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24 September 2014

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You are in: Manchester > People > profiles > Michael Todd: 1957 - 2008

Michael Todd: 1957 - 2008

News that the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Michael Todd was found dead on a North Wales mountainside has shocked friends, colleagues and the people of Manchester. Pay your tributes here:

Michael Todd: 1957 - 2008

Michael Todd: 1957 - 2008

According to police, Michael Todd disappeared while out walking in Snowdonia, north Wales, on Monday night (10 March 2008).

Friends and family raised the alarm after becoming concerned for his safety and rescue teams found his body on a mountain called Bwlch Glas the following afternoon.

The cause of his death is not yet known but claims that notes were found at the scene addressed to Mr Todd's family suggest the possibility of suicide. A post mortem investigation is due to take place.

Mr Todd was one of the most high profile police officers outside London. He famously allowed himself to be stunned with a 50,000-volt Taser gun to prove they were a safe alternative to firearms when apprehending dangerous offenders.

A police officer with a career spanning 30 years, he had long been tipped for the top job in the British police as a future Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Todd leaves behind three children.

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Neil, Ex Serving Met Police Staff in Oz
Mike Todd was a great Senior Officer and he will be missed. May I extend my deepest sympathy to Mr. Todd's family, friends and colleagues. May he Rest in Peace and may God Bless and care for his family

Andy Shea
Mike Todd was my Inspector when I was stationed at Bethnal Green Police Station in the early 90s. He was inspirational. A man of steadfast dignity, respect and pride in all that he did. He was smart, savvy, charismatic, warm. He was a leader. A Man of men. He will be sadly missed.

Rosemary Merkell
I met Michael many years ago when I was given a medal(I was a police officer)my family were with me there that day,he was so nice to us, every time we met up , he would alawys come and have a chat with me....he also sent christmas cards once I moved aboard,....shame he was a lovely person and will be missed.

Ann Stott
Mike Todd presented a vibrant, cordial, happy and no-nonsense attitude to all he met. It was like a breath of fresh air, especially with his hands on involvement. I was proud to have him as a 'boss' and feel he achieved and replaced much that was lost within GMP during his(sadly)short command. May his tormented soul now rest in peace, and our thoughts be with his family.

Sue Boyle
I worked alongside Mr Todd at Colindale Police Station, North London for a few years. I am deeply and truly saddened by this tragic news. Mr Todd was a wonderful person, who I believe, gave everything of himself to something that he so strongly believed in, making the streets of London and Manchester a safer place to be. He will be very sorely missed by all of those who knew him. He was a gentleman, an inspiration and above all, it was a complete pleasure to have known him, even for such a short time. RIP Mr Todd. My deepest sympathy is with his family at this terrible time.

Mark B
As a serving officer it is dificult to say that you knew Mike Todd, but on the occasions I had cause to speak with him, he gave you the time and he listened to what you had to say. Mike was a breath of fresh air to the force and his vision set GMP on a course of success which helped to instill confidence in the communities. Mike was not afraid to 'get stuck in' and was a cop's cop, he understood the frustrations of the average beat bobby and listened to their concerns. Some criticised his media savvy relationship with the press but he knew how to play them to get the best for the force and used the media in a way that raised issues that needed to be raised and was tireless in his pursuit of making Manchester Greater. A lot said that he would only be here for a few years and then he would move back to London, but he proved them wrong, his dedication was infectious and a lot of younger members of the force took his vision as a goal to improve their standards.I was proud to serve under his leadership and hope that the next Chief Constable takes a leaf out of Mikes book as a way to instill morale in the force.I would say that Mike gained an honourary membership as a Mancunian with his peers, a title which I am sure he would have been proud of.RIP

James Rothwell
I was very saddened to hear of the loss of the Chief Constable Michael Todd. What a waste of a very good man, who has done so much. My heart goes out to his friends, colleagues and family at this very sad time. R.I.P Michael. YOU WERE A GOOD ONE.

David Longman
There are many great and wonderful people in this world. I never met Mr Todd, but I feel that I would have liked to. He seems to have been an inspirational and fabulous individual. At times in my life I, too, have felt that I wanted to end it all, but I am so thankful now that I did not. I am so full of sorrow for those that are left to pick up the pieces. My heart and love goes out to everyone who feels touched and deeply distressed by the events of the last week. To those who, in the future, may feel the pressure cooker of life build to such intolerable proportions, please seek the love and support. People who love you - and those who don't - will be there for you when you need them. Your final journey in life can be delayed a little longer, allowing you time to realise that there can be a brighter future.

Pat J
He was a born leader with the right attitude towards people when I was in his company in 2004.It is a sad day for British policing.

Phil Burke
Manchester Pub & Club Network Pays tribute to Chief Constable Michael Todd RIP , Members of Manchester Pub & Club Network are proud to have worked along side Mr Todd who played a very important part in our shaping our vibrant city centre , he was a big inspirational leader to all including our members in and around Manchester and Greater Manchester as a whole , Mr Todd was not only a coppers copper but also a peoples copper, he was one of the best hands on officers you could meet , he was always there to offer help support and advice to everyone who needed it , his ethics of partnership working were always very important to him , he would regularly been seen out with his troops especially at the weekend in patrolling the cities streets, giving good strong reassurances to all businesses residents and visitors that our cities streets were safe Also Mr Todd managed to turn Manchester City Centre into one of the best family friendly city centre in the Country, the overall figures for visitors to Manchester have doubled since Mr Todd became Chief Constable thanks to his strong pro-active policing strategies , As for the Pubs & Clubs, we have the best well established and operated licence premises in the country thanks to Mr Todd for allowing his officers to work closely and in partnership with Manchester Pub & Club Network May we finally send all our sincere condolences to Mr Todd Family Friends and work colleagues Phil BurkeSpokesperson Manchester Pub & Club Network

It is a huge loss for GMP and policing as a whole, in general. My heart and thoights are with his family at this moment and time. I would urge them to exercise patience at these difficult moments as death is the biggest guarantee of life.

A very sad loss my heart goes out to his family.Manchester has lost a fine leader his family so much more. I just hope the press allow them some peace to mourn his loss in private,they are in my thoughts.

There for the grace of God go so many of us....Hope you find the other side.

Mike Edwards - Carmarthen
It is so sad to have lost an obviously capable and innovative police representative. His public concern to improve many aspects of police work within society had impressed me, and was followed with interest over the time of his later career with the police. Such innovative leadership is clearly at a premium in our world, and his loss is therefore sadly regretted by right thinking people. My deepest sympathy to the family and his work colleagues

tracy evans
my sympathy goes out too mr todds family and friends dont know you but thinking of you at this sad time

Hussain Mubarak
I did not know you before , but when I am looking to your smile I see a lot of emotions , kindness and feelings inside you .Not only your family lost but I think all the good people in UK.

lesley leach
my heart goes out to is family and children at this sad time r i p we shall never forget your good work

My thoughts are with his wife and children - I hope they have the support they need while their private trauma is so public.

carol chauveau
I feel so sad for his wife and children! my husband died in april 2006. I am coming to terms with that, but to lose someone in these circumstances, with the the media pounding down your kneck, words fail me! all i can say is COURAGE,COURAGE to his family!

Another Constable
Who's going to replace Ian Blair now?A big loss for British Policing.

Arlene McCarthy MEP
I feel privileged to have known Michael Todd and worked with him on European gun law. I always found him to be professional and dedicated in his commitment to put Manchester people first As one of the city’s politicians I both respected and admired him. He was a decent and fine man and a first rate chief constable for our city. I am deeply saddened by his death and will remember him with great fondness.Greater Manchester Euro MP Arlene McCarthy

Rest in peace, sir.

I am 14 years old and I was so sad when I found out

it is so sad to lose a man like mr Todd, i hope he rest in peace and my thought to his family.

I never knew you but,all the same, I think it's such a shame that this tragedy has occurred. Let us hope the media will leave your memory intact and give your loved ones time to grieve in peace. My thoughts are with the people you have left behind.

Neil Robinson
It is with great sadness to learn that a policeman who was held in high esteem and with great respect has died in sad circumstances as in all cases with suicide I appeal to people to think and go and speak to anyone. Dont suffer alone.RIP Michael Todd.

Carol Tweedale
This is the first time in my lifetime that a policeman has been so highly regarded, unlike some of his predecesors who were blatantly homophobic and racist.He will be sadly missed this man of the people by Manchester.

The death of police chief constable Michel Todd as saddened me, that poor man must have been beside his self to end his life this way.I can only hope that the press in general if they have any decency let this man R I P, and show some degree of decorum towards his family. These are the people left behind and they do not need to see kiss and tell rubbish slurred at their loved one now he as gone. It is this rubbish that sent him over the edge.Whatever Michael Todd did in his own private life away from his job had nothing to do with Jo public, he did what he was paid to do and in my opinion did a grand job.Whoever is responsible for adding to his state of mind that fateful day I hope they can sleep well at night knowing that for a few pieces of silver they destroyed an entire family.R I P MR Todd and sincere condolences to his wife and children.

Anne Smart
I followed your career. A charismatic man who made a huge contribution to improving people's lives. I hope your legacy lives on as a tribute. Rest in peace

Stuart Kelly
Such a sad loss of a man who gave his life to helping and protecting people. His apparent suicide makes you think even seemingly tough and self-confident people can be very vulnerable.

Laura, Penrith
So sad thoughts with your family

what a sad loss to his family and to the force. I saw this guy a few times on the television and thought what a credit he was to the police sad.

Lynne Collins
If what I hear on the national news is true, this man suffered from depression, a ruthless illness. This is such a sad loss of a man with so much to offer and who had already contributed greatly.

a good man RIP

Mr Todd, inspected us during my 'passing out' Parade, he was a copper's copper and the police world will feel a great loss. My thoughts are with his family.


Alan S.
I also had the honour of working with Michael Todd at Grays in Essex.He was a man to be admired, a true leader but prepared to lead from the front plus he was a genuinely nice person. The police service has lost a top guvnor.My thoughts go to his family.

Michel you touched so many lives, never have I met a man that has meant so much to so many, you will be deeply missed by all.

Margaret Johnson
So very sad to hear of the loss of Michael Todd. Although I did not know him personally my own husband served for 30@ years in the Lancashire police force. It was a tough job then, but more so now. A good family man and policeman has been lost to society. May God bless him and may he rest in peace.

Susan Astra
As the wife of a retired Manchester Police Officer I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to Mr Todds family.

Julie Bannister-Green
What a sad, sad loss of a great man. I hope the media give his family the space and respect they deserve. Rest in peace.

Jo G
I had the pleasure of meeting Mike on a few occasions when i worked for the Met, he was a true gentleman who respected all staff regardless of rank and was keen to encourage and praise.RIP, a real coppers copper.

What a sad, sad story of the loss of such a strong and courageous man. Mt.Snowdon has never looked harder to climb. God bless.

Ed Thompson
Mike was a really fun guy, he always joined in activities and a group of us including him went on boxing day walks which were always a laugh. I hope his kids are coping and hope they are all right.

Richard, Manchester
He was a neighbour and a real nice guy, always made time to say hello, one of the good guys who made a difference. Thinking of you and your family. Rest In Peace Mike.

John Christopher
I knew and worked with Michael Todd when he was the Ass Comm at the Met, London. As a lowly photographer, Mr Todd always managed to give me the time of day. Given the confines of his job, I found him to be a really genuine man with a genuine concern for the well being of his fellow man. More than this, he made me laugh. Michael Todd was not only a good copper but also a great example of a human being and I for one will miss him. Go in peace!

i find it interesting that this wonderful policeman was also the same one who led the extraordinary rendition investigation. so just like david kelly he commits suicide -- odd coincidence. may he rest in peace and his family also find peace.

Lesley Gilchrist
He was a nice guy who genuinely seemed to have made a difference to policing in Manchester. So sad.

Mykiel Clews
I was very saddened to hear the news of the death of Michael Todd. I did not know him personally, but was very much aware of all the improvements to Policing in the Manchester area.I send sincere condolences to his family.

sarah carr
may the people whom have been left bereft by the loss of mr michael todd find comfort in the fact that they are thought of with love by many.

So sad that was ever troubling him made him do this, thoughts with his family....xx

Mohamed Shakanti
Its too shocking to say anthing

Michael Crow
RIP It is always a massive shame to hear of this kind of story, a massive loss to the force, and best wishes also to your family and your children at this difficult time

i didn't know you but it's very sad, RIP

Big Bill in Bolton
A very sad day for his family, friends, colleagues and the community of Greater Manchester. I've heard him interviewed a few times and thought he was a honest, likeable and dedicated man. Thoughts go to his family in such sad times. Big Bill in Bolton.

Dave Brettell
I have had the pleasure of meeting Michael Todd on a number of occasions. He was a genuinely likeable, personable and sincere person, and the most approachable Chief Constable I have ever had the pleasure to meet. My deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends and colleagues. He will be truly missed on mkany levels, a real `Coppers Copper`God Bless Boss.

Met Mike just the once, what a top bloke. A great loss for his family, GMP and the policing community as a whole. Rest In Peace.

jean skitt
May I extend my deepest sympathy to Mr. Todd's family, friends and colleagues - no words can describe what they must be feeling. May he Rest in Peace and may God Bless and care for his family

Helen Jones
Such sad news - my condolences to his wife and children.

Jane Powner
I worked for Michael Todd for 5 years before leaving GMP. He made me understand good leadership and management, he was a first class example to anyone who wanted to get into management and was my Alexander the Great and Storming Norman in One... what an inspiration and what a loss... My thoughts are with his family.

F Johnson
May God grant your soul eternal rest and light perpetual shine upon him. I know god will take care of the family in jesus name.

Andy Brown
A huge loss to policing and this country in general. RIP.

Michael Taylor
Such sad news. Michael Todd was a good bloke, a good cop but he also saw the bigger picture for Manchester and saw a role for the police in working with everyone to get investment into the city.

Steve Hunt
I had the privilege of working for Mike Todd when he was at Essex Police in Grays Division. A true 'coppers copper'and a real Gent. 'one of the boys' in the right circumstances and 'the G'vner' at any other time. His motto was 'work hard and play hard' I cannot beleive that he is gone - what a tragic loss to policing in this country..RIP.

Gerald Taylor
I was fortunate enough to share an office with Michael when we were both postgraduate students at Essex University and remember him as an open, honest and forthright individual dedicated to the police force. He was always generous, and I last saw Mike two years ago when he came to Glamorgan University at my invitation to speak to students and staff. He was his usual calm, clear and convincing self. I am shocked and stunned at Michael's death, whilst I shared few political views with him I respected him as someone who was able and willing to argue his case and who himself respected the views of others. His death will be a deep loss to our policing forces and to Greater Manchester, a force he told me he loved working for, in particular.

Martin Shaw
Mike is my neighbour here in Manchester and to believe what people are saying does sound a little hard to believe. He was a nice person to talk to, whether he was coming home from work or at our wine nights. He will be sorely missed by all the Residents here, and leaves behind giant boots to fill in GMP.A sad loss

Phil Morgan
I worked for and with Mike Todd in the Met. He was one of a rare breed of senior officers who had not lost touch with the reality of the job and the heartbeat of the street cop. He was an approachable and witty man who was, without doubt, the best boss I have ever worked for. My thoughts are with his family following this shocking and sad news.

My thoughts go out to mr Todd's family.It was an honour to meet him 5 years ago

Frank Rollinson
Met you very briefly twice: a smashing down-to-earth MAN. Your vision for GMP was showing results. Your colleagues will sorely miss a CHIEF CONSTABLE who led from the front. RIP Mr Todd.

Sean Daly
I could not see him killing himself. Look elsewhere.

Danny Doyle
RIP You were a top cop not afraid to get stuck in when needed.

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