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13 November 2014

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BBC Salford is on!

The BBC move to Salford is on! Despite a 'disappointing' licence fee settlement, BBC chiefs say that plans to relocate several departments to a Media City in Salford creating thousands of jobs, WILL go ahead. What do you say?

Salford's MediaCity: UK

How it will look: Salford's MediaCity:UK

Confirmation that the BBC move to Salford WILL go ahead followed Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell's announcement (18.01.07) of the new licence fee settlement which is below what the BBC asked for.

She said of the move to Salford: "This is a vital opportunity for the BBC to widen its geographical spread and make better use of the creativity and talent that exists across the UK with huge knock-on benefits for the regional economy."

BBC Manchester

Moving: BBC Manchester on Oxford Rd

The BBC will move several major departments - Children's, Sport, New Media, Five Live and Research and Development - out of London to Salford by 2011.

Staff at the five departments - as well as BBC personnel at the current BBC Manchester building on Oxford Rd - will relocate to MediaCity:UK, a new purpose-built site at Salford Quays close to the Lowry.

The aim is to create a "media zone" with independent film-makers and other media providers being invited to take up space. It's believed the move will create up to 10,000 jobs and add £170m to the regional economy.

Under the settlement, the TV licence fee will rise from £131.50 to £135.50 on 1 April, then rise gradually to £151.50 in 2012.

Your comments

Do you support the BBC to move to Salford? What difference will it make? What about transport links to Salford Quays? And what do you think about the TV licence fee going up?

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created: 23/06/2006

Have Your Say

Your comments on the BBC move to Salford

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Benjamin Gillott
Great news with the move to Manchester. I do not live there myself but believe it to be good idea to spread the opportunities accross the Nation. However I do believe that the TV License does need serious re-thinking! I have Sky and do not watch any BBC channels except for the news. I have to pay money to Sky to access Sky channels (fair enough), But to watch those channels I have to pay money to the BBC just for owning a TV. This is shear madness! It is like having to pay sony money for a license to own a games station even if you only had an xbox!

I personally feel London is a world major city because when visitors come to England they don't go up to Manchester. They at most cases come to London to enjoy the experience and with the Olympics being in London during 2012. Doesn't make any sense what so ever to move departments such as Sports to Manchester from London.However I will agree that the BBC is known as the British Broadcasting Corporation. Which is only fair that programmes are created in other regions.

Lisa Purcell
I think the bbc moving to our region is a good thing hopefully the money will do good things for our city.The licence fee going up is a joke i pay enough for the licence and sky packages why cant i pay for one or the other ?????

The Beeb do a good job of filling time with "ads" for their own programs, maybe they should go the whole hog and go commercial... Oh, and just how much will they make selling the property/land in London? My guess is more than the cost of the new facility (including relocation costs). The Beeb is no longer totally unbiased (imo) and as such they should have to generate their income from alternative sources rather than the average man.

This is great news! The knock-on effect to the surrounding area and the jobs it will bring to local people can only be a positve. Salford still has a bit of a bad rep and something like this can only help to change it.

Great more traffic round the quays area. Its bad enough as it is.

Angry, ignored girl!
Good about the move, but the BBC are totally greedy. It is a joke having to pay a licence fee anyway! They are stuck in the past. Adverts should be introduced. In fact, they want introduce asverts as they are earning more money ripping people off. Where the hell does this money go? Cut the wages of the rubbish actors and presenters makes me sick...I dont even watch anything on the BBC. The programmes dont even appeal to me. The whole TV licence fee needs reviewing. The BBC make a joke out off us all.

This is a great move. Manchester has loads of creativity and talent to offer the BBC. The nation wil be better for it.

Graduated from Media at Salford Uni and it is about time that the BBC set up a state of the art site within the North-West. The region is laden with talent and it shows progression away from the 'old school' mentality of the Beeb. I eagerly await the move.

This is great for the local region although I am very concerned about building in the Ship Canal's turning circle.

joanna Francis
Fantastic plans!! Can I have a job!I am working on corination street as a dresser at the minute and would love some more work.

About time too! the licence fee should always be there - a BBC with adverts is unthinkable! The BBC are setting a new standard here as they always have done, the North is finally getting some recognition, and I can't wait to see what other doors this exciting move will open! Plus, I hope my husband gets a job there!

Brilliant news - great for Manchester/Salford, and the only sensible decision, given how much money the BBC can generate selling property and land in London and buying up comparitevely cheaply in Salford. I bet the bars in Chorlton are quite happy too...

About time!!! God put the north on top of the south for a reason!!! Who are we to argue about god!!!

Mark Green
It's great news for Salford, and it will mean more jobs, it just shows how far and how hard people have worked to get Salford where it is now, we welcome the BBC into Salford.....Good luck to you and your new home.......Mark Green

Jilll Hewitt
I am thrilled that finally the BBC is coming north. I think it will bring a fresh baring to the BBC and its attitudes and its output. Great move.

Carl Winnett
Don't get to excited people, having teresa jowell saying it will go ahead means not a jot. Do Mancunians really think that people in the rest of the country will just except that licence fee payers will pay for the regeneration of part of Manchester. There is a long way to go in this story and I will not believe it until I see the first brick laid.

Working in Salford Quays myself, I know there are not many different buses to Salford Quays and they are not very frequent. There are more frequent trams to Salford Quays, but of course, not everyone lives near a tram station. They really need to improve the transport links.

Great news! But the Government should help not hinder - the areas around Salford Quays are seriously deprived and need the investment - it will make a hge difference to the area.

it is fantastic news for the northwest, it is a fantastic setting and will help to enhance the area and the media company. the licence fee increase, would be there no matter where the bbc are stationed.

As a Salford student I am extremely happy about the news as I hope to work for the BBC when i graduate! However I disagree with the increased price of the TV license and think they should look into other options. It's already expensive and its no wonder that some people don't pay it. This problem of licensing crime will only rise with increased prices. Why should we pay for the BBC's decision?

Paul Hurst
This is tremendous news! So many corporations forget about us up here in the north. Evidently not the BBC.

Salford is an absolute ghost town. I bet bbc employees can't wait.

excellent news. the whole area needed this for positive regeneration.

3/4 years is a long time for the BBC to decide Londoncentricity is how they will carry on. Give it a while and we will see this failed "bargaining chip" dropped like a hot potato. Pardon the pun.

Well done to all those Salford Labour Party Cllr's and MP's who have worked and lobbied tirelessly to make this happen. This will make such a difference and will further strengthen Salford's reputation as a new and exciting place to work and live.

Ste Middleton
Great! Another compulsory payment we have to make is about to be increased. I cant believe that an organisation as big as the BBC cant pay for this without leaning on its viewers! Great for the city, but i dont agree with the license increase - its already a rip off!

Salford Quays are an amazing 21st century location - great decision

Great news - the sooner they move here the better!

Paul Main
a complete waste of licence payers money, now wonder its gone up

It was always going to happen... and its Great, The BBC is still at the moment far to London centric... maybe now we can see the regions benefit.

This is fantastic news! After much umming and ahring, I'm glad this has been decided. Great move for Salford and the North West. I don't mind paying the extra in licence fee (as long as I end up getting a job there!)

Mike Battman
Excellent, long overdue news.

Carol Young
The move is a great idea & will create many jobs in the NW. I think the whole licence idea should be scrapped and introduce adverts like ITV.

A nice move but I hope the development respects the existing waterline and does not build into the water but instead is set back from it to create a sense of space. From the photograph it looks as if the existing water is going to be gobbled up with concrete constructions which will be awful as it will reduce the sense of an expanse of water which must be preserved at all costs. The water should also remain navigable for ships and the architects need to be kept on a close leash if this is to happen.

Congratulations!!! To me (living in Como (Italy) it means another vacation at Manchester.

Great, my flat price will go up now..

Fantastic! Loads of jobs to come to the area is amazing. Furthermore, the Greater Manchester area will be recognised as a Media City of paramount importance and the city's talent will have a massive media centre locally to which they can aim to find a foot in the door.

You are in: Manchester > Places > Manchester places > BBC Salford is on!

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