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24 September 2014

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FC United flag
True colours: FC United banner

FC United: who are ya?

By Mike Sadler
Now, be honest, does all this talk of the new football club, FC United, leave you baffled? Fret no more. We give you the low-down on soccer's newest club. Hit me then. Who are FC United?

FC United

  • est. 5 July 2005
  • set up by rebel United fans
  • play at Gigg Lane
  • 2,500 fans at FC United v Padiham
  • £7 adult, £2 kids

FC United of Manchester is the newest addition to the football family.

It was formed on 5 July 2005 by disillusioned Manchester United supporters after the takeover by American billionaire Malcolm Glazer.

The rebel fans moved quickly enough to establish a breakaway club with their first manager, ex-Macclesfield and Rotherham striker Karl Marginson in time for the 2005/2006 season.

OK, but why bother?

FC United fans
Stand up if you love FC United

Obviously the Glazer takeover was the final straw for many diehard Reds. But Marginson says it's just the fans' frustration at excessive crowd control at Old Trafford:

"A lot of people have been upset over the past few years with being told they can't sing, they've got to sit down, they can't stand up. Things that they've been used to over the years, going to the Stretford End, sitting and singing with their mates, hopefully we can give something back to them," he added.

Where do they play?

Well, NOT Old Trafford that's for sure. FC United currently play their home games at Gigg Lane after Bury agreed to help them out. It was going to be Droylsden whose boss Dave Pace was close to finalising a deal but initial talks broke down.

No ground... any fans?

"I've been going to Old Trafford since I was seven. I'm now 53 and for the first time in my life I don't feel that I belong to the club"
FC United fan

Too right they have. The official attendance for the club's opening league match at Gigg Lane against Padiham was 2,498 - 237 higher than the gate for Bury v Shrewsbury seven days earlier in League Two! Unofficial reports put the gate for the Padiham game a lot higher.

To put that into context: the total attendance for four other games in FC United's league on Saturday 20 August was 246.

How much does it cost?

A bargain £7 for adults and £2 for kids! And a season ticket will only set you back £112. Compare that with Old Trafford where a matchday ticket costs £21 - £36 (half price for kids) and a season ticket is somewhere between £390 and £680 depending on where you sit.

What do the fans feel about Man United now?

FC United fans
Bargain: in for less than a tenner

Supporters turning up at Gigg Lane were pretty clear about why they'd turned their back on football's fat cats:

"It's just an empty shell. It's like supporting a giant corporation - you might as well be supporting Tesco or Asda," said one.

"I've been going to Old Trafford since I was seven. I'm now 53 and for the first time in my life I don't feel that I belong to the club," said another.

With you so far. Which league do they play in?

They play in the North West Counties League Second Division - that's nine levels below the Premiership. So, to get a crack at Manchester United, they'd have to win eight promotions to battle all the way up football's league pyramid.

So who are the top rebel Reds, their key men?

FC United skipper Dave Chadwick
FC United skipper Dave Chadwick

Just a couple to tickle your fancy. Keeper Phil Priestley's got to be up there. Nicknamed 'Elvis', the 26-year-old stopper's previous clubs include Welsh Premier League club Bangor City. Experienced operators like skipper Dave Chadwick, ex-Prescot, highlight Marginson's knowledge of what's needed at this level.

So will FC United win the league?

Might be worth a punt. Marginson has recruited players with a wealth of experience from the lower and non-league level. FC United's first two league games yielded maximum points with eight goals scored.

They won their first league game 5-2 against Leek CSOB. And their first home game against Padiham was a 3-2 win for the Red rebels.

last updated: 24/08/05
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francis hordichuk
Good on you mates. I'd like the same thing to happen to the national hockey league in canada/usa. Formula sports don't deserve the $'s spent.

malcol glazer take over is the problem of one united as real fan iam not happy

FC United! Brilliant

john smithson
well i think they played well actually

gone to all matches and not disapointed one bit ex man utd fan

Kevin Hughes
I live in Malaysia and have been a manutd supporter from a very young age. I actually found out about the takeover on my birthday. It shattered the day for me. But i managed to catch a FC-UTD game when i was back home in summer and i thought the atmosphere was overwhelming and i would pay to go see FC-UTD over man utd any day any price.

Kevin Hughes
I think FC-UTD is a brilliant idea, i live in Malaysia and have been supporting man utd since i was young. I went back this summer to england and managed to catch the Padiham game. To be honest i thought the atmosphere was overwhelming and i would rather pay to go see FC-UTD over man utd any day.

Went to watch FC United yesterday for the first time. Undoubtedly the best atmosphere in football!! Come and join us!!

phil james
all i need now is my doc martins few more scarfs me skinners bobby hat and its back to happy days thankyou fc fc fc utd

where can i find a list of fixtures

Sam Castle
Can I play for FC united please?

richard harrison
Well well well.. I have been a Utd fan since I was 8 years old, over 35 years now home and away, european pre-seasons, the lot (was in Barca in 1999 and Tokyo for the Toyota cup after)... my first ever football game I saw was at Gigg Lane, pre-season again City when I was 7..never thought I would see the day when reds would play at Gigg Lane (saw a pre-season friendly there once with Bury).. come on you Reds, it's only 8 promotions!

you'll all be flocking back to old trafford IF united manage to win anything this year

Brett 18
i want to play for them iam a ex man united forward and i want to play plz

john pavitt
its a load of rubbish, theres only one UNITED, they are a load of saddoes

And Fergie said Go and watch Chelsea Your'e avin a laugh We'll be watching FC

Your "half price for kids" comment about United at Old Trafford isn't strictly true. When I got my son the season ticket next to mine in the Sretford Upper Tier the club refused to give me any discount whatsoever. So, at 14 years of age, his season ticket cost a few pounds short of £600. I've just bought him a season ticket at FC United, it cost him £32. Two of his mates, who went to almost every home game at Old Trafford last season with us, are now 16 and are no longer able to afford to go. They been with myself and my son to all FC Uniteds league games so far. Another couple of fans from the younger generation waving goodbye to live games at Old Trafford, what a tragedy for the future of Manchester United Football Club.

Jeff Johnson
FC United is more than just a 'Rebel' breakaway club from Manchester United, it is a reaction against the greed and ill treatment of ALL fans, throughout the game. This is fottball by the people, for the people and that is what the PL clubs fear most - an end to the gravy train for players, agents and unethical, self-centered managers and directors.

Adam Lowe
FCUM is the way forward. I had more fun last night at Gigg Lane than I did at OT in countless games.

WEnt to both Villa & Padiham games on the same day. One was pretty boring with 10 men behind the ball & littla atmosphere, the other had plenty of action & loud non-stop singing - you guess which was which!

Great article, there's still people out there wanting FC united of manchester to fail but it seems it's getting stronger by each game

Tony Wilkinson
best fun I've had at a football match in ages. Singing none stop for 60 minutes. Stood up. Players having a beer with you after the game. A far cry from the sterile rubbish served up in the premiership these days. I'm back in love with football!

Been to the last 5 FC United games, and the atmosphere is like nothing you have ever seen in football in your life. Anyone with doubts needs to go and see it for themselves, but be warned those with acute hearing should stand at least 2 miles away. The noise is deafening. And do not think that its all 30+ year old males looking for their mis-spent youth. There are pensioners, children, teenage girls, wives, in fact just about every age group you can think of.... Get yourself to Gigg Lane and see for yourselves. If Premiership teams were to have even half this atmosphere then clubs like FC United wouldnt have a future. But FC United will prosper where other clubs have failed, purely because its a club run for supporters by supporters and the money isnt the issue. Its about having a good time, and believe me, no one will ever leave that ground having watched an FC United match feeling bored.

Kev in Moston
Get yourself along. You'll love it. It's like the old days but even better. Non-stop singing for 90 minutes.

the breath of fresh air that this club has provided is unbelievable - i have never smiled so much as i have at these games - its not just united fans, fans from other clubs like Bury obviously, celtic, AFC Dons and even City have been along to watch us Forza FC

ok so I'm a football virgin at 32.. got dragged to see Man utd a few years ago by my hubby and the place was well all right i suppose i was awed by the fact it was a huge stadium I've heard all ok Fc United went to my first game on Wednesday against Eccleshall we won 7-1 I'm converted MY god what a fantastic evening, all the singing, the banter, the Mickey taking out of the other goalie, and most of all the community spirit where everyone was together FANTASTIC, all i need to do now is learn the rules , learn the songs, and find out who's who and well I'll be a FC united fan for LIFE , for me Man utd dead and Well FC rocking!!! See ya when I'm 82 I'll still be a fan and i'll still be going to the match's.

I'm a season ticket holder at FCUM. Although it may sound a bit over the top, I can honestly say this club has restored my faith in humanity. There's no obsession with money and there's no-one telling you to sit down and shut up. We should have done this years ago.

Rob Kenny
A club and players that care about the fans, that make you feel like you're as important a part of this as them. And bags of excitment, singing, passion and goals!!!!

Simon Smith
We won 7-1 last night and things are going from strength to strength. FC United has been labeled as punk football and it's certainly being enjoyed by all that have attended the games so far. A club run by the fans for the fans cannot be a bad thing.

Mark Anderson
I was one of the thousands at Gigg lane last night for the game against Eccleshall. Fantastic atmosphere, some really good football and a 7-1 victory. That's only a pound a goal!! Come along and you won`t regret it. Its what football used to be about before big corporations bought it all and priced us ordinary fans out. Its run by the fans for the fans, one member one vote.

Mark Woods
Good Luck

Rodney Mark
Although such is the case people shoud just accept the reality. Let us behave like Chelsea Funs. They did not dispute and see where they are. A headache for us to beat now.

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