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24 September 2014

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Tangled's founders Phil Morse and Terry Pointon
Tangled's Phil Morse and Terry Pointon

Tangled up on the small screen

Tangled is Manchester's longest running club night and to celebrate its fantasticness, the club has put together a celebration of an all-nighter at Tangled for DVD. We caught up with one of the founders and resident DJs, Phil Morse, to find out more.


  • Running continuously since 1993, Tangled have hosted parties in clubs all over Manchester
  • They have been based at The Phoenix (on the corner of Oxford Road and Booth Street) since 1997
  • Tangled is based around its residents DJs, who always starting and finishing the night

Why have you decided to put together a DVD?

"Because a life-long friend and avid clubbing compatriot from ten years ago – who is also a filmmaker – approached us and asked if it was now time to document the ‘Tangled experience’ before it was too late! His ideas excited us, so we set about deciding how to go about it.

A typically Tangled night
A typically Tangled night

It’s not for commercial reasons, for retail or for profit – we have only made a few copies and rather than make money from it, we are distributing it among Tangled members old and new as a kind of keepsake for years to come."

What was the idea behind the film?

Tangled on film!
Tangled on film!

"To produce something that can be used in an after-club situation. The idea is that the film – which is non-narrative, at least in a spoken word sense – can be played with the volume down in the background back at someone’s house, or just the soundtrack can be played, it is a full-length Tangled music mix, with records chosen by the Tangled DJs and mixed by them as well, designed to perfectly reflect the styles of music the club is known for, and produced by the club’s guest DJs… Or both together!"

Do you think the film does Tangled justice?

"How many rubbish club scenes have you seen in films? They always get them really, really wrong. At least this looks and feels like a proper nightclub!"
Phil Morse on the real feel to Tangled's DVD

"Frankly, I don’t think anything does justice to Tangled when it is really, really rocking – but I think it does filming in nightclubs justice. How many rubbish club scenes have you seen in films? They always get them really, really wrong. At least this looks and feels like a proper nightclub!"

Who is the film for?

Tangled's Phil Morse on the decks
Tangled's Phil Morse on the decks

"It is for Tangled clubbers, first and foremost. Having said that, we haven’t seen a film like it before, because it attempts to cover the gamut of feelings a clubber runs throughout a night out – the camera ‘is’ a clubber, it goes to both dancefloors, the chill-out room, the bar, it ‘chats’ to people, it basically navigates a club in the same way a customer would. In that sense, and due to the quality of the music and filming, the DVD could have a wider interest.

But first and foremost, it is for clubbers to spot themselves and their mates on. It elevates our customers to stars of the show and gives them the chance to keep that forever. We feel Tangled is special, we think our clubbers are special, and this will give a few of them the chance to keep a bit of that forever."

What were the two nights that were filmed like?

There is a club night that never goes out
There is a night that never goes out

"Typical, full-on Tangled nights! They both figure the usual mix of big-name DJs - Nick Warren, Futureshock, Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM - and Tangled residents."

After a DVD, what's next for Tangled?

"We’re switching over to digital music at the moment which is an amazing concept – the idea of bringing 7000 records to the club instead of 70 is truly mind-blowing. We’ve always been a resident-DJ led club, and as we get to grips with this new technology, it will certainly be audible on the dancefloor. We intend to keep at the cutting edge of clubbing, which keeping hold of our enviable environment - an independent, self-financed, alternative night club."

last updated: 31/05/05
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