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28 October 2014

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U2 (photo: Karen McBride)
U2 (photo: Karen McBride)

U2 at City of Manchester Stadium - 9/10

Chris Long (gig: 14/06/05)
Make Poverty History, Live8, Drop the Debt… these days, U2 are more about slogans and gestures than rock and roll, aren’t they? Haven’t Coldplay become the biggest band in the world?

Set list:

  • Vertigo, I Will Follow, The Electric Co., Elevation, New Year's Day, Beautiful Day (Blackbird), City of Blinding Lights, Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love and Peace or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet the Blue Sky, Running to Stand Still, Pride, Where the Streets Have No Name, One.
  • First Encore: Zoo Station, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, With or Without You (Transmission, Love Will Tear Us Apart)
  • Second Encore: All Because Of You, Yahweh, Vertigo

The answers, delivered with a blistering punch from the stage of a sold-out stadium, are a resounding pair of nos. Book ending their show with the sizeable slab of power rock that is Vertigo, the two hours that came in-between showed just why Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr still stand high above the competition.

It’s true that Bono is by far the most pretentious rock star ever with his posing, posturing and pleas for the use of texting to change the world, but, like Batman, as long as he uses his powers for good, we can forgive him some things. It was made easier by the sheer force of his performance, as he strode like a colossus across the mandibles of the stage, showing off the voice that has gifted him the influence he has.

Bono (photo: Karen McBride)
Bono (photo: Karen McBride)

Around him spun The Edge. He still possesses the most ridiculous moniker and the most overused delay pedal in rock, but as he stormed through classics like New Year’s Day, Bullet The Blue Sky and I Will Follow, there was little to take from his performance.

The two extremes of U2 were best summed up in the rhythm section. Adam Clayton, looking quite rightly like the smuggest bassist in musical history, took as much of the spotlight as either of Bono or The Edge, reveling in the attention. Larry Mullen Jr, however, seems still shell-shocked by the group’s size. When even he got the chance for a wander down one of the massive runways that scooped into the crowd (for a poundingly urgent Love And Peace Or Else), he waved away cheers and fled back behind the safety of his kit as soon as the song allowed.

Bono (photo: Karen McBride)
Bono (photo: Karen McBride)

For all their personalities, it was the songs that shone through against the massive screens. Elevation, stripped down for extra effect, pushed out a previously undiscovered splendour. Sunday Bloody Sunday, complete with a Bono rant on the problems with the "sons of Abraham" (he’s got a point there), was as fresh and fired-up as two decades ago. Beautiful Day washed a sea of arms into the air and came complete with a twist of the Beatles’ Blackbird at its finale, and that feat was echoed in With Or Without You which, after a chorus of every voice present, switched into snips of Joy Division’s Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

They may still be obsessed with slogans and posing, but isn’t that why we love them? The cheers that rang louder than the feedback at the close of a second encore of All Because Of You, Yahweh and Vertigo said yes. Rumours and articles might have wanted it another way, but U2 are still the biggest band on the planet by a long way.

U2 (photo: Karen McBride)


last updated: 15/06/05
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Denise Hagan Birkenhead
Outstanding,wednesday 15th June 2005 has to be the best night of my life sunday bloody sunday had me bouncing. Being covered in flying cups of wee was well worth it U2 you are amazing

Although I havent been a massive U2 fan myself for long, i went to the manchester gig on the second night, and although i was on my tiptoes for most of the night due to the 40ft distance between Bono, I cannot complain. i dont think u can really knock them for promoting world peace through their music. If you dont like it, dont listen...i do think the tshirts were an absolute waste of money - so i got a knock off one £15 cheaper after the gig. i av to agree with a previous writer though. At 16, I think Bono is the sexiest man over 40, its all a matter of opinion though isnt it? All the disappointing parts of the concert - and i av to say there werent many - were covered by the lighting up of the stadium by todays mobile phones...just shows that something so little can light up something so great when we work together. Thanks to all the guys...bestest concert iv ever been to :)

Kat Speak
I went to both nights and I'm glad I did. The first night was ruined by some twits called stewards who kept all the wristbands in our queue and decided to try and sell them in the loos later on. Not doing very well with their plan they gave up and dissapeared along with the wristbands. So none of our queue got one which stunk! Especially when some other dozey stewards decided that they let a few people into the elipse to fill gaps. When hundreds of people try to get through two small gates it isn't good! No organisation at all from Manchester and too many p*ss heads who could have been pogoing anywhere, they didn't care! The second night I was seated and thankfully I could see something, let alone breathe and not get elbowed by some fat lager lout. U2, you guys are the greatest.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion... but if your opinion is that you don't like the band, the band members, the music, the political clap-trap, the price of the tickets!!!..then I suggest maybe, only maybe, you should resist the urge to go to them in the first place (only a suggestion). Another point - U2 were never a 'next song on the list' band. U2 are a band that have always allowed the music to melt away into conversation. It's called communication. So you don't like what he says, so you don't like politics, so you get squeamish at the mention of Africa. So find another band. If you've discovered U2 on recent TOTPS shows then you really haven't discovered them at all. U2 fans EXPECT Bono to speak and's what gives U2 shows their unique orgasmic pulse rhythm. Bono's stark voice giving way to the craving for a return to the Edge's electric roar. It's U2 live.

I went on the Tuesday night, and was disappointed. Not because of U2's performance though. i was there at Slaine 4 years ago and it was the best time of my life, u2 can do no wrong in my opinion. Tuesday night's organisation really wound me up, firstly, dont sell beer, it produces idiots, and why would you bother getting drunk, you'd never remember the gig! there were also empty seats AFTER the gig had started that we werent allowed to go to, whats the diff?! we couldnt see, and some of us actually work full time and dont have the opportunity to queue up all day to get a good position!! Still enjoyed it though, just was a let down compared to Slaine. Promised myself that next time they tour i will be queuing from the crack of dawn to get a wristband!! I'll be 35 by then probably! But i WILL do it!

I went to both nights, was in the front section for the Tuesday and in the stands on the Wednesday – I have to agree that whilst I was easily in the best possible location on the first night the magic just wasn’t there. Too light, too slow and no engagement with the crowd. That said, with a few tweaks to the running order and a 20 min delay in starting everything changed, the Tuesday was a great band singing great songs in a great venue, the Wednesday however was an emotional event, and one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Munty Lugs
They were mega, U2 days!

Liverpool Laura
The 14th June 2005 is a day i will remember for the rest of my life. Although having experianced numerous gigs/concerts i have to say U2 is the best ive been to and cannot be beaten. I think it's a shame people having been complaining on here about simple human errors which i didnt even cant expect a huge rock concert to go perfectly..that's what the cds are for. Atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, except for some few selfish members of the crowd. Bono put on an awesome show and his presence was just mind blowing, at only 4ft away from THE biggest name in rock i felt like i couldnt be happier to be in Machester. At 16 i am completely taken by U2 and cannot imagine any other future rock band to live up to that name. If you don't like the religious take on the songs then don't come to the gig and then complain when you know perfectly well how the show will be put across. Also, if no-one famous had indorsed the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campain how the hell would we know about it or care? Thanks Dad for taking me i love you so much!!

Irene Mungo
Had the most amazing 2 nights of my life when I saw them for the first time in April back to back in Anaheim. What can you say, the best two hours of my life! and the best $200 I have ever spent. I felt like my soul was truly elevated to another place...I like to call it U2 heaven :). Can't wait for Nov. I get to see them again 3 more times! You can never have enough of the greatest music ever made..coming alive in front of you...thank you U2...I love you..thank u Bono for all you do..God bless!

Grainne Breathnach!!
I went 2 see them in Manchester as a suprise from my boyf they were amazing!! Im from dublin,ireland myself and im going 2 see them tonight when they play 2 a home crowd. Im so excited!! Worth everybit of the 9 hour wait!!

Peter gardener
I have waited over 20 years to see U2 and I was certainly not disappointed. A fantastic night with a tinling atmosphere from start to finish. Although not my favourite song streets with no name brought the crowd to fever pitch. The songs from HTDAAB were better live than on CD in years to come they will become they will become classics. U2 are the best band in the world with the best songs and the abilty to put them over in a fresh way regardless of time. Thanks for a night I will never forget.

Barry Phythian Liverpool
Agree organisation poor. Some gates all first in queue got wristbands, others 'stewards' were just swamped. Was near catwalk, 4ft from Bono - great! The bright sunlight took away some magic from the light set, which was awesome in last halfhour when dark. I agree some of the crowd were a bit subdued and the gig lacked a bit of spotanaeity. Still superb though. Finally, why shouldn't Bono use his fame to try & change the world? Any decent human would. How do some of you know that the boys don't give a lot of their money to charity? Do you seriously think they'd tell you? It's their decision. If you believe you're being ripped off, don't buy the merchandise. Mind you, don'hear that many people complaining at paying £40 for a footy shirt or boycotting matches coz some crap player is on £50000 a week. Get my drift? Love ya anyway.

bonos young adoring fan
i went to see U2 on wednesday night i have just got to say that i love bono he is fab u2 are the best band ever!!!! and i even made a poster for them i hope that they noticed luv you bono i am only 15 and i love them

that was one cool concert!!!

I was there on Wednesday and had the two seats that were highest and farthest from the stage. Although Bono looked microscopic, his voice and presence turned him into a giant. Just a magnificent performance and the band works the crowd better than any other mainly because their material contains standard after standard. Can't wait to see them at home again in Dublin next Monday although it won't be the same without Debb.

Kate and Martin
Why is anyone complaining? It was U2!

Tom T and Jules, Rochdale
We went on Tuesday, 1st time seen them live, fantastic, awesome, brilliant, better than the Stones or...... ANYBODY!

andy cullen
this was the best rock concert i,ve ever been to in the last 20 years just clasic u2

Good gig, but too many dull ass couples standing moping. Vibe was poor compared to U2's Ireland gigs where everyone jumps around.

I went on Wednesday and it was amazing. They are the best band in the world to see live my ears are still ringing!

Andrew - Surbiton
Travelled all the way to manchester because the corporate touts prevented me from getting a ticket nearer home. Senn U" in 1984 at the NEC, Live Aid and at Milton keynes Bowl. I prefer the slightly smaller venue but U" are amazing. Took my wife who was thrilled and my 13 year old son. Hope the Edge gave him some more inpiration for his guitar. Excellent gig (second night)

Went Wednesday night. Setlist fantastic, band great,singer hugely overated. Bono was behind the beat on most songs, and when he managed to locate the tune he then inserted another one in an amateur fashion. He then preached at us while charging £25 for a t shirt. An overated pompous chancer for people who see 1 gig every 2 years. Go see the Tears for a charismatic frontman...

Was Right at the very front facing the speakers.I have loved U2 forever but this was my first time at one of their concerts. Loved the concert...though sound could have been better and I wished they would have played fast car which would have been awsome.Also wish Bono would have come over to the right side of the stage. Security was excellent, one drunken lout was behind us and thrown out. Well looked after by security and given endless cups of water.A most memorable day despite time spent queing and walking. We have no idea how much Bono gives to the Charities he supports so we cannot criticise someone who keeps so focused on these government deprived countries.Thank God there are people like him. Love you forever BonoXXXX

Paul Alcock
Even though I'm a scouser I've got to agree with Manc Lad. Having seen U2 on every tour since Boy at Erics in Liverpool 1979 I didn't think the Manchester Gig was very good

Can only be described as - FANTASTIC!! Paid £120 for ticket, travelled up from London and well worth the money and effort. Lucky enough to get into the "eclipse" area at the front, 10 foot away from the performers, amazing. If you go try to get into this area as the sound was great, unlike further back in the stadium. All in all - THE MUTTS NUTS!!


Indigo Flowers
I think it was money well spent. it was the most amazing day of my life and i will never forget it. They really are better live. Everyone needs to stop moaning, Bono uses himself to promote his causes why should he use his own money. They even persuaded me to go to edinburgh which i am now saving up for. The best bit was were Bono shook his ass at the crowd, i'm only sixteen but would still love to be a U2 groupie. Bono is the sexiest man over 40 ever. U2 were sent from god to make the world a better place with their music and good causes, they rock and don't ever forget it.

Bono what a legend! The best concert i have ever seen from U2! Absolutely AWESOME!!! and Bono ill see you at Live8!

pol (york)
I don't like U2.Sorry i mean i didn't like U2 until i saw them at Manchester on the 2nd night.Sounds like the first night was bad, but let me tell you the second night was awesome !!

John C
We queued from 10.30 on tuesday god was it worth it,we got in to the front section and sang and pogo'd all the way through the set which is more than can be said for some why did they bother it's sad when some of the true fans could'nt get in the front,anyway roll on the next tour!

The sound was awful and the effect of the lights was non existent because the sun was still out. Ok gig but for 85quid a throw you would think they could get the sound right, most bands do.

Manc Lad
Bono's babe yep I was there. don't get me wrong I like u2 (i've seem them on the last 4 tours) it's just that compared to Slane Castle last time I saw them this time didn't quite cut the mustard for me. I might save up to see them as Madsion Square Gardens in NY though in october to see if they are better there...

also one just in his 40s and wonder if the current groups of today can cut it as long as was a fantastic gig and they have to be the best live band in the point. dont serve beer and you will not have drunks.

Bobby Dazzler
I don't remember paying £75 to be preached to all night about God and Poverty. (even though I agree with poverty) But the irony is too much with ticket prices that high. U2 you are surrounded by 'Yes' people, Play smaller venues, its a better vibe and sound for the audience all round, cut the long jabber inbetween songs ! ( the magic was lost for me.....and the money which went on the lights and sunglasses. ) . What was that gap down the front as well ! Real fans would have loved to have been in that front circle, Good set..but you should know Better U2.

well worth waiting 12 years to see my hero again !!!!!!!!!! True fan... just wish Bono was a bit taller so would have spotted me and pulled me out of the crowd !!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!

and to think bono refused to do glasto because of poor sound quality.... ps bono - why not give some of YOUR millions to charity??

BIg Bono Adoring Girl!
25 years of my life dedicated to the greatest band on earth and once again they didn't let me down! Every time I see them they just get better than ever - was there on Weds, great mix of old and new stuff with all the passion us U2 fans love to see. As for you moaning lot - leave the man alone, if Bono wants to use his fame/superstardom for such good causes he should be congratulated and supported not criticised - LOVE YOU BONO X

Excellent show...Elevation was really good. I'm going to see them in London on the second night and I really hope they play OUT OF CONTROL.

I came from GREECE-Thessaloniki just to hear them.I loved every minute of their magic songs. I hope they come soon at Thessaloniki just like 96...

They were excellent! Don't understand people moaning about Bono's rants - why shouldn't he? 60,000 people just turned up to see him...At least he stand's up for what he believes in unlike most spineless people in this country.

Mischa Constant
A lifechanging experience! After a 20 year wait, I have now seen U2 in action. There will never be a better Rockband in the history or future of mankind!! AWESOME...

Jamie H
I saw the Wednesday gig too - thought the band were in outstanding form! What an opening six songs! And Bono's voice held up superbly throughout. I would mirror comments about a 'strange crowd' though. The sound was great but it wasn't matched by very good acoustics in the stadium - which left the atmosphere a bit flat. U2 are still the best live band in the world!!

Another of the mid 40's
Ian Hollas - you don't suddenly change your taste in music when you've hit your 40's. We were probably listening to U2 before you were born!

Red Ferret - Warrington
Superb, Quality Beefy!!! Still deaf in left ear, got there earlish, 3.30, and got in the front section, good view, quality sound. Awesome performance!!!

laura lou
Snow patrol were not on form !!!!

Sensational gig but I wasn't really up for it as I was decidedly off-colour on the night - the pogoing on the pitch didn't help much. Still, the band were really tight and hot, thought the sound system was superb for music (though a bit naff when Bono was just talking), and the light show was jaw-droppingly good. Been playing U2 ever since I got home, especially Atomic Bomb which just keeps getting better and better on each listen. Will be tuning in to radio 2 on Sat night to see what they manage with the southern softies at Twickers.

Ian Wilson
As one of the 'mid 40's' described below by Ian Hollas can I just remind him that the four members of U2 are all in their mid 40's and that we are the ones who have been around since the beginning..............he should have more respect.

I thought that U2 absolutely rocked. Well worth the money, and yeh whilst the sound quality wasn't the best I've heard, it was still an amazing gig and an excellent night. i went Wed and was about half way back - thought the crowd was really good. Everyone was getting into it and having a really good time - just like you should at a gig. Bono does rant that's true, but as other people have said, he has the platform to do it and why not? I respect him for that. Only bummer for me was i'm really short so couldn't see a lot unless my boyfriend put me on his shoulders. Other than that it was a top night and i'd definitely pay the money to see them again. Gods!!!!

Excellant, awesome, the best! What can I say! I would pay any amount of money to see U2 again!

shahzad butt

Ian Hollas
Excellent gig, expensive but unmissable. I go along with the strange crowd bit. Seemed to be lots of "Geezer" types in mid 40's still trying and failing to look cool. Bono's lectures and do gooding went on a bit too. But the music was spot on!

Jenny H
Loved the gig, love U2. Some of the crowd were pretty weird. One point though- we all know U2 have a political agenda but you don't have to agree with the politics to like the music. I just wonder how many of those cheering Bono's political statements are actually going to step up and do something to change things. You might not have U2's millions but you can still put your money where your mouth is.

Andy - Hull
Great, no amazing concert, was near the speakers on the right and sound was superb, could feel the music ripping through me !! I think Bono shouldn't use his gigs for his own agendas though, bit too religious for my tastes. I think the set was awesome, especially the huge LED backdrop. If only the stage was a meter higher my girlfriend would have been able to see also. Totally aggree with the crowd issue, not many of them seemed to know the words and were more intent on fighting, at least the main trouble maker near us passed out just as U2 entered the stage.. haha, serves himself right. Makes me wonder where the rest of the true fans were? U2, the last of a dying breed of true rock showmen. Bravery were awful but Snowpatrol were on form.

Justin Steel
Went on Wednesday. Thought they were awesome. PLayed almost all the tracks I wanted to hear and headed back to London thoroughly satisfied. 3 hours sleep before work this morning but well worth it! I actually think Bono's doing a great job using his stauts as world famous rock superstar to open peoples eyes up to the problems in the world. When you're standing in front of a packed stadium with a mic in your hand, people will listen. Interesting point about the merchandise stand in the middle of the pitch... I do hope it wasn't for more financial gain. And I heard the 10 quid car parking fee was also insisted upon by U2. Donation lads????

laura lou
Amazing. Yep sound quality very poor but atmosphere was good. What can I say - if u can't see the stage its a sign of your age. Oh and by the way there was a guy stood next to me like a wet lettuce the whole way through - didn't move an inch ! Snowpatrol were not good - took ages to get into it. the Bravery rocked !

Absolutely brilliant! Best live band in the world! Want to go again!!!!!!

bono's babe (I wish!!)
Manc Lad r u sure u were actually at the concert?? Sounds to me like u were on a dif planet as was anyone else who thought the gig was anything less than amazing!! Roll on Glasgow!!

Went to the gig, so-so first half and the politics did go on a long time but ultimately all in a good cause -but and this is a big but-u2 have bottled it slightly since there experimentation in the 1990's and i for one was getting very frustrated that they seem to have forgotten that they had 3 albums out in that decade -but the encore with it's Achtung Baby tracks was superb, and then they did look like a rock band, then the Coldplay comparisons just looked plain stupid -more of that is needed-not all u2 fans grew up in the 80's -many of us came on board in the 90's-they would do well to remember that

Alyson Stringer - Mossley Hill
I shook all the wya through, I have always loved Bonio and cried when he sang one. He even waved at me during the show. The best bit was when we all held up our mobile phones, it made me feel good cos mine was the best phone there. Great show.

Great gig, strange crowd. A guy in front of us read a magazine throughout!

went to see U2 on tuesday AMAZIN gig.. support acts snow partol and the bravery wa great aswel.. cant wait t see them again!

it was amazing!! 1st time i have seen them they did not disapoint! WOW...lucky me got Live8 tickets so I am gunna see them again ARAGH!!!

Mark Wallace
went Wednesday night and got in the front section - great gig and the whole stadium seemed to bounce during Where The Streets Have No Name.....nothing quite like U2 when they are on form...and boy, they were good last night

Disappointing. Sound was poor could barely hear what he was going on about and it was all muffled. Fed up with all the preaching. Its easy to preach when you have millions!! Crowd were awful, just stood there doing nothing. Get back to Roundhay Park. Plus whose idea was it to put a mechandising stall in the middle of the pitch!! Did they really need the extra one, were they that desperate to sell more. The night was made by those I went with - Matt (bro), Gaz (Bono), George (The Edge) and Nidge (Larry Grey Hair)!!!!

still dont understand why people buy seats and stand up and dance like they are on a treadmill(muppets),not impressed by all the pissed up people round me but the concert was top drawer,i agree they should play smaller venues over more nights, £85 was a bit cheeky but what the hell once in a lifetime :)

3rd time I've seen them and they improve with age. Fantastic music, lights atmosphere. Magic.

Chris Simoko
Coldplay,of course the lads are cruising up the stream real fast,but what else can the world say,U2 could be bigger than the music itself-awesome gig-wow!!

Steven; Westhoughton
Absolutely awesome performance worth every penny; we never wanted the show to end and I get the feeling U2 did not want to finish either, Get me another ticket!

Manc Lad
The sound was terrible expecially bono vocals. They seemed to be going through the motions a bit as well

Sue Wilson
U2 fantastic but totally agree with Joanne about the crowd (and the sound was not great - Bowie manages decent sound quality at stadium gigs why not U2?). What a lot of self-centred ignorant drunk/high idiots go to U2 concerts. They talked through many of the less familiar numbers, acted like crazed lunatics during the more familiar ones and patently knew little about U2. Why do they go? If you have so little respect for a band why not stay away and let those of us who do enjoy them?

Tim Williams
Awesome concert. Yes, the sound could have been better, but it's outdoor. Agree with the crowd issues, pay £50 to get drunk and stoned? Just stay at home and let us enjoy it. Splitting hairs, though. Truly amazing band, truly amazing concert. Here's to the MEN Arena for the next one though.

alex jane jessica & lizzie
...the gang on picture six... the smiles say it all!!!

Steve Jacks
Well worth it! Sound ok at the side, stage cool. U2 as usual the ultimate rock band. 1 question. Who gave out the wrist bands for the inner circle? Security Staff ??? If they filled up the 10 meter gap at the back of the inner circle may be Joanne could have had a better night. But don’t queue from 2pm because you still won’t get a wrist band for the front. Why ??? Ask the organisers.

joanne, if u2 are over rated then god help the state of modern music, even with the poor sound in the stadium they were miles better then any other gig i have seen. u2 top rock band, true emotion in every song.

Si and Christine, Oxford
Husband just back from Iraq, I bought him tickets as pressie, he's been fan for years. Wasn't sure I would like it, but I've been U2'd!! We had great night in the stands, just next to pitch, acoustics fine where we were, no problems with drunks, everyone dancing in the aisles! We saw the WHOLE stadium hypnotised, singing every word by the end of the night. No problems parking, home in Oxford by 2.30am. Wish we could be there again tonight!

Still as passionate and powerful as ever. I loved every minute! There's very few bands around - old or new - that can match them for performance and just damn fine songs. Yeah, and Bono gets on his soap box a bit but at least he knows his stuff and actually uses his position to do some good. And he still looks damn fine on stage. Awesome.

Jason Balderstone
Was very fortunate to get a wrist band so I was right at the front.JUST AMAZING!! I'm absolutely dead on my feet today.Still the greatest in the World.

Manc Lad
rubbish sound otherwise not bad...

John Cotter
I love U2 and always have done, last night was okay however I agree with some of the comments that the crowd were a little quiet and timid at times. We still enjoyed it though and thought visuals were impressive. Far too quiet though! Turn it up for Glasgow next week!

Tim Gough
Here at, we all went and had a great time. U2 are still the biggest band in the world (Stop whining Coldplay) and they proved that they don't need cars hanging from the rafters, 60 foot TV screens and Bono dressed as the devil to dress their extensive back catalogue up. Pure, unadulterated rock fun!

Ian Taite
Well worth the expensive ticket price. U2 belted out track after track with scarsely a break for the first hour. Larry Mullen the drummer certainly earnt his dosh, hammering away for so long, and The Edge definitely lifted the performance. Wasn't too keen on the preaching from Bono, but I should've expected a bit of that. The sound system was a bit duff though, could've been a lot clearer; way too much bass and not enough vocal. Watched the Chili Peppers there last year and the sound was worse, so maybe it's just the venue.

Jack, Hollywood
U2 are well known in America. Coldplay is barely known. Their lead singer married an American movie star, right? I've heard more about that than their music on our radios. How can a comparison of each band's fame even be made?

Rebecca Smith
Fantastic! It was an amazing night, U2 still biggest band in the world.

nat york
brilliant! i wasn't that bothered about seeing them at first but they blew the stage away, so i was really glad i did!

Sean Murray
I was blown away. They're now completely geared for stadiums in everyway. The mix of back catalogue and latest material was just right. Most impressed with the immediate flow of song after song even with guitar changes. The sound was great for the songs, was a bit hard to make out what Bono was saying between but that's not the main concern. Greatest gig I've ever been to in terms of song quality, professionalism, energy and atmosphere

Terry Dainty
Couldnt agree more Joanne. Couldnt see the stage, acoustics lousy, crowd awful. Left waiting for an age 'til the pretentious lot could summon up the enthusiasm to completely go through the motions in the most soulless, mechanical performance ever in front of the fifty or so thousand gullible fools [myself included] who had the patience to listen to their hypocritical twaddle over world poverty, while making millions of pounds from the tour that they dont need. Its time to give up! U2 you've had my last fiver!

Greg Spruce, Warrington
Awesome Gig, The sound and light show was amazing. Truly the best band on the planet

Des O'Brien
What a Gig have seen The Stones,Gun's n Roses,Bruce Springsteen and U2. What a top live act seen them 13 years ago at G Mex and they have worn well.

Claire Mills
Wow - excellent ! Well worth the trip up from London.

Maxine Philbin
Worth every penny - long may they continue - Rolling Stones-esque. Still on a high & would love to go back again tonight!!

Anna H.
I agree, the sound from the middle of the pitch wasn't very good, sometimes we couldn't hear Bono. Bloke near us was totally stoned and dancing like a idiot. Part of the problem is the size of the venue and number of people - too big and too many!

Jonathan Wilson
Have to agree, the acoustics were terrible and the view even worse. The video screens worked intermittently so if you were short you had no chance of seeing the band. If you were at the front I can see why 9/10 was justified. For the rest of us a 5/10 is more representative.

It's warming to read this insightful recollection by Chris Long of what really was a world-class show. Whilst the politicking grated a little to begin with, I walked home of the opinion that rock stars should have have the license to make the case for such world causes - after all, their audiences are bigger than the politicians'!

Was good but I agree with Joanne, but the type of audience and arena size results in a poor quality echo sound system and too many fat beer drinking skin headed men fighting and pushing into you. Wasnt worth the money. They should play Appollo for 4 nights and do some secret gigs.

Totally top gig! Got right down the front and it was worth the hours queuing up in the cold. They still sound fantastic and long may they continue to rock!

Absolutely fantastic well worth the 85 pounds a ticket. A once in a lifetime treat

not a bad evening out. the sound was a bit mushy and the band didn't rock out quite as hard as they did last time I was them at slane castle. still a cut above the rest when it comes to this kind of stadium rock. A hour to get out of the car park at the end of the shoow was the only bummer.

joanne quayle
biggest waste of money ever sound system was lousy could not hear bono most of the time and why do they allow people to get so drunk chap by us had his nose broke in drink fuelled fight u2 totally over-rated

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