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24 September 2014

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Oasis (photo: Karen McBride)
Oasis (photo: Karen McBride)

Oasis at City of Manchester Stadium - 6/10

James Bentley (gig: 30/06/05)
With the title of the new Oasis album, the Gallaghers and their mates are issuing a desperate plea... Don't Believe the Truth.

And well they might, because the disappointing truth is that seeing Oasis live today is still exactly the same prospect as it was a decade ago. They don't seem to have moved on.

Noel Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)
Noel Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)

It was a brave move by the band to open with a song off the new album rather than a more established crowd-pleaser and it was one which ultimately failed. A sense of alienation was surely felt by the less-than-hardcore fans, who were exchanging puzzled looks and shrugs.

A dodgy sound system was never going to help matters and it was only through a noticeable riff, rather than the verbal introduction, that the crowd knew what was coming.

Once the standards were wheeled out though, an electric atmosphere was always guaranteed. Material from the first two albums was treated with the reverence it deserves – the songs are still important to people.

Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)
Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)

The group appeared to have softened with age by ending with Champagne Supernova. The dusky half-light of the City of Manchester stadium was illuminated by the glow of a thousand camera phones snatching a grainy, postage stamp-sized remnant of what is ultimately going to be remembered as just another Oasis gig.

But a little redressing was in order to bring up the ‘they've still got it’ debate, with an encore of My Generation bringing the curtain down. "Hope I die before I get old," snarled Liam, clinging to past glories indeed.

last updated: 01/07/05
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rock n rollstar
6/10 no way man that was the best gig ive been to zac starkey set the gig off with a blast liam looking magic and noel been himself hope there around for years to come keep rocking boys

it was so great- time of my life!

josh l
increddible no one like them

Oasis have definitly still got waht it takes to be one of the best bands in britain. Ive seem them twice and never have I been to see a band where the crowd is just buzzin'. It was brilliant. I could see them everyday live and not get bored...!

incredible and wonderful event

It appears someone let a disgruntled blur fan write this review. The gig was epic, and the crowd were all well up for it from the first chord until the last. Was this guy at the same show???

all i can say is, where u actually at the gig??? cos u seem to have witnessed a different performance from the other 50/60,000 people. oasis are the best band in the world! the crowd was buzzing from start to finish and turn up the sun was a crowd fave so how it was a failure is beyond me, 11/10!!!

This review is just trying to have another pop at Oasis or try to put them down. The gig was amazing, i had a great day, I din't even mind getting pissed thrown at me. The band interacted with the crowd a few times, Noel cracked jokes and Liam egged the crowd on when the barrier broke. Yes the sound system wasn't good but oh well that's not exactly their fault is it? And what kind of review is this? It doesn't even have pictures from the day on here, what a pile of crap.

nicholas james leng
james. . .wot was you on pal. . .the gig was amazing and as a true oasis fan it was simply amazing. . being into oasis is like religion. . your into it or your not. . 30 quid a ticket to see the best guitarist, best vocalist, and best song writer is more than value for money. . . . i sugest you go and see radiohead next and be bored off your box. . .

Craig Perkins - Frodsham, Cheshire
Totally disagree with this review. The Crowd was amazing, Oasis were on top form and the sound was good. As for Coldplay at Bolton, crackin band -crap crowd! - absolutly no atmosphere at all 9/10 Believe the truth OASIS ARE BACK!!!!

Gaz manchester
6/10 u gotta be jokin mate 10/10 best day of my life n as for the comment about oasis starting with turn up the sun being a faliur u abviously didnt hear the crowd singin evry word, theyv always been good and always will be, THE PEOPLE ARE THE CRITICS N WE WAS ALL MAD FOR IT!!!!

Russell Bennett
First gig ive ever been to -well the doves were at maine road on the last day but does that count - i dont no im only 14 so ill definatley go to another oasis gig because this was amazing and hearing ****** in the bushes live for the 1st time made my heart stop me n me m8 (josh p) thort it was immence cheers

James O'D
I attended the Saturday night gig in City of Manchester Stadium. The atmosphere from start to finish was electric. Granted the sound control was poor and for the millions they have it should ahve been better. The barrier brekaing could have been a disaster but it turned into one of the many highlights of the night. Zak Starkey is an inspired drummer and Liam worked the crowd amazingly. I went to the U2 gig and the Colplay gig and neither in terms of atmospher came close. Chris Martins songs don;t mena a thing apart form he likes the colour yellow. Oasis could have taken U2's lead on how to run a concert i.e. stage set up etc. but an amazing night had by all 10/10

Jon Donohue
Where to start with this one? To all those cretins listed below who keep banging on about how Oasis are still the best band in the world, and that they have moved on with a new sound, i put this thought to you: If the new material played is so worthy of a "best in the world" crown, why did the crowd only get going when the older material was played? Seems like a case of living on the back of former glories if ever i heard one! i think this journalist was viewing the gig as a neutral, which is the whole point of his job to offer an impartial, fact based opinion of the topic being reviewed. Good work James, very professional review!

Took all the family,spent a fortune,worth every penny,and I would like to thank Sir Liam and Sir Noel and the rest of the Boys for the looks on the wife and kids faces when they came on stage,and two hours of none stop singing and dancing and top rocking.Magical.

There amazing no dout about it

Seriously what are you on about ... whoever wrote that above knows nothing oasis are the best band in the world biggest band in the world and best live act in the world seriously mate shut up .

Madferit GIG

Why is a deaf journalist doing a review of a rock'n'roll gig?


oasis will never lose it.they are to me the biggest band in the world and for millions of others to,i so them at city of manchester stadium 3/7 05.great gig.oasis are and will always be familiar to millions and loved by millions.cheers

How can you say those things! The guy writing this is certainly one of those that no matter what Oasis do it's never going to be good enough because he's still thinking it's the 90's. Bands have to move on mate and move on Oasis have. I was there on Sunday 3rd, it was fantastic and the first song kicked off the crowd big style. Like many have already posted, you were probably sat on your a*se throughout the whole show watching from your pretty executive free seats courtesy of the BBC. Get into it man! (Thanks for this comment, but we just want to point out that the BBC does not adn never will purchase seats for reviewers at concerts - BBC Manchester)

OH MY GOD James, i dont know what gig you were at but it can't be the same one as Thursday 30th July! I was there and they were SUPERSONIC!! Oasis are fantastic and WILL live forever!!!! They are the best ever!!

cuthbert winston
i felt oasis provided a cathartic performance,embodied by empathic diversity of the highest order, it made one feel compelled to embrace the diligent dynamics, thus manifest

Finnish git
Bentley obviosly has been in the shimp sandwich stand and really getting into the gig. This is what we get when dodgy reporters are put in shows!

Grace Humphreys
I thought the gig was brilliant! 6/10 my arse! You, James Bentley was most certainly not at the same concert. I was right at the bloody front getting squashed by some old sweaty fat bloke and it was still the most amazing gig i've ever been!! Get a life, 6/10?! Pfft.

Dane Perry
I think that the comment above, and the score of 6/10 is completely maraculous. You obviously couldn't have been to the same gig as 60,000 other people. Saying that this was the best of the five gigs I've been watching oasis is no overstatement. I agree the opening two songs didn't exactly 'rock' the crowd, but as soon as 'whats the story morning glory' was kicked out, and then followed by 'ciggerettes and alcohol', you just knew you was in for a good day. The atmosphere generated was electric, and from the comment above saying that Oasis hadn't moved on..... Good, cos we certainly don't want any of this, so called new age indie music, which is basically pop music with abit of guitar in it.We don't want Oasis to move on, we want them in that golden era of 'Definatly Maybe' and 'Be Here Now', Producing songs like 'Live Forever', 'Champainge Supernova', and Il end there so not to reel off the hole two albums. Bring back the old, not this 'Lyla', and other tripe. Go on Oasis, you did yourself and manchester proud during those three day gigs.

Adz Harrison
class! and it got better, on both saturday and sunday... great song to open with as an intro to the new sound, and thats what the non-hardcore fans want to hear. if oasis haven't moved on how have they "softened"? their best gig since 2000

Dr Martin Willard
James should be sacked for the worst music review I have ever read!!!!! Oasis have still got it, will always have it and continue to grow as the best band in the world. I suggest you try and re think your career.

Ian Langham
i love Oasis but i prefer Lemar or Sugababes.This performance at Manchester was great but not as good a performance as Brian Macfadden(Top of the Pops, May 2005)

The gig was ok but Liams mic needed to be turned up.. he was drowned out by Noels guitar.... Southend still rates as the best Oasis concert.... Manchester B+

Matty C
who the hell is this guy reviewing the gig?! he aint got a clue!! i was at the gig on saturday the 2nd and it blew me away! i've seen them twice before (LCCC & Poole, Bournemouth) and this was better than them both! the sound was louder that i've heard it before! Liams voice was amazing and Noel...what can i say?! brilliant! i don't know who wrote this review but please dont let him review any more oasis gigs again!!!

Oasis are the greatest band i've ever heared. i am from manchester and Oasis are the greatest thing to listen to on a rainy day...who wrote this report? they clearly have no taste in music what so ever

Mikey B
Sorry James but I was at the gig and it doesn't sound like the same one as you! The crowd went mental when they opened with Turn up The Sun. They played a great mix of new material and old classics, the atmosphere was great. OK the sound system could have been better but I didn't notice anyone complaining. Great gig.

Dan F
Oasis were thoroughly disappointing - I think you have actually been much kinder to them than I have.

I've seen Oasis about 4 times before this gig (30th June) and was really looking forward to it, especially because it was in their hometown. They looked the part and Liams voice sounded great but the general sound was terrible!You couldn't hear Gem's or Noel's guitar which spoilt it for me because Oasis strength has always been their layered sound. Noel uses basic chord structures but the melodies he bounces off them are amazing and I couldn't hear any of it! Coldplay sounded a lot sharper in Bolton which annoys me because I've always thought Oasis have a lot more to offer than them and were let down by the sound techs not doing their job properly. Oasis have strong album out and possibly the strongest collection of songs ever written so its a shame that they don't do themselves justice with poor quality sound. If they want to remain in the big league with Coldplay,U2 etc they cannot afford do to gigs as unprofessional as this. However, the atmosphere was great with everybody singing their hearts out and I'll always be a fan of the band which is why I think its important to be critical of them.


Gary Hayes
I have no idea which gig whoever wrote that review was watching, but it was not Oasis in Manchester. They still proved that when it comes to live music they are the best and untouchable compared to current bands who have 3 half decent tracks on only one album. The new songs were sang along with exactly the same extasy that the old favourites were. You wouldnt hear one complaint from the 70,000 plus fans there, its just the one 'critic' who moans. Still its for the fans and a sell out tour cant be wrong?

I'm guessing that the guy who has wrote this interview is one of those proclaiming how great coldplay, u2, athlete, bloc party or whoever is the 'band of the moment' to bother actually watching the gig. Only an utter moron would come out with the tosh that he's written and the crowd when oasis opened went absolutely mental and having seen all the bands of the moment I can comfortably rank this as being far superior to any of the music media's favourite bands. There is a theory that "Don't believe the truth" is supposedly labelled as not to believe what the media portray to you as the truth. On this evidence this theory is correct.

Donnaz (Newcastle )
James Bentley what plante are you on pal. That was the best live gig iv ever seen,Liams voice was so powerfull and the band were g8,Nole awesome.i was at the last night and it was total class,weather every penny and the trip down from Newcastle. LIVE FOEVER

Super Bladesman
Oasis's gig on the saturday was as mad as it's ever been. It's on TV this saturday so check it out. Absolutely mental.

awesome and the doves were good too

Came down from Aberdeen for the gig on the last night (3rd July) - Was worth every minute of my 18 hour round trip!! Great city, great people, best gig of my life!!! Thank you Oasis, and the people of Manchester for a mad weekend!

Robert Tingle
I was there Sunday 3rd.Did this reporter actually attend or is he a Robbie Williams fan?.Do not let someone review the gig who clearly does not like Oasis.They are the same as a decade ago-AMAZING!!

first time i have seen oasis on 30th but worth it when waterfall was played before they came on i knew this was special!

I went on 3rd July...awesome. The crowd were ferverent and all anticipation was met with a spiralling set of new stuff and old. Superbly received and dished out in the high quality manner that only Oasis can do live. It was rock and roll, have Oasis moved on? They are still a rock band and still one of the best bands on the planet live. Think James must be a Blur fan or related to Patsy Kensit. It was class

Ste (Liverpool)
Went to the gigs on Thurs 30/06 and Sun 03/07. The sound system was awful! Seen Oasis on many occasions in the past and they've always been great but both these gigs were disappointing. I'm sure it wasn't that they weren't any good, it was the sound system which let them down. Hopefully the sound will be much better when I go up to Newcastle Arena on Tues 12/07. P.s Went to see Coldplay at Reebok Stadium on Mon 04/07 and they were a different class! (never thought I'd say it as a devoted Oasis fan)

Utterly rubbish review, I went on the thursday, all I can say is it was absolutley amazing! best gig I ever went to! Personally never noticed anything wrong with the sound.

Stephen Tomkinson
I've seen oasis at Maine Road, Knebworth, LCCC, Reebok and thought that the CoMS gig was as good, if not better, than any of the above. I had a great night. Like most successful people / groups in England, the media just build them up to knock 'em down, and the above review seems very much in that vein. The only thing that matters is that almost all the oasis fans at the gig enjoyed it. Come back soon fellas.

Gary Sloan
Having been to 5 Oasis gigs now i would have to put the one on 2nd of July was superb. The new songs sounded great with Lyla being sung loud by all. Even the 30 minute delay didn't dappen spirits as Noel and Liam bantered with the crowd and numerous ladies displayed their boobs on the giant screens. Fantastic night.

All I can say is they must have sorted the problem out . I was at last nights gig (3rd july) and they totally blew me away. They were just pure rock and roll

Pete Tolhurst
Went on 2/7/05 and had an absolutely fab time. I have never seen such a hogh mosh pit (the whole of the football pitch!!). The band were blinding and elevated the crowd. Shame about the plonkers who kept throwing beer around though.

Lucy Clayton
Well i thought that the gig was ace!

Was really up for the gig but in the end thought is was very average and the sound was far too quiet. still had a quality night though!

Went to see the boys last night the sunday gig.superb! Could have interacted with the crowd a little more but the fans were so mad they really never had to. I was on the front row and im glad im still here to tell my tale now. It was amazing the support the boys have got it is almost like a cult. I found the stadium to be quiet unorganised i have to say. Overall preformance 9 out of 10.

Supberb atmosphere brillant show!

Andy, Birmingham (17)
You got dealt the short straw, i was at the Saturday gig and the best thing about it was that it was them being who they were back in 96 (me being too young to really know what it was alla about). Plus the added fiasco of the barrier breaking, the bearing of breasts and the deathening sound of 60,000 people singing to every line of every song. Electric!

sam smith
James! Are you a United fan or something? 60,000 people last thursday thought that it was amazing, so why are you being so ignorant?

Owen Lewis
I drove 5 hours to go see this gig and it was briliant. The new album has gone down pretty well with all the crowd singin along to them and all the old classics every was singing along to. When they played my generation every one went crazy just showing theyve still got what it takes to play a good gig

lisa arthur
I enjoyed the new and old material but was disappointed with the sound - from my position in the stadium, all of the speaking and some of the songs were muffled. I think a bit of James' review was quite justified although I must state that even with the sound problems, I wouldn't have not been there for the world!

Paul Gregory
The support acts didn't help matters. The Stands were mildly pleasant to listen to but the Super Furry Animals let down the crowd with a totally ill-selected set. I don't think the Oasis fans saw their point of view at all!

André Gobi
They´re back!!! With all their forces!!! It´s Oasis my friends!!!

Gary Hood
I thought the gig was absolutely amazing. It's the first time I'd ever seen Oasis (after 11 years of being a fan) and they completely blew me away. The songs were all anthems, the performances were great. Zak Starkey was an inspired choice for new drummer, pity he's not full-time Oasis, really! I thought it was a great set-list, though I would've liked a couple of Be Here Now tunes, though I know that's never happening. The crowd was excellent as well. Perfect gig, IMO, and I can't wait for the next 3 Oasis gigs I'm off to this summer.

Mark Turnbull
Oh yeah..... It were no Maine Road - obviously. Sing it loud and sing it proud

Mark Turnbull
Oasis have become the "Roling Stones Circus" they always said they'd never become. Still had great time and sung my heart out. You know what to expect, a beery singalong to any song everyone knows. Shout out for the Furries who were booed by the most ignorant bunch of people I'd ever witnessed though. If you don't like it got to the bar and leave others to listen and maybe find something new. You might need a new favourite band at this rate

Dominic Archer
Is it me or does Mr Bentley seem like a bit of a blur fan. He has totally missed the point, the concert was great the set was great the only downsides were the delay getting into the stadium and the sound issues. Other than that it was a night to remember, and remember it I will. 8/10

Alice O'Rourke
This gig was the best I've ever been to. sure, they had some sound problems but it was the electric mancunian crowd atomsphere that made it really memorable. Don't Look Back in Anger was the best song as it got the whole crowd singing along. The set could have been longer, however and i would have loved to hear She's elctric as well as Let There Be Love from the new album , Don't Believe The Truth. Overall it was a fantastic night with great classic songs, and a few great new tracks, and an enthusiastic crowd.

Mark Williamson
I thought the gig was alright, but it didn't blow me away as I was expecting it to. The sound was poor but I have a feeling it is more to do with the acoustics of the stadium as a few people commented on a similar thing with U2 a couple of weeks ago. The new stuff is pretty good but the only thing that got the crowd going were the classics. Probably give it 7/10.

Ian Rosendaal
This review has completely missed the point. Instead of trying to give it some sort of historical context, see the gig for what it was - a great rock and roll show which brought the house down (I was there and saw the crowd reaction for myself). Obviously Mr Bentley is one of the ever increasing number of the music press who thinks that rock n roll is all about poncy radiohead type nonsense than just getting out there on stage and playing a top set. I pity you as 60,000 people last night know how wrong your review is.

Vishal Sharma
Not quite an accurate review. The sound system was indeed poor but it was a great gig. Sing-a-long classics were welcomed and the new material was great (with the exception of LLAB which didn't quite kick it). Where were you James whilst everyone else was getting high?

Ben Clawson
James, that's a darned good review!

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