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28 October 2014

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The Lovers
The Lovers

Abba, Ken Dodd and Chris Martin - enter the world of The Lovers

Tom Hingley was an Inspiral Carpet, Steve and Paul Hanley were in The Fall, Jason Brown was in This Gigantic World and Kelly Wood's been living music since she was little. Now they've come together in The Lovers and Chris Long caught up with them.

The Lovers on…

The Lovers
The Lovers

…why they’re doing it all over again
Jason: “I ask myself that question every day (laughs).”
Paul: “It’s like an itch you’ve got to scratch. Otherwise you’d come out in hives.”
Jason: “It’s a mid-life crisis really…”
Paul: “Yeah, it’s either that or get a Porsche (laughs).”
Jason: “There was a review we had that talked about Steve, saying that the way Steve plays is that he plays as if he really needs to do it. And that’s kind of it. For some reason we have a need to put ourselves through hell and back and stay out of the safety of routine.”

…having the freedom to do what they want
Paul: “Once you realise you’re not going to be the next big thing, all you’re left with is being in a band because you like being in a band. I’m not saying there’s not a hunger there, but we don’t have to pander to a certain audience that’ll guarantee success in the future.”
Jason: “I think artistically there’s a certain thing of it, because from my own selfish perspective, it gave me the opportunity to buy a Marshall, get the Les Paul out and play those big power chords that I didn’t play as much in my last band, and suddenly I can pretend to be in the Under-Buzzcocks-tones.”
Tom: “We’re not saying we wouldn’t like to sell records or not be successful but I think most bands do spend 60 per cent of their time trying to get deals, and the sad reflection of it is that it’s a thankless task. Apart from anything else, the music industry doesn’t exist in the present, it exists in the future, so if you’re trying to follow a prevalent trend that’s around now, you’re actually copying people that were in the studio 18 months ago.”

"It’s better to have new old things rather than old old things."
Tom Hingley

…the title of the album
Tom: “If you stand in any major city on a Saturday night, you’ll see 80s discos with people stood outside them dressed like people out of Abba, and what I’m saying is that the constant rehashing of old things is extremely dull. It’s better to have new old things rather than old old things, so basically, we’re not trying to emulate any other band and we have no respect for anyone or anything else that’s gone before.”

…the issues tackled on the album
Tom: “I think it is defensible to have a go at things, because most music is about getting off your head, or it’s about wanting to have the right pair of fashionable trainers, or it’s about trying to sound like Chris Martin, and all that is quite depressing.”
Paul: “It’s a first album, it’s fairly broad strokes musically and opinion wise, and it’s important to make a statement with your first album. I know they’re all fairly obvious targets, but we’ve attempted to do a first album that sets our stall out.”

The Lovers
The Lovers

Tom: “The Tattyfalarious thing is connected with Ken Dodd and being quite funny, but there is something frightening about something that’s supposed to be related to comedy being used out of context. It’s about people making jokes about things that aren’t funny.”
Jason: “Because it’s very aggressive, so it’s paradoxically juxtapositioning art…”
Paul: “…and tickling sticks (laughs).”

...the future for the Lovers
Paul: “As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to carry on doing what we’re doing but at a level, not particularly larger, but just a bit more really, a bit more time. But at the moment, we’re doing what we’re doing and I don’t think any of us think we’re going to be millionaires and have a guitar shaped swimming pool for the time being.”
Tom: “Jason would actually like a swimming pool shaped guitar.”
Jason: “I’m having one commissioned as we speak!”
Tom: “But I think that initially we just want to sell 1000 records, and it’d be nice in a year’s time to be recording another album and having someone investing in it, and maybe be supporting Damon Gough or some other excellent performer like that.”

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