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28 October 2014
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This messageboad is closed - but now The Games are over, tell us whether you thought they were a success in our Vox Pop.

I am a great Judo fan and I really hope there will be good coverage of Judo in the Commonwealth games. The BBC are great for sport coverage and I am very impressed on every top sporting event the BBC cover; for example the summer and winter Olympics and the world cup was very enjoyable to watch. Judo doesn't get the oppotunity to be televised often and it has been a sport that produces medals for Britain and England in top events. Like Kate Howey, Graham Randell, Ray Stevans, Neil Adams, Karen Briggs and the "dips" champion Brian Jacks. The 1990 Commonwealth Games England took home all but 2 of the 16 gold medals. Judo may not be as popular as athletics or swimming, it may not be as interesting to watch as Gymnastics, but we have high quality competitors in Manchester and there are people like myself who wish to have the oppotunity to see them on the BBC. Thankyou for your time to read this e-mail and I know with all the sports in the games it is difficult to please everybody but I do hope you please me and other Judo fans.
Matthew Rush
By email
Re Diving - Get rid of the animated graphics on the TV coverage. NOW.
Colin McDonald
By email
In reply to Lee Emberson of London's complaint re the rail operators strike I completely agree with his sentiments. They have not done their cause one happorth of good and it was really enlightening to know that the strike did not receive the publicity that it was obviously after. Manchester has worked its butt off to get everything right for these games and deserves the backing of everyone in the city. The actions of the strikers will not be forgotten.
Andy Scanlon
I agree with Jemima. Football is rich enough without having to rely on subsidised facilities. We need to be able to compete in athletics with the US, Canada, Australia, etc., and need the facilities to do it.
Kevin Barrance
Romford UK
Just to let you know that Wilf O'Reilly took a Tamper Proof Sports Drink Bottle out to Coca Cola HQ in Atlanta before the 1996 Olympic Games were held there. Every Competitor could have had their Sport Drink arrive Sealed, the ability to reseal after opening eliminating any chance of having their Drink "Spiked" as Janine Whitlock is now suggesting happened to her. The Manufacturers will only provide these if and when the IOC, CGOC, WCOC and our National Sports Associations request them from those paying to Sponsor them or their Event. Let's hope it doesn't happen again in Manchester between the 25th July and the 4th August and you have the Best CG ever !
Robert Copeman
By email
After all the fantastic plannig by the organisers I have just learnt that First Great Western train company plan to strike during the games. Since I was relying heavily on train transport this has been a major setback. I have e-mailed my disgust to ASLEF and urge others to do the same. It seems a shame that after so much effort Manchester is going to be let down by congested roads and a generally miserable time for spectators and residents alike.
Lee Emberson
Will everyone stop knocking the games. They have been organised brilliantly and are superb for the UK. Lets stop the politics and enjoy the sports.
Stephen Cooke
I'm horrified to see the level of council spending on "prettifying" the roads leading to, and buildings around the centre of Manchester. It's all some very predictable corporate bumph in order to gain prestige without real, honest intentions. The games are 10 days for god's sake. After that, the pretty flags come down, the lovely stadium will become a home for that most futile and tribal sports, football, and Manchester will be counting the cost of a very BIG junket for the rich, the famous and the well-connected. I'd very much like to see the council's faces one year on when all this lovely sponsorship money and so-called regeneration dries up, and Manchester is once more left to its own devices, and abandoned by the promised "investment". Oh, and yes, I'll watch the sports, but I can't stand the hype! ENOUGH!
Annie Mack
I just wanted to congratulate the organisers of M2002 so far. I am really looking forward to the games and have found everything to be very well organised in preparation. Hope that Manchester really does itself justice during the games, its a fantastic city and I cant wait for July 25th.
Lee Emberson
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