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24 September 2014

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Manchester United

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George Best

George Best

George Best: your tributes

Footballing genius, pin-up and sixties icon, George Best has died. A legend in Manchester both on and off the pitch, he was the most gifted player this country has ever produced. Share your thoughts and tributes below:

The news of George Best's death has been greeted with sadness across Manchester and the world of football.

George Best football shirt

He died in Cromwell Hospital in West London on Friday 25 November surrounded by members of his family. Best had battled alcoholism for many years, and despite a liver transplant in 2002, never conquered his weakness for drink. He was 59 years old.

But in Manchester, he will be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time. Friends also remember a gentle and generous man with a great zest for life.

At Old Trafford, fans have been arriving to leave flowers and football shirts in memory of the club's greatest player.

Please share your tributes and memories of George Best  - Manchester United legend. Use the form below:

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Chris Lowe
I was at Old Trafford with my Dad when George made his debut against West Brom in 1963. We were in the South Stand & George was on the wing in front of us in the first half. The first couple of times he got the ball, West Brom's full back kicked him up in the air & a fan in front of me said "Why call him Best, should call him Worst, they could have found someone better than him". I wonder what that fan thought 5 years later when Bestie was voted European Footballer of the Year.

I used to hear about George Best when I was a kid and when i grew up and watched some of the videos from way back he was a genuis

Matt Ciapa
I'm not old enough to have seen Goergie play but i have seen some highlights. I'm annoyed with all my mates saying "Why is everyone making a big deal he drank himself to death!", well whats new their City supportors. Does anyone know whether UTD fans and members get a say in the memorial. GEOGIE BEST YOU WERE AND STILL ARE THE BEST!!

jackie jones
Gorgeous George. Footballing wizard, genius with the ball who played the game as he wanted, just because he could do it. He was loved by all who saw him and brought pleasure to millions of fans. He'll be missed by us all.

chloe stamp
sad to say bye to such a legend. callum my thoughts are with you.

im only 12 years old and i havnt seen him play but he was a super person and brilliant footballer. He is simply the best.He is gone but not forgotten rip

you were amazing i play football and if i play a quarter as good as best did i will be amazin you really were my one and onli hero xoxoxoxoxoxox kirsty im really sad that your gone

Emily Richardson 15 England

liam christie
George BEST was simply magic we all have our favourite players but he tops the lot,(Maradonna good, Pele Better, George BEST!A legend to everyone and a great footballing example. even from Peles mouth george was the BEST and that is a compliement to take in so many ways R.I.P GEORGE(SIMPLY THE)BEST

daniel haswell
im to young never saw him play but saw lots of goals from the tv my dad said he is the best we will miss him

michelle ellis
my thought go to the family and close friends of George best he will be missed,

Teddy M Machina
l teddy machina from zambia but studying in london (UK) l there by pay tribute to george Bestbest gone in groly of footballer who used to bring us tgether from different continets,countries you made us happy with your nice goals now you are natured broght up by man you moved like britsh air force plan you terriesed all the deffences now you are gone, gone in groly best will diffinatly meet in heaven may your soul rest in peace on behalf of all zambian fans Teddy Machina Gone but never forgotten. God bless

jason brown
his name said it all, BEST because he was. god bless you george.

matthew jackson
george best was the greatest footballer ever he was a legend and did many great things its a shame that he wasted his life when he got his new liver but even though he did he will always be remembered. farwell george we will still remember you


Admirer, Wellington
God gave him awesome skill, good looks and modesty! It still makes your heart flutter when you look at those photos now. What a loss - what a funeral - worthy of a superstar.

SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! You will Always be in my heart the best in the sixties ever, Your the best better than the rest!!!!! .R I P. Please Remember me George the boy who came to your every game and you signed his shirt...........

george you are a true caring hero we will all be thinking of down here r.i.p we all love you

rip george you are a hero

The day I started to Man United,it's because Goerge Best. He was my idol when i was a teenager. From Best I started to be Man united fan. May his soul rest in peace. Rave Singapore

x ~x abi davies x~x
i wasnt around in georges footballing days but i am so glad that my parents put on tapes of him and as soon as i saw him i new i wouldnt ever see another player like him r.i.p george ledgend

Kirsti Griffin
what a man, if somebody was to ask me who is george best the onlt thing i could possibly say is ....probably the BEST sporting hero i will ever know, a true legend, gone but Never forgotten xxxxxx

I wasn't around to se george in his golden days of footballing fame, but I have been in awe at all the clips and other tributes made to george.I would just like to say that my heart goes out to all of george's family and friends, especailly his son calum best, and dad, dickie best. They have all been so strong at this time when they and we have lost an all time legend, never to be forgetten. SO LETS ALL UNITE TOGETHER AND REMEMBER GEORGE FOR HIS FOOTBALL.

Claire Alison
George was my idol, i never actually witnessed him play but i seen so many different clips of him playing and other people tell me so much about him and my heart goes out to all of his family, especialy his son calum best and his dad, dickie best. xo

Allan Shaw
The flame of your life may have flickered and died but the warmth of your memory will live with us forever. You were truly a football genius and I am priviliged to have been able to witness your talent

Chris Brady
I was priveleged to see George twice once against Chelsea and the other against Crystal Palace. Against Chelsea he taunted chopper Harris by fainting to sit on the ball as chopper flew in there was mud thrown up, and best disappearing inside with the ball and chopper on his bum. He gave a nation a pleasure few other people have every achieved, only if we could have told him how much we cared before he died. One of kind.

Aidan Bohan
Great football player and simply the best

Jordan Black
The man was a legend. just watched his funeral. very touching and great send off like he deserved. Met George in switzerland at a transplant conference. Inspiring man We will miss you Jordan

Aidan Bohan
I think he was a hero of Belfast .

heather northern ireland
I was about10 when my Dad took me to see George play at Windsor Park. It was an international, Northern Ireland against Turkey and I don't even remember the score nor the year. I just knew I loved George then, my bedroom walls were covered with posters and Man U regalia. I remember holding my daddy's hand, as I watched my beloved Georgie flying down the wing, taking on player after player. Sadly my dad passed away five years ago after a long battle against cancer. Callum I know what you went through today and last week, sitting at night waiting and praying that your dad would either die quickly and peacefully or miraculously recover. Unfortunately we all have a time to go and this was Georgie's. One thing which keeps me strong is just like you I was there until the very end, my dad wasn't alone nor was yours.He'd have been so proud of you today as we all were. Be proud of him, you had a wonderful father. He was elite in his field. A Belfast boy, loved by millions. This now 50 year old woman will never forget that trip to Windsor with the two men in her life, her dad and the beautiful young footballer she saw there. God bless and always keep your memories of the good times you had together, life is short but memories will never fade.Heather Northern Ireland

luke travis
we will always miss you greatest footballer ever

JB Hoff
Saw him in a game vs Oldham 1976 at Craven Cottage, when he played for Fulham. He played supeberly, scored three times, in a 5 to 0 victory, and on the field was Bobby Moore beside him in the team. He was just outstanding and since then I've considered him the greatest of all times. Thanks for all and rest in peace, George Best.

Shaun Fisher
I will never forget my first time at Old Trafford it was 1967/68 i stood by the corner flag at the stretford end i seen George so close i could touch him i wish i had of his football ability was second to none, I am one of the lucky ones i seen him playing when he was the best player in the world, Thank you George and God Bless

margaret richards
George you are the best and always will be.God Bless You and your family.You are the pride of IRELAND and England.

stuart hynes
george was the greatest he will be missed so much good bye & god bless to the belfast boy

I only hope that the new players at Man UTD will take note of George`s life style, but only emulate the footballing skills. We can all learn from this. My dad never took me to football matches, so I only saw George on TV, but I will always remember what he gave to the footballing world. God bless you George, sadly missed by all.

Used to watch him play @ Roker Park running rings round Sunderland's international defenders Martin Harvey and John Parke (his Northern Ireland team mates). The greatest football talent I have ever seen, the film footage is great but it cannot replicate seeing the genius on the park. He played with integrity, strength and dignity but was humble and exuded humility. The ultimate class act. Thank yo for setting Manchester alive in the 60s both on and off the pitch. God bless you. X

Stephen Gaskell
Im only 13 but ive seen Goerge in all the films and he looked fanstastic! A true genius they called him! He cant be that bad eh?


Giuseppe Damas
The heaven now have his own red devil, BETTER THAN MARADONNA!, george (the) best "rock in peace" we'll miss you...

number 1 is georgie best number 2 is georgie best number 3 is georgie best number 4 is georgie best number 5 is georgie best number 6 is georgie best number 7 is georgie best number 8 is georgie best number 9 is georgie best number 10 is georgie best number 11 is georgie best number 12 is georgie best

Damien Oldham
George Best was the most gifted and talented footballer i have ever seen, and his name will be remembered for cunturys on we will miss you best

sarkis jilzian
he was simply the best

Scot Coulthard
George - we mourn and salute a legend. God bless and sleep tight - you deserve it. You will never be forgotten. Love and regards for always. Scot, Glasgow.

Thomas Hough
I did not get the chance to see or know George Best, but my father did. And based on that, and the little I know about him, I can only hope that I wil become half the man he was. As said by Sir Ferguson, Manchester United create heroes, but he was an alreadymade hero who became a legend. He changed football for ever. All the Best Gerogie boy

thomas dickson
george was born near to where i live now,im to young to have seen him play,but my dad has told me all about him. i will be at the funeral on sat and pay my respects to the footballer who was SIMPLY THE BEST (better than all the rest) RIP

Martin Glanville
As a schoolboy I marvelled at the silky skills of George as he toyed with defenders and showed off his remarkable talents as a footballer. He has left a fabulous legacy during his reign because he simply was the best that played for United. If there is a team where he has gone I am sure he is still dazzling them with his skill. Rest in peace George and thanks a million for being you.

i only evr saw George Best play in old tv replays and learnt about him from the players he played against, who still talk about him with awe. from all of that he was the very best football player these shore have ever produced, and not many have come close since. it seems he lived his life the same way he played the game he made beautiful to watch, foot loose and fancy free. thanks george, god bless you. and to his family thanks for sharing him with us.

Martin Rolfe
Saw the guy once playing for Hibs in 1980 and will treasure the memory for ever. Can't stick Man U but loved Besty.

Worlds Best


I am not a football fan never seen a match but i bumped into him once when I was shopping he asked me directions and thought he had sweet eyes. I was 14 and got the bus from the Airport to Manchester on Friday after school. I work at an airport now near Bristol. My Dad worked at Manchester Airport.

steve (longy) FLIXTON
i had the good fortune to see and meet the great man he was a true genius and a lovely man you will be sadly missed "BESTIE" god bless you rest in peace matey for ever a red legend xx

Christine Knox
God Bless GEORGE, I will always love you

42 years after george's debut ,and we still remember and love him rest in peace george ,the worlds a sadder place without you

Diana Bailey
When I was a little girl I lived near the Man U Football training ground on the Cliff, Salford - George used to speak to us and on odd occasions would invite us to watch the players train and on the whole were lovely with all the local kids. He looked beautiful and was a beautiful person. Fond memories I wil always cherish.

Peter & Suzanne Whittingham
Rest in Peace George! you were given the name Best because you were the best! a wonderful player to watch! Sympathies ot his family!!

martin baker.
george provided some of the greatest moment's in football history a good man who will alway's be sadly missed.


jackie leatherbarrow from wigan
you were the greatest, and you will never be forgotten xxxx

Stephen Thomas
What a true legend this man was. The best footballer ever. Now I wasn't around when he played but with footage I have seen the past couple of years we can truely say he will be sorely missed by his family and all.



Natalie Edwards
Simply the BEST Whst a great footballer and team player will be sadly missed Man Utd Fan x

claire worsfold
all i want to say is rest in peace goerge best ur a great star. and ur simple the best better then all the rest. love claire in leigh

Denise Bleakman
I don't think he ever appreciated just how much pleasure he gave to others not only on the football pitch but in their daily life, I took two handicapped boys to his boutique in Manchester, hoping they would catch a glimpse of their idol, he came out spoke to them, shook their hands and made their dreams come true. He was and is the greatest footballer ever and I am proud to have a son named after him and Sir Matt. Good bless George - reunited with his mum. xxx

Debra & Mark Leatherbarrow
George you will always be the best...You will sadly missed and remembered fondly Goodnight & God Bless

gorgie best super star walks like a woman and he wers a bra, goege best what a legend

Diane Kennedy
I will never forget those heady days in Manchester in the late sixty's when I met George Best. Gone but never will be forgotten

A Man United Great ... George Best ... Forever and For Always ...

Best by name Best by nature. Thanks for the memories

It was a very sad day and the world of football has lost one of the BEST there has ever been.

U wont see many players dribble to ball that way best did. He was a gifted footballer

ant j
At peace with matt and the babes. I first saw georgie in the sixties and I have not seen better since.

Christopher Misell
I first saw George Best playing for United reserves at Old Trafford when I was 12 and it was obvious even to my young eyes that I was watching a genius at work on the wing. He went on to be the greatest all round footballer the world has ever seen at a time when players were real men. You never saw George Best rolling around on the floor holding his face and writhing in faked agony like we witness every week from today's "world class players" ? He would be up and tackling with the hardest of them and this was no mean feat when hard men such as Ron "Chopper" Harris, Norman "Bite Your Legs" Hunter & Tommy "The Anfield Iron" Smith were intent on cutting him in two with ferocious tackles. His skill on the ball, team work rate and great goals were unequalled and we will never see the like of him again. A true footballing legend. Thanks for the memories George.

Mike S
Talent & Charisma, George had it in abundance. Pure poetry in motion. Forever in our thoughts.

As a Manchester City fan I have seen some truly great players over the years, Colin Bell, Francis Lee, Rodney Marsh to name but a few, but I have never seen anyone to match the skills of George Best. Thanks George, may you now rest in peace.

Carol Furphy
I have always been a George Best fan. Saw him play in Brisbane with Man Utd in 1968 and got his autograph and a hand shake after the game. Had a poster of him on my bedroom wall in my early teens. Saw him play in Brisbane for Lions in the mid 1980's and I have a photograph of him and me in the dressing rooms, taken after a game at Perry Park, Brisbane in 1983/4. A great player even at that stage of his career. Will be sadly missed. My deepest sympathy to his family. Kind regards Carol

je suis un fan de MU et pour moi georges best en est l'icone ....respect M Best

Gary Kirby, Belfast
George was, as someone recently said, the Lennon to Charlton's McCartney in football terms. The most fitting tribute would be to re-name Belfast City Airport 'George Best Airport' - the same honour accorded to Lennon by the people of Liverpool. Not in 10 years, 5 years or even 1 year - now! George represents everything that makes our city great. I have never been so proud to be born in Belfast as I am today - to see the world recognise a true genius. Honour him appropriately.

Jonno Welch
the greatest ever. may he rest in peace


dave. cheadle hulme
dcfc fan one of the best george R.I.P

Mary Hughes
I was born and brought up in Salford, within shouting distance of Old Trafford. My family at that time were Manchester United supporters; my dad (who is now aged 82) particularly. In fact, he took my to a few matches. When I wasn't at the match, I was `minding' cars in the nearby streets off Trafford Road, where we lived. I remember very well the coffins of the players and officials who lost their lives in the Munich air disaster making their way up Trafford Road on their way to Old Trafford. We were all so sad. I'm sad again now at the passing of another great and talented player. The daft thing is that since the age of 17 (I'm now 57), I've been a Manchester City supporter (changed sides because my then husband-to-be was a Blue!). In spite of that, I've always admired George Best. What a brilliant footballer. What a terrible, terrible loss. I feel so, so sorry that he has gone, but I feel even more sorry for his father, who has had to see both his wife and his son taken from him because of the same, horrible disease. God bless you, George. Rest in peace, you deserve it.

Brian Pearson
I have vivid memories in whatching what was undoubtably one of the greatest players in the world thanks for the memories

graham lloyd
The one and only time,I managed to watch George Best was on my sixteenth birthday Febuary 1972.It was at Boothferry Park, Hull City's old ground.The match was a World Cup Qualifying Group match against Spain,which could not be played in Northern Ireland because of the troubles at the time.I still have the ticket stub.A Day i will never forget.As i will never forget George Best.I know he did a few misdemeanours but why cant we all remember Him for the sheer joy that he bought everybody no matter what team or country 's football they suported.He was and allways will be a world-wide insperation not only to those who liked football but also to those who did not,and just admired him for the great talent that he was,and the joy that he brought with his SKILL and cheek that was sublime and with a lot of it with his tounge in his cheek.I know he went off the rails now and again but I think that can be forgiven for such a great and taleneted man who was and still is,and allways will be a Genius,an Icon and allways will make me smile every time i think of him with a football.Thankyou for letting me indulge.Your's GRAHAM LLOYD A FAN FOR EVER

tony southern
It was a very sad day and the world of football has lost one of the BEST there has ever been.

tony southern
It was a very sad day and the world of football has lost one of the BEST there has ever been.

Like all the other fans posting memories I have relived many matches and moments over the last two days, as well as remembering all the friends I shared them with, Sally and Paul in particular. I am sure that they like me remember him for the generous person he was both on and off the pitch. Lump in thoat moment again, but it is true that only once in a generation comes along a charismatic person who can transend all genders, classes, faiths and soccer allegances like George did. The heady days of the 60s and early 70s at OT were a delight to watch and I am proud to say I was there with my hand knitted red and white scarf in the scoreboard end cheering on the BEST. God bless.

Besty we salute u RIP xx

eddie frain , manchester
i never got to see , george play , i started going to o.t. the season after he left, but the legacy he left and the memories of my elders , keep him alive in peoples mind, and mine especially, the word great is used to frequently today, but george was and will always be the greatest. ! god bless you george , and your family as my thoughts at this sad time! Some team in heaven ! the babes , now georgie , with sir matt in charge , now that would be worth watching.. rip . x

george white
I left northern Ireland in 1963 to live and work in manchester at the age of 18 and i had the pleasure of seeing the belfast boy in his young days at united the greatest player i have ever seen makes me proud to be a fellow country man of his. Now at rest god bless him.

chris burnley
i was luckey to see George play the Best footballer ever no one today can match him RIP George never forget you xxx

Sam Fisher
R.I.P George. Simply the best player of your time, one of the best of all time, you will be sorely missed

Ben Mansfield
I am aged 16 and to me george best was the legend of football.I have seen many videos of georges best years and he was superb.I just want to finish by saying george you are the best football player of all time in my opinion and no one will ever change that.R.I.P

aaparna das
A legend of a player that shall never be fogoten, nor his skills could possibly be replaced by any other man.

John Evans
Georgie was my boyhood hero and a part of my childhood has died with him. For all his off the field problems Besty was a character and the world has seen very few like him and may never do so again. On the pitch he was the greatest player I've ever seen - better than Pele - Georgie boy had it all and will be missed by this Leeds and Forest Green fan. Rest in Peace Georgie You were simply the BEST

Gordon Peel
I took George and Rodney Marsh to the airport in my cab some years ago I had to go into the Midland hotel to get them George was sat drinking a glass of orange juice I said how much is vodka George he laughed and said about half all the way to the airport we talked about Man u he was a real gentleman he signed an autograph for my son and was without a doubt the most down to earth guy i,ve ever met some of todays footballers could take a lesson from George in manners and defiantly skill. The real thing I,ll always remember was his humility a true genius one of a kind GEORGIE THE BELFAST BOY r.i.p

james royle
as a schoolboy in manchester i watched him at old trafford and was in awe of this genius i now live in vancouver and feel as though i lost a family member god bless you in heaven george and score one for us all there will never be another one

fredy (czech republic)
he is BEST player on world in history - I LOVE YOU

What a player--what a man---Gone but NEVER forgotton,we'll miss you George,God Bless

Lisa Brand
I am just about old enough to remember George Best, mainly through my older brother who supported Man U at the time. I am of an era that sadly remembers George through negative media coverage and now that he's sadly passed away, I find it so sad that his football genius seemed to be overshadowed by his personal life in his later years. I have watched the clips over these past few days and although they aren't a true reflection of his talent, I have insight now into what a fantastic footballer he was. He was slight in stature, but a lion with real guts. He really was a talented man in many ways and I have been really touched by his story. I hope you rest in peace George and that you are now in a much better place away from your demons. You were a fantastic guy and the football field will never see a talent quite like yours again. I am feeling so sad and my heart goes out to the Best family.

Gone but never forgotten. Your name said it all. Best. Thanks for enriching my childhood. God bless

carl b
he was a great footballer and a great thoughts go out to his family.RIP george best

Paul Gibney


mike walsh
my memory,s of george go back to the sixtys i youst to go out with a girl who worked on the stretford end tea bar. george started seeing a girl who lived near my girlfriend,one night match at half-time my girlfriend told me she had arranged a lift home with george and his girl. couple of night matches later same arrangements were made,we where standing outside b. stand at the staff entrance when the commisionair came out with a message from george they could not take us home tonight because he had bought a two seater sports car and there was no room.we opened the note that he sent and there was aten bob note for our bus fare home. thats how thoughtful the guy was.god bless you george. my memorys will never fade of you and your football.

Peter Lester
To Callum: Grieve - but be the proudest man on Earth.

my dad started taking me to o.t when I was thirteen. I went to every home game and every away match. I was so lucky to see all george's games. such skill, on such spindly legs! he always looked as though he could do with a really good meal - perhaps that was some of the appeal to the female followers! thanks for the memories, george. I am sure you are now in heaven - and if its half as good as they say - you'll have a glass in your hand and a woman on your knee - but the ball at your feet! nothing can hurt you now. R.I.Pxx


I started watching United in 1945 when they shared City's Maine Road ground, I was 9 years old. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have seen many of the world's greatest players. The star at the top of the tree, without doubt is George Best. Thanks for the memories George.

Derrick Robinson
As a Preston fan I only had the privilege of seeing George at Deepdale the once. He was a true great and despite his off the field problems I enjoyed his column in the Mail on Sunday. It was something to look forward to.

Georgia, Manchester
I was born in October 1975 and named after the greatest footballer to wear the red shirt. RIP Georgie Best, your special brand of footballing magic will never be forgotten.

Steve Marsh (Sydney Australia)
1968 - European Cup Final. 7 years old, dressed in my red and white kit sat with Dad in front of the black and white TV, at home in Bury. Simply, he was awesome. Its a sad day but let's celebrate the BEST of BEST.

chris hall
i was lucky enough to have seen george play in most of his man utd games, just pure magic watching him, i would have paid ten times the entrance fee to watch him, especially when he had the hard men on their backsides in the mud, men like "Slasher Mckay and "Chopper Harris" and "Bite yer legs" Hunter, george would dance round them every week as they tried in vain to catch him, pure bliss to watch ,of course george let his magic feet do his talking! God bless you mate!

tracey davies
i am only 26 so i was not around when he was playing football but my family such as my dad was and told me all about him and what i have read and seen on tv he was the best good night god bless

Dave O
Watched your first game and the last. Thanks for the memories. You were "SIMPLY THE BEST"

Dave Woodward
The best I've ever seen live. My dad used to take me to watch Wolves. It was always a bit more special when GEORGIE BEST was coming for a game...

Paul Walton
If there was one player I'd loved to have seen play, it would definately have been Georgie (the) Best. Let's remember him as the legendry footballer he was. Shine on, you genius!


kevin shaw
as a young boy i used to go to the cliff training ground in salford with my mates to watch the players and afterwards george used to chat and sign every single autograph which was truely magical the one and only george best god bless you

barry stoll
george was a legend, he gave the world a talent which i know will never be matched, his skill and grace on the ball was a joy to see and manchester united and the world was fortunate to have seen him play.

Alan Varley
As a 9 year old I met George after I`d had a heart op and how he and Willie Morgan were with me and my dad has stayed with me since 1970. When God took the Babes, to say sorry he gave us George. You`ll live forever in my heart and my mind. R.I.P.

Cherrie Gregson
A GREAT GREAT Player,A Legend, no more suffering. Rest in Peace. Love to Callum and family.

Dennis Taylor
What else can be said about the 'Legend' that is George Best? The words Best & Legend are synonymous with the man we all knew as 'Bestie' A lifelong supporter of United, I never got to see him play live, and that is one regret in my life. I hope Sir Matt welcomes him with open arms now, as he did then. My condolences to his family. Rest in Peace George. Your memory will live on forever.

Although a Derby County fan living over the border in New Mills, I will never forget as a kid going to Old Trafford with my dad, not see United (well ok then!!), but to see the magic of George Best From a neutral football fan's perspective, whether he played for the Reds or anyone for that matter, he will remain one of the most celebrated footballers ever to have graced the halloweds turf anywhere. A truely unique and gifted man. RIP george.

susan wait
u are simply the best footballer in the world u will be sadley miss god bless!

Pam Winning
I had pictures of George all over my bedroom walls as a teenager. I used to sleep with a special photo of him under my pillow. His suffering is over at last. I feel like I've lost someone close, though we never met. I'm a fan of Man U and have been forever. George's football talent was unique, unmatchable. My sympathy to all his family and friends.

Eleanor, Vancouver, Canada
Part of my childhood died to day. I grew up in Manchester in the sixties, when I was very small I thought George Best was football. Rest in peace Georgie.

John and Geraldine Baron
My dad always said he was the best and he was! He just had that something that nobody else had, the genius quality. His generous and very likeable personality always shone through too. A credit to his family and all of Ireland!!! Extreme condolences x x x God bless.

roy jones
born a legend.died a legend.sadly missed rip george

Terry Murray M/chester
My heart is so saddened by the loss of George Best, Yet I feel so privileged that in my teens I stood in the Stretford End every home game. Went to most away games, win or lose. I always felt I had watched history in the making. The man made you feel that way. It can’t be explained in words. Videos help in a small way. But videos cannot get over to the younger generation the sheer delight of, Seeing George Best pure poetry in motion in all weather. Especially one Hot night in Lisbon . Thanks George, for ALL the pleasure you brought to so many, God Bless. T Murray

mike o shaughnessy, marshfield, ma, usa
i had the great honour of meeting george. he left a deep impression on me, as not only one of the greatest footballer ever to pley the game, but as an extremely kind and caring person. thank you george and may you be with god in the great theatre of dreams that you so richly deaerve

Heather Tomsett
Dear George, Gone to the 'Big Match' in heaven. My thoughts are with your family at this, the saddest of times. Goodnight and Godbless, BESTIE

I wish i grew up watching Georgie Best but unfortunately i grew up watchin Eric Cantona and the likes! However i do believe Georgie Best was (still is) one of the greatest footballers to have ever played. He was a fantastic man regardless of all the boozing...he is a legend!!!!

George Best
What a legend, shared a name that will last forever!

Keith J. Smith
There is absolutly nothing which I could add to what has been said, written and thought about the genius of George Best. Funny, but the simple fact that we were both born in the same year(1946) makes me feel as if we have some kind of link, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the magic you gave us all George.

The first football match my father took me to was at Old Trafford where George Best scored a hat-trick. I was hooked. I collected all the photos and magazine articles like others of my age. When he opened the boutique I managed to get hold of the phone number (probably out of the phone book but it seemed more exciting at the time). I called the shop several times, only for someone else to answer and me to put down the phone. God knows what I would have said if he’d answered. When he had that house built in Bramhall, we went and stood outside. The 68 European Cup final was a highlight I’ll never forget as long as I live. The only time I was ever caned at school was when we had a trip to Old Trafford to see an England/Scotland Youth Friendly and I disappeared to buy a George Best poster. I’m positively English, but when Best was penalised for sneaking the ball out of OUR goalie’s hands, I felt a great sense of injustice and shame. Could no-one else, particularly the ref, see that this was one special talent? No foul, sheer brilliance. Years later I lived in America. George was playing just up the road and being English (and therefore knowing how to kick a round ball) people asked me to go, but I accepted the offer of a night in the bar instead. Afterwards, I’d hoped that he’d understand the choice, but it’s a big regret for me ever since. All young boys have a hero, and George Best was my first. I often thought that if I had a fraction of his talent,looks, money and a little of that twinkle, I would have done exactly the same. Let's be honest who wouldn't? By today’s standards he’s nothing to be ashamed of and a damn sight more to be proud of. He’s given millions he never knew a great deal of pleasure. Many of us have imagined what it would be like to be George and many of us still do, even as we slip uneventfully into middle age. May he rest in peace, and may his family be left alone to mourn, in their own way, their boy who touched the lives of so many.

louise percival
I watched you grace the old trafford turf - I saw you score a goal from a corner kick- such memories - I loved you george, and I still do, I have told my kids, all about you - your unique, exceptional, natural talent, they have only seen it in videos - I saw it for real, the darkness has settled over old trafford once again, but heaven is a blaze with light, thank you george, for sharing your talent and yourself with us, we will be thinking of you forever and for always.

A truly great footballer.Condolences to all his family,friends & United fans.From 4 LIVERPOOL fans.God Bless.

I never knew George as a player but my Dad brought me up on stories of his antics both on and off the pitch and still tells stories of his genius. You were the greatest and touched the lives of all of us in manchester. We all loved you, god bless you Georgie.

G. Bradshaw
Georgie was the best football player and none can compare to him today. Although the drink got the better of him, it just goes to show how much his fans supported him without any issues. He will always be remembered for his phenominal work on the pitch and his heart of gold. Georgie may have passed away, but a Legend never dies...R.I.P

best was simplely the best but then alcohol changed his life and his couldnt get enough of it GEORGE BEST 1964-2005 we love you

Chris P
One of the greatest players to have graced the glorious game has gone, but his legacy will live on. I never had the privilege to see George play the game he loved. He had pace, flare, style, skill, he could turn defenders this way and that, sheer trickery, devilish good looks and he could stay up on this feet (unlike many-a-player in this age)! Football will never forget you - thanks for all the great memories. RIP

bethany lee
i olny might be in yr8 but george best is everyones idol!he she sooooooooooooooooo good at football and let him rest in peace xxxfrom blackpool staining

Adam Whittaker
I'm a Liverpool fan and this is a sad day. Forget the shirt he wore - a legend is a legend is a legend. At Anfield I'll be starting a chant "There's only one George Best". Football is crying today.

Graeme Harper
God Saves......but George Best scores on the rebound! R.I.P. Georgie Boy,they don't make 'em like you anymore!

kev ward
R.I.P GEORGE BEST, A true Legend

paul blake-lobb
I went to my first United game in 1963 & I`m currenty a season ticket holder & in all the games I have seen since, no-body even came close to you, you were pure magic. a part of me died with you today, god bless you George, I loved you man.

Kevin Ward
George best is and will always be a legend, the best to walk on the grass on Old Trafford

I'm a lifelong Tottenham fan but today is the end of an era.As a kid i idolised Greavsie but Georgie was something else,the first footballing superstar.I doubt if i'll ever see anyone like him again Thanks George.

Jim Lawrence
George Best - he was the one.

Lynne Brennand
An inspiriation to all. A true legend, simply The Best. He will be sadly missed. As a united fan I was privileged to watch him play for united. God Bless you George

bolton white
I saw him play at the end of his career in London. Still sparkling,and giving fantastic enjoyment to people watching. I remember a 45 yard volley in a cup game that their goalie applauded!


RIP George your are up there now with Sir Matt and the rest of Man United greats!

Carol Hindle
Thanks for the memory George, you were the Best. RIP

Thanks for a million wonderful memories good-bye and god bless Georgie Best

Georgie - you will be remembered as the first and best football idols. Your legacy will always be the footballer who brought skill to the game that has never been matched. RIP Bestie you,ll be sadly missed. Deepest sympathy to all the family, especially dad and Callum.

Carol Gilfoy
The loss of a legend. I seriously hope that Manchester United Football Club name a stand after him which would be a fitting tribute to their greatest player.We miss you George. RIP

mick /danny c
the best player ever to grace a football pitch rip xxx

John White
First saw George as a 16 and something year old (him not me as I was 17!) He led United's youth team against City at Old Trafford in early 1963. Dear God, he was unbelieveable and although a die-hard United fan since the age of 6 and, with my Dad a follower of the Babes, I actually felt sorry for the young City lads that night. George slaughtered them - without mercy. Think we won 6-1. I knew then that I had witnessed something very, very special. His personal agonies came later but I'm not here to comment on that aspect of his post-football life. I'm not qualified to do so. All I want to post is that I was privileged to have seen certainly the finest footballer Europe has ever produced if not THE finest player the world has ever produced. Sleep in peace now George - the final whistle's gone lad. Heartfelt thanks for your inspiration of this other teenager of the 60's and for everything you did for the cause of United inn particular but for football in general. R.I.P.

Peter Weideman
I watched George play week in week out from the stretford end for most of his career there was no one to touch him,your memory will last forever God bless George,Rest in Peace.

Stuart Mc
RIP George Best - Legend

I pay my tribute to a great football star and I send my condolences to his family, especialy son-Calum.


Terry Brazier
Pure diamond George, your memory will live on. My thoughts are with your loved ones.

George will be missed by all. He was the perfect gentleman and a great man to know. What a game they will be having in heaven

Neville Astbury
From a Liverpool suporter There will never be another to have the magic that was in Mr. George Best. Sadly missed by all Goodnight George my condolances to all the family at this sad time.

bob balogun
Most of today's young football fans,may not know how intelligent player George Best was,but looking at those footages on him in the 60s,the hardest critic will agree he is simply THE BEST,the first star player britain ever produced.Without doubt,he may had been a terrible drinker and womanizer but,less of these are known about him,but he will forever be remembered for the pop-star look,attractions and the greatest stardom of the 60s he brought into football,he will forever be adored the sake of beautiful game he played successfully,no other player of his generation will do better than BEST,such an old great player of great intellect comparable to the present modern great players.He was simply THE BEST GOODNIGHT GEORGE GOODNIGHT GO WELL

Eddie (PNE fan )
George a working class hero - my first hero, who will always be remembered by everyone who saw him... death is not the end George RIP

although not a man u fan may i just say GEORGE YOU WAS THE BEST RIP bolton fan

darren garsden

jackie+ lou
we were two lucky season ticket holders to have seen you weave your magic, thanks for the memory.

vera astbury
george gave pleasure to many football supporters, he will be sadly missed.his memory will always be with us.

darren garsden
george best was the only player in the world who could play so quick the players these days would not be able to touch him or catch him.

john thompson
Very sad day for football rip george.

Best by name, Best in game You were my all time hero and will be in my thoughts forever. Thank you George and may you at last find peace. XXXXX

although not a man u fan may i just say GEORGE YOU WAS THE BEST RIP bolton fan

Beverley wood
george was the best so to the best georgie best your the best to everyone xxxxx

Marie Cadagn
I never had the priviledge of seeing him play but have watched plenty of footage. truly a genius R.I.P. George you were simply the BEST.

John Graham
I am an Evertonian, but George was the best player I have ever known. RIP George. God will take care of you now.

Andy Brownhill
God Bless you GEORGE R.I.P

brian massey
thanks georges family for allowing such a genius to play on our parks i miss him

kevin morley
I'm from stretford, saw all of his games, no-one will EVER entertain the ordinary, working class people like he did. Wogan should be ashamed of what he did to him on his show a few years ago. Delete the show from your archives and hang your head in shame for what you did to a fellow countryman wogan. George will never be forgotten- a real genius. kev.X

My Grandad was lucky enough to pick the Legend George up for his part time job at the ship canal Manchester and often play snooker with him after(many great stories), Not only a great person off the pitch but a true Legend on it, My thoughts are with george and his family, God Bless George Legends never Die.

Jane Taylor
I was on a bus on a school trip when I spotted George Best driving a car about to overtake us. I waved.....George smiled & waved back...We all went crazy.

George Best came to open the wine bar I was managing a few years ago. He wasn't supposed to be drinking, but was asking for orange with 3 shots of vodka to be hidden in it. He left with 3 bottles of Dom Perignon and £5000. Lived and played to excess. RIP.

Neil Millington
I watched him from 1967 to his retirement from Utd. Everyone at our school wanted to be him and emulate what he did on the pitch at Old Trafford, tormenting the opposition defenders. Every football fan at all the games on Saturday should chant "there's only one Georgie Best" after the minutes silence.

Gill & John
There is not a dry eye in the house. What a man, as many people say he danced with the ball at his feet. God Bless You xxx

brian cope
as a rams fan i had a picture of george on my bedroom wall when i was 10 i saw him play at the baseball ground on boxing day 1970 in a 4.4 draw wot a game wot a player r.i.p george

donald mcallister
a true ledgend in the world of football. R.I.P

Jason Singleton
I was too young to watch George play. I hear stories, see pictures and watch the footage. What I do know is that he was a football legend, a person with charisma and charm and carried those qualities through to the end. His name says it all he was the 'BEST'X

from a man city fan bless you georgie best you were a fantastic player rip

tom Billing
i am only a kid and never had the privalage to watch him live. but even me as a kid Know he was simply amazing, simply the best , simply Geogey Best. God's gift to Man Utd, God's gift the game. God bless Georgey Best. R.I.P

Steve Cousins
Georgie Best Superstar* , how many goals have you scored so far? Now playing for the Heaven Eleven. RIP

George you were a marvel George you had no rival George you always dribbled George you liked a tipple George you were number 7 George you are in heaven George you were the best George now its time to rest

Dave from Stockport
%100, but all I can say is, George you are gods little Genious,never to be forgoton - R.I.P.

we love you george....may you enjoy your football up there...never forgotten

Paul L
Pure genius....

Richard H Bromby
George rest in peace, the world will always remember the greatest footballer.

I would like to thank George for such wonderful footballing memories. I feel proud and privaledged that I was there to see his magical footballing skills. May God Bless him and much sympathy to his family

Glenys Chamberlain
Goodbye to the greatest footballer ever, there will never be another like you. I will never get my dearest wish to meet you, but I can cherish a signed photo you sent me 4 years ago. Sleep well and peaceful now. You are a great loss. God Bless and keep you. xxxx

Les Elsey
Simply the Best

vicky gardner
god bless, rest in peace George Best, a truly amazing man, a footballing hero.

Calum Cairns
George - I have never met you, but I sure have heard of you. I'm only 13, but your name and skills to me mean that you are and were SIMPLY THE BEST

Dale jay
Im a preston fan, unfortunetly im to young to of seen him play, but ive seen his greatest moments, and all i can say is... "legend"

Duncan Toms
When i was around 15-16 in the 70's, george best had a boutique round the back of kendals. He would stand out at the door having a quick cig, and as a skinny teenager, i asked for his autograph on a couple of occasions. I was very nervous, which was apparent to him, as he was a world star at the time. But my point is he was really easy going and never made me feel ill at ease or made me feel that i was a nuisance. That is a something i have never forgotten, a really nice guy. Gone but not forgotten. Duncan Toms

Hans Donker
Colourfull 5th beatle. Loved ya, Hans The Netherlands

Stephen Rodie
I keep hearing the word genius about George. He was better than than that!! My dad ( a Belfast man ) had the 3 best footballers he'd seen as Tom Finney, George Best and the centre forward from his school team. George was the best I have ever seen. I'm sure we would have remembered the time when he was playing for Fulham at Burnden Park - I threw the ball back to him! God bless him.

Al Cahill
Feel like I've lost a friend. RIP

RJ Doyle
Snowing here now in France, no doubt for the Best... I am very sad. As if a rib gone, a shoulder, a reason, why we are here. Creativity, joy, human failure, kindness, loneliness, beauty, tragedy,humour, all the expressions that make up a personality, the imperfection and perfection of life all wrapped up in one person. Kids will always dream of playing like Georgie Best... Danny Blanchflower said in the 1960s (Guardian quote): "His movements are quicker, lighter, more balletic. He offers the greater surprise to the mind and eye, he has the more refined, unexpected range. And with it all there is his utter disregard of physical danger. He has ice in his veins, warmth in his heart and timing and balance in his feet."

jane squires
I had never had the privilage to meet such a great footballer, but followed Man U as a child. What a footballer, what a man. Thanks for the memories.God bless you. x

RIP George Best!!

Big Col - Bobby Moore Stand - WHU
Bobby Moore has just heard that he has to mark George again on saturday (He's not happy)

george c fisher
even with the San Jose Earthquakes, at end of career, he had "magic in his feet"

I was too young to see him play and the footage never really does justice to the legend that's built up around him. I told my dad once that I thought Zidane was the best player in the world. He just shook his head and said "It's not your fault son, but you're talking rubbish. You just never saw George Best." Good enough for me.

Bob Wood
George was simply the greatest player of his generation. Together with Bobby Charlton and Denis Law he created the modern Manchester United. If only he had been born into the modern game what might he have achieved. Forget the pygmies who say he wasted his talent, what do they know? Thank you George.

I grew up wanting to be George Best, when older kids asked me what team I supported I could only answer "George Best's team", Rest in Peace George you gave me Manchester United.

God has one of the world's greatest players in his team now.

John T Close
The talent given to George was almost too much for him to bear. At least we saw some of the magic but we should have had so much more. The legend will live on.

He was a great footballer

Kim Potter
One wonders just how good George would have been in today's game....with such an improvement in pitches, it is easy to conclude that there is simply no one today who would stand comparison....he really was THAT good...close control, speed, passing, heading, strength,

i am sending to all my condolences to his famaly nd manchester supporters where ever they are.

Thanks very much for the memories, George. A legend has gone but those who love football will never forget. God Bless.

Anne B
Will always remember you at old Trafford.Your a legend RIP George xxx

Although I am a Bolton supporter, however, I can put aside any prejudice. Greatness is an often overused word in sport nowadays. Sportsmen receive it as a matter of fact. In George Best's case, it under-values his unique and rich talent. By far, he is the finest footballer Britain and arguably the world has ever seen. Thierry Henry may well be a super player, he can't hold a candle to George. People often went on about his 'off pitch habits. I can only say well done to him, he lived life hard, enjoyed it and accepted the risks. I didn't see him play live very much, but memories of George turning full backs inside out will live on for ever. RIP George, enjoy your new life in heaven.

My best friend said that the measure of his life would be the number of friends who turned up at his funeral. Having just read all these fond tributes to George... 'nuff said. ps Thanks for the memories.

Daniel Rose
A legend of a player that shall never be fogoten, nor his skills could possibly be replaced by any other man.

I was weaned on the Football exploits of Mr. Best.

Simon Outten
Brilliant player - nuff said.

Safe journey George - thanks for the memories.

Patricia Biggs
We'll all miss him. He was one of the games all time greats. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Patricia Biggs
We'll all miss him. He was one of the games all time greats. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Mark (from America)
Georgie Best. Gone. Wow. Can hardly believe it. I was too young at the time to know his off the field lifestyle. All I know is that he was my first sporting hero. Goodbye Georgie. I will miss you.

I am sad, because one lion has gone: he was a warrior in the good way of the word. Thank you George for having teached how to carry on in this world: never surrender. You will live forever in my heart Marco, Milano Italy


Victoria Blaney
George will always have a place in our hearts... and will always be rememberd for his outstanding football.he will be sadly missed always xxxxx

Phil Taylor
George was every little boys hero in the 60's especially mine.Most genuises have a flaw please concentrate on his football.Can't think of many players today fit to clean his boots.

Margaret Bayliss, Birmingham
A true, great footballing legend. You will be sadly missed George, rest in peace.

I remember that match - can't remember the year - one of the home internationals, Northern Ireland v England in Windsor Park Belfast. As Gordon Banks bounced the ball to kick it up field George took it off him and lobbed it into the goal. It was not allowed. It was a superb piece of ball control (I hope we see it again on TV over the next few days). Banks has admitted more recently that he thought the goal was good. Thanks for the memories, George. RIP

Andy Allen
as a belfast man this has hit hard. a true great, if only northern ireland could produce a few more like him. R.I.P

Campbell Muir
When George made his debut for hibs v Partick Thistle the attendance was 26,000 at atime Hibs were attracting 4.000 I took my two boys 8 yrs old and 4 yrs old so that they could tell their future children They saw George Best play. We werent disapointed he graced the turf at easter road with a dazalling display of soccer genius. I am very very sad at his passing .However I am grateful to him for allowing me as a Hibs fan to see his genious in a ahibs jersey.

Denise Fullaway
George was an inredible footballer but firstly a remarkable man. On behalf of the Fullaway family, especially Mary who is also sadly no longer with us, I would like to offer our heartfelt symapthy to Georges's family. He will be greatly missed. God Bless.

Eileen Akers
I met George before a game at Man Utd when I was 15. He was driving his yellow Lotus Europa at the time. He was larger than life, my hero, the best footballer ever and I have suppoted him ever since. It's so sad to loose him and my thoughts are with his family.

Keith Maher
God bless him a true legend. I am too young to have seen him play live but what a star. My sympathy to his family and friends.

Barclay Chaisty
In the days when the game was for hard men, a young frail looking boy had the guts and the courage to weave his magic without fear or complaint. If only todays players had the same integrity. Those who had the pleasure to be under his spell on a Saturday afternoon will shed a tear today.

matthew howard
rip george your footballing carrer has been an inspration to all young people of today

Ian Taylor
3 memories---all of them witnessed in person---1964 stuck facing the corner flag with 2 defenders preventing him from going flicks the ball up and launches an over head kick straight onto the King's head and the ball is in the back of the net. Second,F.A. Cup 5th round away at Wolves,1967,score is 2-2 and the game is up for grabs.George receives the ball just inside his own half and sets off for goal.With his pace,balance and awareness he beats at least 4 Wolves defenders then calmly drops his shoulder to send the goalkeeper one way as he rolls the ball into the empty corner of the net.Thirdly,1971 United v.Sheff Utd.2 teams who have had great starts to the season,United an ageing team largely carried by George's brilliance.The score 0-0 and a stalemate inevitable until George picks up the ball in midfield and heads towards goal.Although driven away from goal,he manages to strike his shot across the goal,where it strikes the far post and nestles in the back of the net.We shall never see the like of this man again and I treasure the thousands of memories like the ones above that will live with me forever.Rest in Peace George.

We use the words 'great'a lot these days when we refer to footballers.But George was a 'great'player.Cannot think of another player I can compare him to.He was on his one.I feel sad for Calum.Losing your Dad is hard.

mel allan
i would like to pay my recpects to the family of george best and would like to thank him for all those great memories at man u

I bumped into George Best at Piccadilly station a few years back. People were passing by him, not noticing him. My friend had to practically push me over to him so i could meet him and ask him for an autograph. Even at the age of 22, he made me feel like a football-mad kid in the presence of legendary greatness. Rest in peace, George

lindsey clarke
An absolute legend that will be sadly missed, my thoughts and best wishes go out to all his family.

nobody wore the green shirt the way georgie did...god bless you and your family. georgie showed us the way the beautiful game should be played! our memories are forever with you god bless

natalie burrell
rip george we will always love you at oldtrafford

Nick Hall
A man with many faults and weaknesses, all now forgotten, and massively overshadowed by his footballing talent.

Jo R
When I was a child my mother had a poster of Georgie on the bathroom door. His talent enriched football and turned me into a life long supporter of Manchester United. I feel sad and my sympathy goes out to his family.

Tony Makara
Back in the 1980s I went to see George play at Burnden Park Bolton in Peter Nicholsons testimonial. As fans swarmed for Georges autograph he turned around and accidently cut the lip of my little brother Gary. On seeing what happened George took both my little brothers into the changing room and signed autographs for them. He couldn't apologise enough for what had happened. Thats how I will always remember George Best.

just wanna say georgie rest in peace, ya`re always remembered as an old trafford legend

Evelyn Dooley (Stockport)
Brilliant Excellent Superb Tremendous George will never be forgotten for his magnificent football skills and his lovely personality. May he now enjoy total peace.

anna watson
Best; he simply was!!! RIP Georgie xxx.

Jen Hill
The best footballer for united ever! He will be missed!

Peter Haigh
Certainly the best footballer I ever watched, so sad to end your life so early. My sincere condolences to his family

'simply the best' RIP George

terry naish
great footballer but too good looking with great charisma had he been ugly and boring he'd still be alive today

Marc Jansen (the Netherlands)
When I was a little boy in the Netherlands and when we were playing football, everybody wont to be in the first place George Best and then Johan Cruijff. That says enough.

Paul Hughes Bournemouth
A Mancunian red and Stretford Ender from the Best era now living in Bournemouth. Thanks for all those mad,sublime moments of skill and panache.Semi-final of European Cup against Real Madrid at Old Trafford-brilliant! Thanks George,as a red devil, i'm sure you're in paradise today.

Dave Davis
I met him in Petersfield 16 Dec 2003. When he smiled, you could'nt help yourdelf smiling with him, just another of his god given gifts. Rest well George, and thanks for the boyhood memories. God bless.

ashley weir
george best was by far the best player i have ever known he shosome great talent. as he said remember me by my football skills not the frail old man i am.

Toby Stewart
What can you say the name said it all he was simply the best an absolute legend

i feel so sorry for u,i remember when ur glorius win over benfica we feel sorry for u and ur family.

the one and only george best, the ledgend will live on.

jamey pickering
he was a amazing player best in the world he was my star he is ace everyone loved him !jay!

i'm sad 2 hear the news about george and he will be dearly missed by friends, family, fans and even his doctors also like most people would say he is one the best footballers who ever played the game missin him already sean

Justin van den Assem
I remember him vaguely as a player in the sixties. But I clearly remember him in 1976 he made a comeback for Northern Ireland in Holland (WC qualification), it was not taken serious. But the best marker,runner and chaser in Holland (Willy van der Kerkhof)had to mark him, but he could not follow the Legend and had to be replaced by his brother at half time. Two all draw. Remember Holland played with Cruyff, Neeskens, Krol etc. But Best made the difference.

Sue Clarke
My bedroom wall was covered by photos of the genius as a teenager. He will be deeply missed

Dan - LFC fan
RIP to the Best there ever was and ever will be. You'll never walk alone

John Stephens
I probably cant say anything more than anyone else who had the privilege of watching such a footballer. George will never be forgotten for the football or the honest approach he had to his personal life. Never blaming anyone - lucky are those that saw him. Goodnight George, the world will be much duller without you!

Seamus McHugh
George Best - A true footballing legend

Alastair, Northern Ireland
A legend. The BEST.My heart goes out to his father, son, brothers, sisters and all other United fans like me are devestated by Georgie's death. Let's ALL remember him, rampaging down the wing terrorising full backs. A legend

Chris Nairn
George Best- All the guys wanted to be him, all the girls wanted to be with him.

Danny Climpson
I saw George Best for the first time in 1967. Man Utd were playing my team West Ham at Upton Park. They needed to win to clinch the 1st division title. They beat us 6-1 and Bestie was magnificent. It hurt me at the time but now I'm proud to say that I saw George Best at his finest.

Marco De Marinis
From an AC Milan supporter: George remain in the football lover's mind for life.

Absolute Legend. Already missed but never forgotten.


Dom Bird
He was one of the best footballers in the world

David Walton
The 1st time that I saw United at Old Trafford, 06 01 67, against West Ham.The day itself still is memory packed, but the over riding memory of that day was seeing George score the second goal. An incredible "jack knife" diving header. Its still the bravest goal that I have ever seen. To use a much used statement, Best was the Best.

Mike Powney
I remember George playing for Stockport County well into the 1970s. Although with his best days behind him & a little overweight, his skill shone through One game (I think it was against Fulham) he took an inswinging corner which went straight into the top corner of the goal only to have it dissallowed for for being an illegal corner kick. Undeterred, George just took the corner again - the ball ended up in the same spot & this time the ref allowed it.

robert dyson
my thoughts are with george best's family at this sad time

Darren Sharrocks
Very sad. I am sorry for George to go, he was a great man and I wish his family the best. Goody Bye George and rest in peace.

I am deeply saddened by the death of 'Bestie'. My thoughts are with his close family , especially his son Callum. It is a sad day for any football fan, but especially Man Utd fans, as he contributed so much to the club. lets remember him for the talent on the pitch.

Dave Sweeney (Stafford)
God bless you George for all the memorable moments you have given us through the years. You will always be remembered as one of the very greatest players of our time.

Paul Burnell
I saw George play for Fulham at Blackpool in the 70s. He was past his physical peak but his skill, vision and and ball control were a joy to behold on a miserable Winter's day. George past his prime was still preferable to much of the athletic dross on offer in the top flight of that era.

Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR
For this Manchester United Fan in Miami Florida, he will surely be missed. He was one of the few players with a heart.


George Best R.I.P he will be a legend forever. Will be missed by all those of which George was a role model, a genius, and for ever legend x

Barry Davidson
A lifelong supporter of United, I saw George on his debut for United and followed his career at United and elsewhere. He gave me some of my most enjoyable football memories most of which fortunately are preserved on video. It has been a privilege to watch your god given talent. God bless you George, rest in peace and thank you.

David Bird
For me George best was the Greatest footballer of his generation. I will remember him for his footballing genius. The fact that he had personal demons that eventually caused his early demise the fact is George Best was the Best (period) and I will never forget the joy he gave everyone who saw him play.

chris spencer
to one of lifes special people.

Mike Rice
I remember my mother buying a copy of the Sunday Mirror and on the front page was the headline, George Best leaves United. I Cried my eyes out,(i was a 9yo boy) he was my idol. i `ve been close to tears again on hearing the latest sad news (43yo man now) George is without doubt the best British footballer ever and a lovely guy into the bargain. He will live forever in my heart. Number 1 was Georgie best and Number 2 was Georgie Best ....Forever and Ever Amen

John Yates
George Best was my first sporting hero. As a result he will always be the best. Happilly his genius as a footballer has been preserved for us all to enjoy time and time again. And let's not forget that despite all the well publicised troubles, he was a most likeable man. Unique. He will be much and sadly missed.

A very sad day. George the man was, as we all can be, flawed but George the footballer was simply the best these islands have ever produced maybe the best the world has ever seen. Thanks for all the memories George and its been a privelage to have seen you play.

hilary canada
life long united fan filled with memories of george god bless george a true legend

Malcolm Broome
Going round to his house in Brahmall over 35 years ago. He came to the door eventually and signed his autograph and thanked us for cycling 8 miles for the honour.

Kourush Mavaei
I have never seen anyone better. Thanks for the memories and God speed.

Jo Barrett
I used to see Georgy at Oscar's and Slack's in the Seventies he was lovely and charming, when he was in Ancoats Hospital my mam who worked there was always taking him tea just to look at him she thought he was georgeous and he was. god Bless you George and your family.

Simon McDonnell
What can you say about George that hasn't been said already he lived up to his name 'Best' the best footballer to ever wear a red shirt. He was a milestone that everyone tries to emulate and as yet no-one has come close. God Bless George

I never had the fortune of watching him live and have only seen video footage of the great man. What can I say, a genius and a legend, its as simple as that. Respect to the legend that is and always will be.

Sherbert dip
If in my life i achieve and do half of the things George did, i'd die a happy man - but i expect i'd have to live until i was 174 years of age. Best is the greatest player ever - a true genius, a true star and his legend status will simply get bigger when he passes on. Well done George - you've blessed the world and blessed everyone who ever saw you play, in the flesh or otherwise. This is a time to celebrate his life and not to be sad. Thanks George.

Aldridge Pryor
My favourite memory of George was enjoying a good roast on a Sunday morning after a game. Farewell, friend.

E. Djemba-Djemba
George was a Manchester United legend, and we all hope that one day we will be remembered in the same stature.

Peter Chapman
I've supported city all my life but George was the best footballer I ever saw. He had grace, skill and strength which he used to entertain the whole crowd. Him and Pat Crerand came to our school for prize giving he signed autographs for hours without complaint. I hope people remember the football and not all the other things that came after. God Bless George

Eileen White
To me George was up there on that pedistal that no- one could rock, whatever. I remember going to see them come home when they won the European cup,stuck in the middle of the crowd,11 years old, seeing nothing. The bus arrived, the crowd moved and there he was right in front of me, up there on that pedistal. I will always remember that day.God bless you George you will always be my hero. Goodnight

Des O'Brien
George the greatest player ever you have left us with some wonderful memories. All true football fans will miss you Ireland will miss you Manchester will miss you.God Bless you.

Reuben Sukhram
I followed George Best all the way from British Guyana, and now living in the Netherlands. A great football legend.

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