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24 September 2014

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Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)
Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)

The Importance of Being Liam

As Oasis play three nights at the City of Manchester Stadium, Radio 1’s Judy Hobson caught up with Liam Gallagher to discuss funeral parlour videos, being the biggest band in Britain, trying to be a good dad and where home is.


Please be aware that this interview contains strong language

Can I ask you about the video? We’ve not seen it yet, but apparently it’s brilliant…

"Shall I tell you what? I’ve not seen it either, but I’ve heard it’s good. We just wanted to do something that complimented the song. The song’s a bit weird, so we thought instead of just playing in our clothes, let’s do something. That was the song to dress up like an idiot. It’ll be back to business as usual for the next tune."

Rhys Ifans is in it. How did he get involved?

Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)
Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)

"Because I asked him to do it. Noel was going to ask some other idiot, and I said ‘no man, Rhys is one of the boys’, so we got him down and he said he’d do it. He’s top, the video is basically him, and I’m forever in his debt."

Why did you decide to release this song?

"It’s all down to Noel, I think he must be skint. We could do with releasing one of mine some day! I don’t know. He obviously thinks it’s great."

Are you looking forward to the Manchester shows?

"I’m looking forward to all of them, everything, life. Everything’s great at the moment, really good, touch wood that it stays that way!"

What about all the G8 stuff?

Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)
Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)

"I don’t know anything about it. We’ve been in America. I know there’s a load of bands going down there, and I wish we were doing it, but this is, I wouldn’t say more important, but to some people it is. This is booked so we’re doing this, but if we weren’t doing this, we’d definitely be doing it."

Do you feel that Manchester’s still home?

"Manchester’s always home. My home is in London, that’s where my kids are from, it’s where I do my business, but this is home without a doubt. It’s where all my mates are. But it’s definitely changed since I lived here, it’s got a bit tidier and a bit smarter."

Is your mum coming tonight?

"Yeah, she’s out now selling tickets out the front, t-shirts and that, doing a bit of touting. Selling drugs; hash, crack, the lot, she’s got it… (laughs)"

Is she good at selling drugs?

"Probably. She’s great at everything. (laughs)"

You’ve been on a massive tour. Do you miss Gene? Does he come with you?

"Obviously, I’d like them to be in a band, because it’s the best job in the world. Making music is great."
Liam Gallagher on his hopes for his children

"He came with us to America, don’t think he’ll come to Japan, it’s too far. But he’s sort of on tour with us. And Lennon. They come as much as they can come, but they’ve got school to do, and believe you me, they’re not missing a day."

Are you a strict dad?

"No, I’m straight but fair. They don’t get away with murder and they’re not snotty-nosed, little rock star rich kids. They know what’s going on."

What do you want them to be when they grow up?

"It’s totally up to them. Obviously, I’d like them to be in a band, because it’s the best job in the world. Making music is great."

You must be happy with the reviews of the new album?

Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)
Liam Gallagher (photo: Karen McBride)

"It’s nice that people are digging it, it’s nice that people are saying nice things about the band again. It’s getting a bit old hat to slag Oasis off, and it’s boring. We are the b******s, we are the best band that England’s got, and we do have fun, and we’re not that serious about it. I think that makes us the best, so people should just get on and applaud it, instead of slagging it, because they look silly. No band’s what they used to be 12 years ago. We’re a different band, I think we’re a better band."

How’s the tour going?

"The tour’s great. The only problem that we’ve had on this tour is that Noel’s had the s***s. So I think we’ve turned the corner. Last year, people got their teeth knocked out and then we had a car crash. Everything’s going good for Oasis at the moment, and I’m sure that will do people’s heads in, but never mind."

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