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28 October 2014
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What impact will the 2002 Commonwealth Games have on Manchester? What do you think of the Games coverage? How is your team performing?

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This messageboad is now closed - but now The Games are over, tell us whether you thought they were a success in our Vox Pop.

Just to reiterate Don Boyall. Please get rid of that irritating display before replays.
Barry Allen
Being an ex mancunian as a child in the days of the Mills and Steam Trains felt proud of that heretage and ever so pleased to see Manchester getting out of the doldrums and being now internationally recognised as a modern adventurous and "With It" City.............well done to all and keep up good work......
Garey Hasler
Yarrawonga, Australia
Well I am bias of course becasue I am in MANCHESTER. I think Manchester has done itself proud, and the games have started really well, and continue to go excellently. I think this proves once and for all there is life out side London and we here in the provinces can hold major events. I think Manchester should go the for Olympics again. London has already took a swipe at the success of the games. They are pretty niffed because Manchester has out done them once more. I think that is 3 nil to Manchester. We here in Manchester fully proud of the Commonwealth Games and may it continue.
Darren Sharrocks
Manchester UK
i would like to say just how proud i am to livein manchester.I think we are doing an excellent job and we can prove that we are good enough for the olympics.England are doing brilliantly and im sure that it is the lift of being infront of home fans and the amazing support we are giving them.
deborah daniels
the coverage of the athletics has been great! Charlote moores sub 2mins in the 800m was fantastic! She is only 17 years old and has been a promising athlete since the first time i raced against her as an u13 athlete! well done to her. Keep up the great coverage of the games it has been excellent to watch!
Nicola Page
I was thrilled last night, watching the mountain bike races - my Grandfather (Tom Fairclough) used to take me for walks along those paths many a year ago (I am now 70!) Living so far away I thought I would never ever see the Pike again!!! Thank you so very much for such excellent coverage! Will be glued to the screen for the remained of the games!
Betty Kensett
Adelaide Austraia
Would have loved to have seen all the action at the opening ceremonies--but here in the Mojave Desert and all throughout the USA the Commonwealth Games have been mentioned not at all how disappointing!! Manchester and its populance have done a wonderful job of putting things together it is remarkable especially in the area the games are being held--remember this area from the late 40's and early 50's!! A job WELL DONE!!!
Elsie Almengor
M2002 has been a resounding success so far, the stadium is fantastic and it has been brilliantly organised. With one predicatable exception, transport. I live in macclesfield only 20 miles from Manchester but on Sunday evening I couldn't go by train from there because the last one back from manchester was at 9pm (it was a normal sunday service). In addition the park and rides were all full. So I drove to a nearby town and went from there. On the way back there were so many people waiting to get on an already overcrowded train the station announcer actually told everyone it was cancelled in order to clear the platform!! I was lucky and noticed the train come in and managed to squeeze on but I suspect that many people were unable to get home by train last night. M2002, great to watch on TV but a nightmare to get to by public transport. It is a crying shame that for the sake of laying on a few more trains we've let ourselves down like this.
Phil Chapman
Macclesfield, Cheshire
According to the BBC there appears to be only England teams in the games. thank the Lord for Michael Johnson.
Mrs Thomson

Can u please show us some of the other events that are going on, for example the netball and stop, although I am happy Paula Radcliff won the 5000 metres, could you please stop talking about her, it is getting quite boring. Oh yeah and I just wanna say Kanukai Jackson, Daniel Caines And Mark Lewis - Francis are WICKED!!!

Michael Johnson was an excellent athlete. He knows what he is talking about, and this comment is not personal - but why import an American who has no “feel” for the Commonwealth games? While all around are excited by the event and convey that excitement to the viewer, Michael is low key and seemingly unimpressed. I find his inputs deflating in what has so far been excellent coverage, especially with the choices offered by BBCi
Bryn Evans
Can we PLEASE have less discussions from the sporting pundits about events that have happened during the games and more of the sports action that is obviously going on in the background. Surely the rest of the world are not interested in these people discussing the failures of British athletes over and over again. So! ACTION,NOT WORDS.
B Rowson
Watching coverage on Sunday morning. Once again, high jump is the poor relation of track and field.There is a lack of encouragement to our potential high jump champions, as well as depriving youngsters of being aware of a highly skilled and exciting discipline. What of our athletes competing? It doesn't exactly fill them full of confidence to be ignored. May have just been the qualifying round, but it could have been the greatest day of their lives.Let's hope the final recieves better coverage!
Sue Binns
Great Eccleston, Lancs
Am I the only person to think that the end of the men's marathon was a shambles? Surely, given the fact that both women and men had run 26.2 miles, they deserved some form of welcome at the finish? Even the stragglers in the London marathon are welcomed in by officials, yet here in Manchester, not one official or gift of flowers (as appears to be customary nowadays) was in evidence. The farce of the men's winner completing a lap in the stadium really has made the organisation of this event a laughing stock, and I would be interested in any comments from the so called organisers.
Tony McClennon
Am I correct in thinking that you have sponsored the large T.V. screens in Manchester during the Commonwealth games? If so can I ask that you find some environmentally friendly way of powering them. Spewing diesel fumes into our already polluted city isn't helping - especially since they are drifting into the office where I work!
Dave Gilbert
By email
PLEASE get rid of the irritating replay device of three leaping athletes. I am sick to death of seeing it already. It is surely a mistake to inflict such a repetitious symbol on viewers. Coverage will soon be unwatchable as we wait for the damn thing to leap up. All that is needed (if anything is) is a discreet R in one corner of the screen of repeated footage.
Don Boyall
By email
Just been watching a BBC programme on the commonwealth games approx. 10.30 am 'BBC 1 - Sport. The guy in the white shirt had not even watched the opening ceremony - yet he was on the panel answering questions about the same. He said he couldn't be bothered even watching it - he preferred to watch ER on Channel 4, plus, photographs of himself around the city were getting on his nerves. Should he be on such a programme? I don't think so.
By email
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