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28 October 2014
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This messageboad is closed - but now The Games are over, tell us whether you thought they were a success in our Vox Pop.

I agree that South Africa should bid to host a future Commonwealth Games and even maybe Northern Ireland or Wales. Wales has got the Millennium Stadium all ready and waiting. I would also mention that a country outside the listed "Big Four" hosted the Biggest and Best C.Games ever held and that was Malaysia in 1998.
Roy McFadden
Adelaide, Australia
The reason I love the Commonwealth Games (apart from Australia traditionally doing well) is that it gives lesser known countries a chance to shine. Didn't someone from Lesotho win the previous Men's marathon?.... Nauru is now considered a power nation in weightlifing. Athletes from diverse countries have won gold like St Vincent, Cyprus, Bahamas, Fiji. That is what the games spirit emobodies.
Jim Mitsiou

Only a select few of Commonwealth countries (Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand) can afford to put on the event.

Unlike the Olympics where staging the event could come round only once every 100 years. The above countries will see the Commonwealth Games 2 or 3 times in the same period. Canada is preparing a bid for the 2010 Games, but I think South Africa should make a bid.

The Commonwealth Games will never be as big as the Olympics, but who cares. I am proud England can compete in this event that is excusive to Commonwealth Countries. I get excited about it because you dont have America & Russia winning nearly everything as usual. OK theres OZ but there only guaranteed to come on top in the pool, the other events are anybodys.

I have been waiting for this since 1995 when it was announced that Manchester would host. I think Manchester will be excellent hosts.
Peter Woodall

The question Jim Mitsiou of Melbourne posed [below] is an interesting one. Melbourne will be staging the 2006 Commonwealth Games. All the other bidders dropped out. Why?
Alison Moss
Sydney, Australia
I feel that with all the sincerity in my heart that the commonwealth games are a fabulous thing. They bring people from all areas of the commonwealth together in unity no matter gender, ethniticity or religous beliefs. The games known as the "friendly games" are one of a small group of fibres uniting the countries belonging to the commonwealth in this the year of the Queens golden jubilee .
Larissa Cat (8)
I think that the Commonwealth will have a big impact on Manchester because many people from other countries will be visiting Manchester to watch. This will give us the chance to meet new people. I myself think this event is a huge thing and me and many of my friends are looking forward to it!
Nina Jones
Bolton, Manchester
Does The Commonwealth Games matter to the other countries in the Commonwealth as much as it does to Australians? Our athletes alway seem to make it their No.1 priority, however other nations main athletes in my opinion don't seem to share the same enthusiasm.
Jim Mitsiou
I think the Games are going to be excellent. Manchester has done a superb job so far and the city will benefit hugely in terms of tourism and changing peoples way of thinking about Manchester. A lot of people have seen how the city centre has transformed into a place that has amazing architecture, excellent nightlife and a great place to shop because of the bomb but also because of these Games. I also think its brilliant for the country, the world will see that we can put on a successful sporting masterpiece. I think the whole country should support it because if its successful it will dictate Britain's staging of future sporting events.
I think the games will leave a lasting legacy, inevitably, however the social costs to us will have far more effect. As a student, I am very happy many jobs will be created by the games, which will help the local and national economy. The 2002 Manchester games could only be a success!
Angus Walsh
I think the Games will be good for Manchester, especially if the nation gets involved the way Aussies did with the Olympics. After the Wembley and Picketts Lock fiasco I think its time to show the world the UK is not a joke and can deliver successfully the biggest and best Commonwealth Games ever. I still think Manchester has a long way to go yet to present a clean image to the world, there are still areas of the city that are disgusting and the canal also needs a good clean up, but im sure Manchester will make a good effort. I also agree Jemima Hall, that the Stadium will be a waste if the track is ripped up for a football pitch, why cant they keep both and keep the stadium for national athletics, it may make things easier for the idiots who are redesigning Wembley.
Peter Woodall
While there may be a defecit in terms of the games making a loss, they will bring in far more, in terms of new businesses, tourism, and better opportunities for investment!
Paul Woodcock
Handforth, Cheshire
I live and pay tax in Manchester and where next years games are proving to be increasingly unpopular with prople in the city. The City Council always assured us that the Games would generate income and improve the city. Instead council tax payers like myself are going to have to pick up the tab for the estimated £60 million short fall faced by the City (that pledged £13.5 million in Feb. 2000 and a further £45 million in July 2001). Far from improving services for people who live in the city the Games have resulted in the closure of many sporting venues in the area. This includes a swimming pool that is the only one in the area accessible to diasabled and elderly people - which was deemed to cost too much for the City Council at £70,000 a year. As a Mancunian I despair, these games will leave a financial legacy that my grand children will still be paying for!
Barbera Shipley
I am a 16 year old girl from Bolton and I compete in athletics for my local club-Bolton United Harriers. The facilities that we have to use at our club are appalling because of vandalism and mainly because of the lack of funding. Once I heard that Manchester had got the 2002 Commonwealth games, I was delighted because it meant that there would be a National stadium for athletics and it was in Manchester! So possibly one day I would be able to compete there! But once again, I now have to believe that once the commonwealth games are over, that's it, they are going to be tearing up the track, and giving the stadium to yet again, a sport which involves kicking a ball around a field-Football. If anyone knows anything about Athletics and compare it too football, England/Great Britain is more successful at athletics than football. I would like to know why we have to give funding an any money we have to build yet again another football club, which we have hundreds in the country, and now count all the national stadiums for athletics? My opinion is and many people will agree with me, weather they are involved in athletics or not that the Commonwealth games stadium should be kept for Athletics only, what a waste of money, our money, when it is going to be given to football. What a shame again for a sport that is developing at a great rate in the country and the country has no national stadiums-or stadium. We want to develop our athletes, but we cant with the lack of facilities. It is a great shame to the country and a shame to the athletes themselves as they are missing out AGAIN. Jemima Hall (16)
We feel that there is every possibility that the Comonwealth games will be a success in Manchester, providing the city with many opportunities and advantages. However, our concerns are that the opportunities could easily be reversed if the stadium is not completed on time, if volunteers are not easily recruited - lets face it, these days few people can actually afford to work for no income or benefits! And if the transport strategy fails - what transport strategy? To repeat other peoples cynicism - what happens in a few years when we all have to foot the bill?
Sarah Mort and Rachel Knutton
I think that Manchester is a city the has rapidly grown due to the sporting facilities for example the M.E.N arena which is the biggest in europe and I believe that Manchester will be a success with the commonwealth games. It will also put Manchester right on the map because of the global audience we'll get.
Paul Brown
As a Mancunian I think the Commonwealth Games will do a lot for Manchester as well as the rest of the North West. However, I do feel a more intensive marketing and promotion of the Games are needed. I hope to be in Manchester next year and attend a couple of events. The Manchester Games will be a success.
Betty Weir
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
I think that overall, the events will be a massive boost to Manchester and especially with the new 40,000 or there abouts all seater stadium which is a superb design but the only let down is that a second division football club may then be moving into it 1 year later.
Lee Heywood
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