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24 September 2014

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Reni and Mani in the Stone Roses heyday
Reni and Mani - want to be adored again?

What the world is waiting for?

Rumours are rife that the Stone Roses will be reforming soon. While out and about, Conrad Murray bumped into Reni and Mani at The Coral’s show, and discovered what they think of the rumours, Ian Brown, Julie Christie and the size of Mani’s hands.

While we’ve heard from Mani often in recent years, it’s the first time Reni’s given an interview in 10 years. Here’s what happened (as you might imagine, it was typically ramshackle!)…

Conrad: Have you been having a good day?

The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

Reni: "It’s been great actually. He came and told me there were some gigs on in town, that’s why I’m here, because Mani’s got his finger on the pulse!"

Conrad: You’ve not been seen out for a while…

Reni: "We were here a couple of weeks ago!"
Mani: "Arthur Lee and Love; me, Reni and Mr Squire went out, fuelling rumours that we were rehearsing…"
Reni: "But we’re not getting back together."

Conrad: Never?

Reni: "Never say never…"
Mani: "The day after City win the European Cup…"

Conrad: That’ll be next year, won’t it?

The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

Mani: "Hopefully, because then we can reform and get beautiful again."
Reni: "Yeah, never say never, but it won’t be this year."

Conrad: Have you been having a good time?

Mani: "Yeah, I wanted to show Reni The Coral."
Reni: "I didn’t think I’d like it because I hate a lot of young bands, they’re undisciplined and just a racket, but these boys are sweet. They remind me of Strawberry Switchblade and Shampoo the movie (laughs)…"
Mani: "He’s expecting Warren Beaty to come on stage with a couple of chicks…"
Reni: "Let’s get into the Jacuzzi, ladies. Hey, where’s Julie Christie?"

Conrad: Julie Christie’s good. Billy Liar…

Reni: "She’s our goddess. Julie Christie’s lips, they were our greatest export for nearly 15 years."

Conrad: Are you going to watch Ian Brown tonight?

"Whether it be the Roses or not, we never know, but we’ve got to work together again at some point in time."
Mani on working with Reni

Mani: "No, I’m washing my hair."
Reni: "All I’m doing is getting people on Ian’s guestlist…"
Mani: "Yeah, that’s it. ‘Can you get us on Ian’s guestlist?’ I’m not in his band any more! What do you want from me? Do you want me to carry you in on a sedan chair like the Pope while pouring Crème De Menthe down your neck? Doubt it!"

Conrad: Are you up for getting back together?

Mani: "I’d love to, just for the sheer joy of playing with this guy again."
Reni: "I’m going to play with him, that’s a guaranteed. I’m writing songs for me and him…"
Mani: "Whether it be the Roses or not, we never know, but we’ve got to work together at some point in time."
Reni: "People have been coming up to me all day and saying how great I am, and I’ve been trying to tell them a tiny bit about him but then taking most of the credit myself."
Mani: "I’ve been saying that I’m a lot shorter in real life (laughs)…"
Reni: "No, because a funky bassist makes a drummer sound clever…"
Mani: "And a funky drummer makes a half decent bass player sound immaculate."
Reni: "Look at the size of his hands? He shouldn’t be allowed on bass guitar!"
Mani: "They are small. Small hands, big talent!"
Reni: "It’s like having a four foot nine basketball player that does better than Michael Jordan. He’s a freak!"

And then they were gone, into the crowd of the Coral, leaving the door to a Roses reunion as open as it possibly could be. There might just be a resurrection after all...

last updated: 01/06/05
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