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28 October 2014

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Album reviews

Bryan Adams - Room Service
Bryan Adams - Room Service

Bryan Adams - Room Service

Bryan Adams has something of the Queen Mother about him. For many people, he’s a cherished institution. That’s why, of course, it would be churlish to say, “Egad! Not another tired old lyric about holding you tight through the night!”

Room Service

  1. East Side Story
  2. This Side Of Paradise
  3. Not Romeo Not Juliet
  4. Flying
  5. She's A Little Too Good For Me
  6. Open Road
  7. Room Service
  8. I Was Only Dreamin'
  9. Right Back Where I Started From
  10. Nowhere Fast
  11. Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love
  12. Blessing In Disguise
  • Out on Polydor
  • Rating: 5/10
  • Reviewer: Michelle Adamson

This album is classic Adams stuff and his fans will buy it in their legions. In fact, the distinctly country and western hue to Room Service will no doubt delight his American audience and guarantee heavy rotation on radio stations stateside.

What is a reasonable start to the album quickly descends to an unforgiveable low point by track, Flying. It's a slushy over-inflated ballad-by-numbers effort, guaranteed to induce an outbreak of lighter-waving at future Adams concerts.

I Was Only Dreamin’ offered a welcome respite from the formulaic stuff with a string solo, some whispering, a brief brass moment, and some cliché-free lyrics.

But its an all too brief departure leaving you with the sinking feeling that there’s little here to tax or surprise die hard fans and not enough to win him any new ones.

last updated: 28/09/04
Have Your Say

Jan Targett
As a 52 year old who is still a big fan after at least 25 years - yeah rock on Bryan - just saw him at Earls Court and it was great as ever.

One of His best and to me his most heartfelt album. Fans will love it East side story definetly the best track! Long live BA!

What does the god of rock do with a new fan when he has millions of devotees ?

gautam seth
he is simply the best. trust me tracks like i was only dreaming and we r flyin are good enough tracks to captivate a man in the coffin. believe me he is a class act.

i loved every song on room service, and beening a fan its kool to say he rocks, so well done again, for doing a nice air guitar effect wow

Ryan Adams
It is a shame that all 'critics' are talentless and sardonic. What do they want from these artists. These was a very good album. It was catchy, a fraction cheesey but credit where it is due. This was a polished piece of work!!

Very average album with 4 or 5 decent tracks. He's still a superb live performer though !

suneet sethi
he is over n above all and will also remain so at least for me forever...........great music......

Err no, deserves at least 9/10, as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it!!!!

Yes, these comments are absolutely right. However much the critics slate Bryan's albums, the fact is he makes these albums for his fans because they love the music he makes - they don't want him to change or do anything fresh - they want him to carry on making the tunes they love him for! I saw him at Wembley a couple of weeks ago for the 8th time, and he was awesome as usual! All the new tracks sounded fantastic live.

Gordon Miller
Bryan Adams has a cult fan-following. Like a perfect marketeer, he caters to them with what they want out of him and he has done it again quite successfully by offering 'Room Service'.

Gulshan Khurana
Only those, who have been in love, can understand what those "tired old lyrics" mean to them. Bryan Adams has created a genre, a niche target audience and he need not win new fans. Whoever understands the deep meaning/feeling of his lyrics mixed with mesmerizing guitar notes will automatically beome his fan.

May be he doesnt want to "win" new fans.

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