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28 October 2014
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Wednesday 24th July 2002
The Baton's route to Manchester
Day 49 route to manchester

The Baton Relay arrives in Manchester today, but you can still turn out and cheer it on as it completes a tour of Greater Manchester.

The Relay route from midday today is as follows:

  • Oldham 12:35pm turn left into New Radcliffe Street
  • Oldham 12:36pm turn right into Rochdale Road (A671)
  • Oldham 12:36pm turn right into St Marys Way
  • Oldham 12:44pm turn left onto Yorkshire Street
  • Oldham 12:48pm veer right onto Lees Road (A669)
  • Lees 1:05pm High Street (A669) near Wellyhole Street
  • Lees 1:06pm High Street (A669) near Welcome to Lees Signs
  • Springhead 1:14pm High Street (A669) near Atherton Street
  • Springhead 1:29pm turn right onto Stockport Road (A6050)
  • Lydgate 1:29pm Stockport Road (A6050), Lydgate
  • Mossley 1:38pm Stockport Road (A6050) near Mossley Signs
  • Mossley 1:39pm turn right to stay on Stockport Road (A6050)
  • Mossley 1:52pm veer right at Pedestrian Traffic Lights
  • Mossley 1:54pm turn right onto Arundel Street
  • Mossley 1:56pm veer right onto Stamford Road (B6177)
  • Mossley 2:03pm turn right onto Manchester Road (A635)
  • Stalybridge 2:33pm Wakefield Road (A635) near Bus Stop
  • Stalybridge 2:39pm turn left onto Stamford Street
  • Stalybridge 2:46pm turn right onto Acres Lane
  • Stalybridge 2:53pm turn right onto Leech Street
  • Stalybridge 2:57pm turn left onto Castle Street
  • Stalybridge 2:58pm turn right into Shepley Street
  • Stalybridge 2:59pm turn left onto Market Street
  • Stalybridge 3:03pm veer left onto Stamford Street
  • Stalybridge 3:07pm turn left onto Clarence Street
  • Dukinfield 3:07pm Clarence Street, Dukinfield
  • Dukinfield 3:18pm turn right onto Oxford Road (B6175)
  • Dukinfield 3:19pm turn right onto Foundry Street
  • Dukinfield 3:23pm veer left onto Chapel Street
  • Dukinfield 3:27pm turn right onto Kings Street
  • Dukinfield 3:34pm turn right into ASDA Supermarket
  • Dukinfield 3:35pm turn left into Carpark of ASDA
  • Dukinfield 4:06pm turn right onto Cavendish Street
  • Ashton-under-Lyne 4:10pm Cavendish Street near Old Street
  • Ashton-under-Lyne 4:16pm turn left onto Oldham Road
  • Ashton-under-Lyne 4:25pm turn left onto Newmarket Road
  • Taunton 4:25pm Newmarket Road, Taunton
  • Taunton 4:37pm veer left onto Lumb Lane
  • Littlemoss 4:48pm Lumb Lane near Wayne Close
  • Littlemoss 4:54pm veer right onto Moorside Street
  • Droylsden 4:54pm Moorside Street, Droylsden
  • Droylsden 5:09pm turn left onto Gorseyfields
  • Droylsden 5:12pm turn right onto Ashton Hill Lane
  • Droylsden 5:14pm turn right onto Ashton Old Road (A635)
  • Manchester 5:22pm Ashton Old Road (A635) near Latham Street
  • Manchester 6:00pm turn right onto Pin Mill Brow
  • Manchester 6:25pm turn left onto Corporation Street
  • Manchester 6:28pm turn right onto Hanging Ditch
  • Manchester 6:29pm turn left into New Cathedral Street
  • Manchester 6:30pm turn right into St Marys Gate
  • Manchester 6:31pm turn left onto Deansgate
  • Manchester 6:36pm turn left onto Deansgate
  • Manchester 6:39pm turn left onto Brazennose Street
  • Manchester 6:47pm turn left onto Brazennose Street
  • Manchester 6:49pm turn left Albert Square
  • Manchester 6:50pm Evening Celebration at Stage

Avoid the crowds and watch the Baton Homecoming live online. For more information about our Homecoming Webcast, click here.

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