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24 September 2014

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The Wheel of Manchester

The Wheel of Manchester - the facts

Manchester’s newest attraction - the Wheel of Manchester - opens to the public offering a unique view of the city's skyline. Find out more...

The 42-carriage wheel, though similar to the London Eye, is actually transportable. In fact if you've been to Paris in the last few years, you may recognise it, because it actually stood at the end of the Champs Elysees.

The Wheel has been built in Exchange Square, standing next to Selfridges and in front of the Triangle shopping centre. It offers tourists and shoppers the chance to get a unique view above the rooftops in the run-up to Christmas and New Year.

The Wheel of Manchester
Sky high: the 60m Wheel

A ride on the wheel lasts ten minutes. There will be a commentary pointing out local landmarks including Urbis, Manchester Town Hall, the CIS tower, No.1 Deansgate, Old Trafford and farther afield, the hills in the Peak district.

Don't forget to look at our gallery of photos - click on the link under 'See Also'

Wheel facts

  • It is one of the world's largest transportable wheels
  • It was brought in to Manchester in 24 containers
  • It took two weeks to construct in Exchange Square
  • Other locations in Manchester considered included Piccadilly Gdns
  • It has 42 gondolas – including a VIP gondola
  • Each gondola can take up to six people
  • The VIP gondola walnut interior, leather seats, cocktail cabinet and a phone
  • It is 60 metres tall (180 ft)It weighs 300 tonnes.  
  • It has 21 spokes and 51,000 light bulbs
  • It is held in place by almost 9000 gallons on water
  • It was built in Holland
  • It cost approximately 5 million Euros, (£3 million) new
  • It was located in Paris for three years, at the end of the Champs Elysee.
  • It was a favourite ride of President Chirac, for whom the VIP gondola was made.
last updated: 01/06/07
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Caroline Ford, Harrogate
I went on the big wheel in Paris 4 years ago and went on it again in Manchester in January. What a fantastic view! Its brill. Don't get rid of it please!

becky adele nicole n danniella
the big wheel was very scary the 1st time round then we got use 2 it it was amazing we cud see evry1 and evrything! gr8 place 2 shout things.

Why is it leaving Manchester so soon? Any chance of prolonging the visit?

Ahmad, Trafford
Nice. A snowstorm started as soon I got on with family, being high up with snow falling all around was a unique experience. Shame it's going soon.

it is mint

reita sheehy
hi can you tell me when the big wheel is being dismantled thanks

It is mint the big wheel.

Andy, Birmingham
I'm not into this Birmingham v Manchester thing, but enjoy the wheel whilst you've still got it, its a great asset for the city centre. Our wheel is here for at least another year in Centenary Square, looks great lit up at night so if your're ever in our neck of the woods come and check it out!

went wiv my mates the other week, well worth the money, we r going back on it b4 it goes down

~*~ Emma Hallen ~*~
i luv the manchester eye, i think we are all proud to be living it manchester with such a beautiful tourist attractions, its just a shame its going soon :( but i agree with... Jodi Kelly; the wheel just sdoesn't look right where it is, i haven't been on the wheel just yet, im going on tomorrow with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend, i cant wait :) lv u all loads n hope u try it out b4 we loos it :( emma xxxxxxxxxx

i went on with my mates on friday, it was well worth the money.

Tom, Manchester
To Nat, Birmingham... You may be getting a bigger and better wheel (Quantity), but ours has a view of Manchester (Quality!)

matthew in wales
who needs the london eye when you have this !!!!!!!!!

i think that the wheel was could see the whole of manchester!!!!!

took my daughter on the wheel loved it. we were suprised how long you were on board, well worth the money. enjoyed the view.

olivia mullin
I think the wheel is fantastick it should be a great atraction to all the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alastair, Knutsford
This big wheel is GREAT. Even on an unclear day like when I went on it, the view from the top is spectacular. However, I think it should either go a little slower or give passengers a few more turns, since it was all over very quickly. The people of whichever city gets it next should consider themselves very lucky.

paddy wilson.
what happens after february

Nat , Birmingham
Manchester is copying Birmingham again, this wheel was in Brum last year, we have a bigger and better one this year

Tamara Williams
after another visit on the wheel i feel quite sure that it should not be lost in february.

gemma bougen
i've just got back from a long holiday,so i heard nothin about the wheel and i went for i day shoppin knowin nothin bout it and i couldnt belive what i was seein when i seen it,lol! anyway i'm goin meetin a few friends in manchester tomorrow and goin on it,cant wait:) manchesters a great city,glad im from it!

Jodi Kelly
The position of the big wheel looks awful, you can no longer see Selfridges and i think it should be moved!! It has completely ruined the look of Exchange Square. The sooner it is relocated the better.

Andrew Gilchrist
I now live in Aberdeen but miss my home city loads. I came into Manchester on the 20th November 2004 and went on the wheel. It made me feel so proud to come from such a beautiful city.

i think the big wheel in manchester is brill

Gerry Ball
Went on the wheel today. Superb!! enjoyed every minute of the three revolutions!! Can't wait to go on again when next in Manchester. Well done Manchester for getting this attraction

Malcolm Boardman
Fantastic views,and nice to see a different side of the Manchester sky line.Both my wife and i loved it.

Well worth it!!

Tamara Williams
I think that the Wheel of Manchester is simply magical, and i found the unrivalled panoramic views quite enlightening and i am proud to cal the city of Manchester my home.

apple grace corpus
luvly! is manchester going to keep it? like the london eye- it attracts tourists!

Chris Peers
But it still says "Roue de Paris" on it!!

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