forgotten (remember: we have the Euro Championships and the Olympics to get through). What is the real reason? Blown the years budget already maybe? We pay our taxes so that you, the MCC and GMP, can work for us, not dictate us.Shocked and disappointed by all of this.

I am a United fan in London. It's disgusting to hear that the parade has been cancelled just because of some foolish fans from Rangers created trouble. Those guys in the council must be sick. Its an insult to both Man Utd and Man City fans who rose up to the ocasion and stood as one city during the Derby at United. It shows the inefficiency of the coucil and the police that the parade is being put off. Glory Glory Glory Man Utd

Phil Disley in Bolton
Are we living in a Police State? Why no Parade for ManU. I am not even a fan but totally disagree with the Police. They are here to serve the Community not to rule it. The few thugs who ruined the UEFA Cup should not spoil it for the majority of the public.The police in Manchester probably arrest as many people on a normal Weekend for public order offences.Let the majority celebrate, and lock up the thugs.

we are the pride of manchester,so get your fingers out city council and listen to what the people of manchester are asking. let the parade go ahead and be proud with the rest of use.or has it slippedyour minds that we are CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE

So where will this end. Will the council cancel all street events due to Public Safety fears? The BUPA Run, the Pride celebrations over August Bank Holiday, or the Eid Celebrations in Rusholme. Or is it just football fans that are being punished for something they had no involvement in? The council are making themselves look very foolish

How ridiculous that Manchester cannot celebrate the success of it's team. Portsmouth held a parade on Sunday after the FA Cup Final and twice as many people turned out as expected for that without major incident. Pompey aren't even used to holding that sort of event whereas Manchester is well equipped to deal with the numbers of people that'll want to turn out.Once again the mindless authorities in this country are stifling the peoples desire to celebrate success.What'll happen come the Olympics if we do well? Will we all have to stay indoors and not talk about it for fear of injury, offending other cultures or hurting their feelings?I'm not even a Man Utd fan but I can see that this ruling is a joke!!

Krystyna form Manchester
Would Roma, Barca, Milan not have a parade....I don't think so. Yet again in the name of H&S no paradeI bet Chelasea would have had one with Boris at the front!! Come on Manchester, big city/

John Smith
Who wants a event in the summer, we want one now when its all still fresh not when were looking to next season, Manchester get your act together

Even though I am a blue I think that it is totally unfair that United are not being allowed a parade. I think there should be a celebration of the achievements of the club over the last five decades since Munich.

Jo R
Why should we suffer just because those mindless thugs? I am a 50 something Mum and have always loved seeing the victory parades following cup wins. i am furious to be honest.

Christopher O'Neill
I think its a total joke that the people of Manchester are being punished because of rangers fans. Is the council stupid ? you dont punish your own people for mistakes of unruley others. Let then parade and savour the moment , this is mancheter victory and the people should be alloued to enjoy.

edward james
What a shame i think will be the reaction of most. Conflict between Football teams not based in Manchester stops the genuine supporters & local tax payers from celebrating a homecoming parade.

Not having a parade is a disgrace. Don't the City council realise they have the worlds biggest club representing them and they have just become champions of Europe. You would have thought they were proud of that fact

james wilson
Local people POLL TAX PAYERS not just mufc supporters are being unfairly treated in not being able To offer congratulations in a street parade. Its probably because the council have used up their budget to stage such an event

Dave Gildea
The Lads deserve a Parade, and so do the supporters. Lets Paint Manchester Red again.

Dave Wilson
The real football fans have lost out to the hooligans again, a victory parade weeks after the event is a NONE EVENT.Maybe the authorities should also move things like new year celebrations to a more suitable date for them.

It is not fair to wait until the summer, fans want to celebrate NOW!!. The Rangers fans have runined it for us in our own city, it is trully unfair. the authorities need to get their act together to show the rest of the world that Manchester can orgainse celebrations without any trouble.

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